The Doctor and I by Fastandfuriousbabe
The Doctor and I by DoctorWhoIsLife Fanfiction
This is a story of an ordinary girl living her very ordinary life until she meets one man. The Doctor. Amber's just at her sisters flat when she first meets him but her...
Doctor Who Imagines by 1Avalon_Shine1
Doctor Who Imagines by sallydavidson Fanfiction
Closed for Requesting! Check out the other DW Imagine Book for imagines! :D
No Way Out (A Doctor Who Fanfiction) by celestialasher
No Way Out (A Doctor Who Fanfictio... by Asher Shea Rose Fanfiction
Delta Cita is an important figure in the Doctor's past: his Gallifreyan wife. To the Doctor's knowledge, Cita had died many years before the Last Great Time War. In real...
Immortals (Torchwood au) by janto456
Immortals (Torchwood au) by Annie Fanfiction
Jack realizes that he gave Ianto some of his blood after a weevil attack and that Ianto should be immortal. After he finds Ianto they slowly begin to recreate Torchwood...
The Doctor Meets His Match (Doctor Who FanFiction) by beans255
The Doctor Meets His Match (Doctor... by Jelly Fanfiction
The Doctor: wise, clever, brilliant, cool, crazy man. He is the man the monsters fear, the man that’s been around forever. Tori Slope: smart, witty, unfocused, daring gi...
Daughter of Torchwood (NO LONGER UPDATING) by thesonicrainboom
Daughter of Torchwood (NO LONGER U... by Shy-Shy-the-Fangirl Fanfiction
Sarah has a pretty normal life she goes to school, she has friends but one problem she dosnt know her parents. she lives with her best friend quinn but what happens if f...
the mondasian plot by midnightwolf47
the mondasian plot by Maddie Smith Fanfiction
Book 1 in the Mondasian Trilogy. the nanogenes were never found to cure the Empty virus. Nancy and Jamie were never reunited, instead, the mother turned against son, a...
I'm Right Here (A Tenrose fanfiction) by Prongs_is_alive
I'm Right Here (A Tenrose fanficti... by I am the Bad Wolf. I create m... Fanfiction
What if the Dalek that shot the Doctor in The Stolen Earth... well... didn't shoot the Doctor? What did Ten and Rose do after that, and how does Eleven fit into it? What...
New Possibilities (Doctor Who) by IThriveAtNight
New Possibilities (Doctor Who) by IThriveAtNight Fanfiction
Life was normal for Lily, normal and boring. She’s twenty-three and still living at home, though by her own choice, she still wished she could get out. She stayed to hel...
Amazing memories (sequel to Immortal) Janto ✔️ by CookieIrwin12
Amazing memories (sequel to Immort... by Hannah :) Fanfiction
The amazing memories of Jack, Ianto and and their son Chris.
Back To Square One (Torchwood au)(Immortals sequel) by janto456
Back To Square One (Torchwood au)(... by Annie Fanfiction
Sequel to Immortals. This takes place after the end of the events of immortals and follows the repercussions of what took place.
Doctor Who Oneshots by AdrienneGilbert
Doctor Who Oneshots by Adrienne Lorraine Fanfiction
I'll also be making these based off of requests, so feel free to comment with what you want! I'll likely end up doing only the ones that strongly catch my eye and insp...
alien or not, i love you! || doctor who by britishwithmyheart
alien or not, i love you! || docto... by ✖ p a u l a ✖ Fanfiction
different oneshots about you and... -9th doctor -10th doctor -11th doctor -12th doctor -Jack Harkness -Ianto Jones -Owen Harper -Rory Williams all the characters belong...
The Travelling Man Will Save The Day (a Doctor Who/Nico Di angelo crossover) by Gerrrrrd_wyyyyy
The Travelling Man Will Save The D... by Gerrrrrd_wyyyyy Fanfiction
What happens when Nico Di Angelo, 15 year old Demigod, meets 903 year old Time Lord from another galaxy?
Nova (Captain Jack Harkness) by Nikole596
Nova (Captain Jack Harkness) by Nikole596 Fanfiction
The Doctor used to have a family, once upon a time on Gallifrey. He had a wife, children, grandchildren. He thought he lost them all after the time war. ...
Adeline's Reign  by DianiaSilver
Adeline's Reign by Abigail J. Koch Fanfiction
Adeline the first companion of The Doctor and the constant companion of his didn't know how to get herself out of her situation. Her father Lord Clorius was the creator...
Stay by ThisScarfIsNotBlue
Stay by Bee Romance
Even the strongest glass has a weakness.
A Day Without Torchwood by TorchwoodWhovian
New Adventures (Doctor Who; Book Three) by IThriveAtNight
New Adventures (Doctor Who; Book T... by IThriveAtNight Fanfiction
Lily is officially the Bad Wolf. She died and regenerated into the last Time Lady. She's struggling to accept her change and the loss of her sister. The Doctor is strugg...
The Unfinished Sentence by farflunghopes
The Unfinished Sentence by farflunghopes Fanfiction
After his regeneration, the Doctor continues to travel with Amy, Rory, and River Song. He is able to put sad memories and past companions behind him, focusing on his adv...