Summer Love. [J.G.] by fatherlyssa
Summer Love. [J.G.]by fatherlyssa
only three months to fall in love. only one week to fall out of it.
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Illuminate//Shawn Mendes by trashymendes
Illuminate//Shawn Mendesby B&V
She has the power to Illuminate a room with just one smile.
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Assistant (JG) by http_gilinskyy
Assistant (JG)by ❤️Je t'aime❤️
who said it'd just be an office assistant? -lower case intended- Warning ⚠️ Contains: Sexual content, swearing, alcohol abuse and lots more
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Jack Gilinsky imagines  by rlytatyana
Jack Gilinsky imagines by Tatyana
Just some imagines about this boy I kinda love
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his weakness  by deadlytimson
his weakness by jess
Jaylen Larkin , captain of the cheerleading team , bright personality , popular , 17, confident, loves mysterys , into guys older than her , single and lastly Jack gilin...
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Secret pregnancy | Skate Maloley by phtografy
Secret pregnancy | Skate Maloleyby ❝Come and find me❞ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ
❝ - ¡¿Por qué me ocultaste a mi propio hijo?! - gritó, los ojos de Morgan estaban aguados - Tu no lo entiendes, era lo mejor❞ SkateMaloleyFanfiction♡
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No good  by rlytatyana
No good by Tatyana
Carli was a normal teenager she had her future planned out and everything! But what happens when she gets caught up with a special someone. He was not just the typical...
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Anti Tour • Why Don't We  by wifeymarais
Anti Tour • Why Don't We by HOENAH
Issa tour, it comes with drama, love, fights, strong language and more
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Instagram • Hayes Grier  by agmwrites
Instagram • Hayes Grier by B A D D I E 🍯
@hayesgrier unfollowed @ellebieber @Ellebieber posted a pic with the caption "backstabbers" @Hayesgrier posted a pic with the caption "Your stupid to thi...
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SNAPCHAT ✘ S. MENDES by daddyfima
@muffinlover91 sent you a snap
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Forget Me • jack gilinsky by cashewhite
Forget Me • jack gilinskyby LISA
Audrey Harding tem a vida que todos chegam a invejar, sempre fazia tudo que era necessário, estudava Medicina em uma das melhores universidades da Inglaterra e tinha o n...
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fragile|h.g by chevronkittycats
fragile|h.gby Okayalright:)
NOTE-THIS IS THE SEQUEL(2nd book) TO CARELESS |H.G READ THAT BOOK BEFORE YOU READ THIS ONE.!! "did you really love him?" "what?" "hayes, did y...
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Bartender (Jack J Fanfiction) by a_girl_has_a_brain
Bartender (Jack J Fanfiction)by 🗲🌩️🗲
You work as a bartender. One night when a group of guys walk in, your life changes.
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two little johnson's;; jack johnson by ryliewaldropcaniff
two little johnson's;; jack johnsonby Rylie ✨💞❄️
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instagram // jack gilinsky by koshysdiza
instagram // jack gilinskyby koshysdiza
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Gália | Dillon Rupp by phtografy
Gália | Dillon Ruppby ❝Come and find me❞ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ
❝ - ¿Dónde habías estado toda mi vida? -Esperándote ❞ DillonRuppFanfiction♡
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The Prescott Sisters by macylara
The Prescott Sistersby Macy-Lara
The Prescott sisters, like any other sisters have had their ups and downs. But it's been their differences that have always kept them together. It's always been Ava-Leig...
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Gilinsky's Girlfriend (JG)  by http_gilinskyy
Gilinsky's Girlfriend (JG) by ❤️Je t'aime❤️
Basically 😋
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Married to my bully by anisha_2005
Married to my bullyby anisha_2005
Kylie was just a normal girl up until high school when Kylie's best friend Nash started to bully her and Kylie came home to her abusive parents and ended up with the wor...
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Camera boy ; Wyatt oleff by smilingfanfics
Camera boy ; Wyatt oleffby Hailey☻
" he's my personal camera boy " When being one of two girls in a group of boys and being best friends with the one and only Wyatt oleff kinsley and the whole g...
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