Forgotten (vampire reader!Levis twinsister!) by anniek319
Forgotten (vampire reader!Levis tw... by xxanniek319xx Fanfiction
You are Y/N Ackerman, humanity's strongest twinsister. They thought that you died on a expedition along with Isabell and Farlan. Yeah, you are dead, but in a other kind...
Imagenes Riren-Ereri! ♥ by SaoriTanakaA
Imagenes Riren-Ereri! ♥ by Saori-Chan Random
Yaoi Si no te gusta este no es tu lugar Por favor no insultes ni discrimines Fujoshis este es su lugar SNK
In The Woods by starrxgui
In The Woods by ♕ Leila ♕ Fantasy
Werewolves and humans have never properly learned how to coexist. Instead, these majestic creatures were treated as horrible beasts and were preyed on by man. It started...
Until I Met You ||Eremika|| {Remastered} by DanielSnK
Until I Met You ||Eremika|| {Remas... by Daniel Fanfiction
Mikasa Ackerman loses her parents, her home and most of all, who she is. Due to the will, Mikasa and all of her families wealth goes straight to her uncle Levi. She then...
You are loved (Eren X Reader) [AU] by Ackermanity
You are loved (Eren X Reader) [AU] by ~Yan~ Fanfiction
(Y/n) (L/n), an average seventeen year old girl who lives with her cousin, Levi Ackerman and her Uncle, Kenny Ackerman. Her Mother died, and her father left, never comin...
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) One shots (Closed) by Uchihababe3796
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Tita... by Uchihababe3796 Fanfiction
ALLLLLRRRRIIGHTY! I figure that none of you will probably read this but i'll put this in here anyways! I've recently begun watching/reading Aot/SnK again and I've fallen...
Eren X Levi (Pick up lines) by KawaiiiiBunny
Eren X Levi (Pick up lines) by KawaiiiiBunny Random
Eren and Levi trying pick up lines on each other.
When We Meet Again | Eren x Reader [Completed](Undergoing Edits) by c_faithh23
When We Meet Again | Eren x Reader... by C. Faith Fanfiction
**Notice** I am changing some of the ages for my own benefits during the course of this story. The only changes in age will be in Reader, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, etc. rang...
Cheater Levi x reader by trashyhasy
Cheater Levi x reader by trashyhasy Fanfiction
Will things work out with you and Levi find out in the next episode of total drama Titan!!!!
Ereri!!! Pics And Gifs 3 by Cirenoz
Ereri!!! Pics And Gifs 3 by D Random
HI THIS IS THE 3RD BOOK TO MY (Series...?) "ERERI PICS AND GIFS" (I added 3 exclamation marks in this one ;p) Let us all become the gay for them. Let me sin yo...
Eren x Reader by Jinx1123
Eren x Reader by Jinx1123 Fanfiction
First real story and not just one shots so please if you criticize be polite
Retrieving •Eremika by leenayeager
Retrieving •Eremika by Leena Yeager Fanfiction
Eren Yeager had lost his memories after the fall from his malfunctioning 3DMG. He had been over stressed due to all the pressure the Survey Corps had brought him, theref...
Attack on Titan X Reader Oneshots by adjetive
Attack on Titan X Reader Oneshots by arrow Fanfiction
I'm sorry for writing this book like I really am ok
Eren x Reader Lemon by JustHannahJ_
Eren x Reader Lemon by Hannah Fanfiction
Just a lemon between you and Eren. Note: I'm just gonna say that you and Eren are in the 17-18 range. Also I have decided not to add any more chapters. I do not have the...
Breathless •Eremika (Love. Me. Now. Or. Never.) by leenayeager
Breathless •Eremika (Love. Me. Now... by Leena Yeager Fanfiction
Eren Yeager knew that he did not have much time remaining on this world anymore. He had fallen sick and the doctors were not optimistic about his condition. Despite his...
Crimson Rose {Ereri/Riren} #Wattys2016 by mintymingyu
Crimson Rose {Ereri/Riren} #Wattys... by n Fanfiction
|COMPLETED| *A Vampire!Eren x Levi FanFiction* A unique rose that wilts, unless the love behind it fades. * * * Note: I do not own any of the characters from Attack on T...
Devour|Tokyo Ghoul/Attack on Titan Crossover by PikaGirl260
Devour|Tokyo Ghoul/Attack on Titan... by Some Random British Kid Fanfiction
It's been established over the many years of humanity's era of terror that anything can happen when expeditions take place outside of the walls, ranging from the discove...
Cut Deep (Eren x Reader ft. Titan Eren) by DomiJaeger
Cut Deep (Eren x Reader ft. Titan... by smol bean Fanfiction
The Scouting Legion's Ball is coming up, and there is only one boy you want to dance with. But what will happen when everyone is trying to suss out who you like? Will yo...
Sweet cat (Spanish version/Version en español) (Levi x Eren/Riren) by ToukaKirishima3500
Sweet cat (Spanish version/Version... by Levi Boy Fanfiction
¿Es normal que un ser humano puede convertirse en un gato? Creo que no (¬_¬) ノ ... fantástico! Soy Levi Ackerman un alfa y rescaté un mocoso de que casi lo mataran...
Where Were You? [Eren x Reader] by MidJenny
Where Were You? [Eren x Reader] by 제니퍼 Fanfiction
You and Eren have a unforgettable childhood together- but he decides to go train to be a soldier, telling you to stay behind because of his concern for your "safety...