Amor Fati by nyleliu
Amor Fatiby Nyle Mari Liu
Ordinary story of a boy and a girl who have met by chance when they were young. Growing up on their tween age, they met in a tragic event, thus the other half wished to...
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Chances by bitemegenesis
Chancesby bitemegenesis
It was by chance that they met. Their choices would determine their destiny. Will he choose to remember Or choose to forget? Will she choose to fight or choose to let go...
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Voice of My Heart by meALOR18
Voice of My Heartby Miraflor Belmores
A one shot story :)
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Say it Again by silentcoasts
Say it Againby silentcoasts
Devon Seron is crushed by a crush. Her crush has a girlfriend. Her bestfriend? His crush's own brother. Twin brother. And her crush thinks she likes someone else. Whic...
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