Shadowhunters Imagines  by blackthornslightwood
Shadowhunters Imagines by blackthornslightwood
I write imagines based off the books and the tv show. I will write - Alec -Jace -Simon
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Tmi oneshots and x readers by Dragon019
Tmi oneshots and x readersby Cheshire Cat
So this is just a collection of one shots and x readers of the characters from tmi. I am very happy to take requests if you have any and I really hope you enjoy.
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Remember | The Mortal Instruments AU by siredtoklaroline
Remember | The Mortal Instruments...by Mortalvampires
Clary gave up her memories in Edom to protect Simon and now she doesn't remember anything about the shadow world. But will her old life come back? All rights for the cha...
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TMI//Shadowhunters oneshots  by 21-ImFanGirling
TMI//Shadowhunters oneshots by I'm just a fangirl
Just a bunch of stories about your favourite Shadowhunters,Vampire and Freewheeling bisexual Warlock ;p
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When the world drives you crazy. (Clace) by MrsHerondale04
When the world drives you crazy. (...by Elea Fairchild
Clary and her Brother just moved to Brooklyn. Now Clary is visiting St. Xaviers High School. She is the new, unpopular and lost girl that has a horrible past. Of course...
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Angels • Alec Lightwood (DISCONTINUED) by quicksilvers
Angels • Alec Lightwood (DISCONTIN...by INACTIVE ACCOUNT
DISCONTINUED "Let the devil know that I was brave enough to die." She's the Faerie Queen's favourite with a secret love of Shadowhunters. He's a Shadowhunter...
  • cityofashes
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100 Magnus Bane Quotes by ___meraki
100 Magnus Bane Quotesby meraki
100 quotes from the character Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices and The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. All quotes are property of Cassan...
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Collisions (Originals/Vampire Diaries/Shadowhunters) by littlestwriter
Collisions (Originals/Vampire Diar...by Jess
Hope Mikaelson. Daughter of the deadly Klaus Mikaelson. Part witch, werewolf and vampire. She is fierce, alluring and powerful. After all, being taught how to fight by t...
  • werewolf
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Shadowhunters TMI RP #1 by PepperedSQUID
Shadowhunters TMI RP #1by Oli Morgenstern
  • jacelightwood
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Butterflies [Alec Lightwood x Reader] by ryleighisapanda
Butterflies [Alec Lightwood x Read...by R. Y. L. E. I. G. H.
"I'm [Name] [Surname], and this is my band, The Mortal Instruments." You bit your lip and nodded your head at your three band mates. You took one more deep bre...
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She's gone by Amywatson25
She's goneby tmi_writer
Clary and Isabelle are at the annual Christmas party thrown by the institute. There is singing and dancing and even revelations. Clary and Isabelle were going to make th...
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The Mortal Instruments~Gif Imagines  by kk3034
The Mortal Instruments~Gif Imagine...by Kaitlyn
A book full of imagines for The Mortal Instrument/ Shadowhunters cast and characters
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  • sebestainmorgenstern
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The Mortal Instruments Quotes/Scene by Burnt_toast_everlark
The Mortal Instruments Quotes/Sceneby Burnt_toast_everlark
A collection of quotes/scenes from The Mortal Instruments Series. Copyright and credit to Cassandra Clare.
  • clace
  • jacelightwood
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Touble ↬ Sebastian Morgenstern by MrsDarcy_
Touble ↬ Sebastian Morgensternby Aimee
"Ele pode ser mau, mas quando ele sorri eu só vejo o bem nele." Segunda parte: https://www.wattpad.com/story/95760923-haunting-%E2%9A%A1%EF%B8%8F-s-m Aimee...
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ANGELS   (  clizzy.  ) by -unssolved
ANGELS ( clizzy. )by ✧ star lord ✧
clary fairchild enlists the help of isabelle lightwood for a plan that is sure to change her life. ( social media/real life ) ( izzy lightwood x clary fairchild ) ( alec...
  • sebastianmorgenstern
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The Shadowhunter's Codex by haunted-by-humans
The Shadowhunter's Codexby haunted-by-humans
Here's my own little take on all of the tips, tricks, and what's-it's of The Shadowhunter Chronicles (TMI, IDS, BC, TDA, SA, TLH & TWP). All are of course written by the...
  • shadowhuntercodex
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The Aftermath by xLittleMissReadAlotx
The Aftermathby xLittleMissReadAlotx
It's been five years since everything went down with Valentine and his son Sebastian Morgenstern. How much has things changed over the years? A lot has, how? You'll how...
  • jaceherondale
  • demons
  • aleclightwood
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Warlock Angel (Temporary Hold)  by alliekatt314
Warlock Angel (Temporary Hold) by alliekatt314
Princess Livianna Dumon A dangerous result of early experiments by Iris Rouse created Liviana Dumon: a part angel, part warlock child. Her adoptive parents stole her awa...
  • isabellelightwoodxoc
  • magnusbane
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Letters To His Beloved by Queen_Izzy_Dragneel
Letters To His Belovedby Queen_Izzy_Dragneel
Alec and Magnus are broken up. Alec sends letters to Magnus asking for him back. Will Magnus take Alec back? Or will Alec move on? Features Special Guests Letter App...
  • claryfray
  • magnus
  • theinfernaldevices
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Protests aren't always peaceful (Malec AU) by malecfan2003
Protests aren't always peaceful (M...by malecfan2003
Alexander Lightwood is the son of one of one of the most powerful homophobic politicians in the world. The only problem: He's gay.
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