friends with benefits ; jacob sartorius by jacobswdw
friends with benefits ; jacob sart... by rach <3
CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT lexis best friend jacob sartorius, who lives next door, has always helped her out and been like a brother to her. they kiss.. and jacob wants to...
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Masturbation addict + Jacob by jacobsdiary
Masturbation addict + Jacob by Jacob’s fanfic world
High rank #jacobsartorius; 1 October 20- December 13 High rank fanfiction #75~ December 8- "Fuck babygirl I been wanting you" - In which a girl is sexually wa...
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The new girl is a fighter (Completed) by toxic_girl2002
The new girl is a fighter (Complet... by I'm amazing
Meet Lexi Jaxon the street fighter followed by the footsteps of her dad but sadly he died and left lexi with an abusive mother and it was hard for her since she was only...
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Bully/stepbrother (J.S) by Princess_09272003
Bully/stepbrother (J.S) by Princess❤️💍
High Rank #Jacobsartorius:4 Does Everything happen for a reason? Co Author: Paris_2005
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The touch | maybe..  dirty ;) by swrtorius
The touch | maybe.. dirty ;) by j slaysartorius
I know and love her more than everything she touched completely my soul at the first time. she's a part of me now
  • multifandom
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The Coach's Daughter // j.s. {COMPLETED} by xjacobxsartoriusx
The Coach's Daughter // j.s. {COMP... by :-/
"No matter how upset you were, you still had the ability to keep a smile on your face and the ability to make other people happy. I realize now, that, that's the re...
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Good Boy Meets Bad Girl J.S  by im_the_ugliest
Good Boy Meets Bad Girl J.S by Kyleigh💖❤️💙
One ordinary boy moves to town One curious bad girl wants to find out more about this boy ******** warning this is a really shitty book******
  • teenfiction
  • jaddy
  • love
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Player J.S by severelyfanfictions
Player J.S by 😵
  • cheater
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Gang Leader | jmb & rjs by suck-my-dick
Gang Leader | jmb & rjs by tayla :)
"You don't want to fuck with me" don't forget to vote and comment!♥️
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Bullied By My Crush💔💔~~J.M.B by Duhitzyagirl_alyssa
Bullied By My Crush💔💔~~J.M.B by Mrs. alyssa birlem
#247 in random jessica gray got bullied by her crush joey birlem she starts to learn how to love him sadly he is a heartbreaker will she forgive him?? read to know what...
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Bullied by Mia_Magcult
Bullied by Mia❤magcon
Hi, my names ugly ass whore, I mean my name is Brooke, Brooke Dallas, yes I'm cameron Dallas's little sister, but its not a walk in the park, I'm being bullied by my own...
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Before | j.s by chillsart
Before | j.s by j🌻;feb 4th
Jacob Sartorius internet famous. world tours. loved by millions. i was there before any of that. book started: May 4th 2017 book ended: August 10th 2017
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Groupchat with YouNowers // (YouNow Fanfiction) by duckykoury
Groupchat with YouNowers // (YouNo... by irrelevant
Macy accidentally gets put into a groupchat with a bunch of internet famous people. What will happen? Read to find out! YouNowers: Ariel Martin Brandon Rowland Hunter R...
  • younow
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Imagine Jacob Sartorius by BiancaRose4664
Imagine Jacob Sartorius by BiancaRose4664
"Who was that???" "That was my sister" "Oh" ~One year later~ "I love you Y/n" "I love you too Jacob"
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Instagram; J.M.B by lavender_cupcake
Instagram; J.M.B by Mia Da Snowman☃️💙
@JoeyBirlem Liked your post @JoeyBirlem Followed you #832 in Fan Fiction: 7/31/17 #296 in Fan Fiction: 8/3/17 I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR GWEN CARTER B...
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☞ phone swap • j.s by dolansgsh
☞ phone swap • j.s by @delightedolans
i was rushing to go to the washroom, and bumping into someone changed everything about that. jacob sartorius © delightedolan| 2017
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Mr. Sartorius by jacobswdw
Mr. Sartorius by rach <3
My mom decided to hire a tutor for me.. i wasn't expecting the hot sex god that walked through the door. "meet mr sartorius."
  • thevampsband
  • romance
  • fanfic
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My brother lover ×jacob sartorius× by AlabamaMartin12
My brother lover ×jacob sartorius× by AlabamaMartin12
Alabama lives with her dad. Her dad wont's to start a new relationship and family. Alabama does not agree with him. Her dads girlfriend and her son moved in with them. J...
  • badboy
  • girlmeetsworld
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Sex Slave.. (J.S dirty) by Dirty_Jacobchapters
Sex Slave.. (J.S dirty) by Dirty_Jacobchapters
I guess he wanted me, he needed me. He wanted to be in me.
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I'll wait J.S (sequel to Player) by severelyfanfictions
I'll wait J.S (sequel to Player) by 😵
wow wow wow!1!1!1!1!1!1! Read the first book 'Player' so 1 you understand what the story is about 2 the last chapter is sad 3 when you do all that you may read the book
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