Emperors (Sasunaru and Itadei love story) by Itachi_and_Deidara
Emperors (Sasunaru and Itadei Slipknot Maggot
Everyone has their own positions. The Uchiha family has the highest position in The land of Fire, emperors. Rulers. Emperor Fugaku Uchiha and his wife Mikoto, have decid...
  • hashimada
  • uzumaki
  • uchiha
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Tainted Love (Itadei and Sasunaru love story) by Itachi_and_Deidara
Tainted Love (Itadei and Slipknot Maggot
(I am making Deidara an Uzumaki, a brother of Naruto, along with Nagato. since I don't think Deidara has a last name) Sasuke and Itachi, Prideful Uchihas, sons of Fugaku...
  • yuri
  • sasunaru
  • gaylove
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hurt :: sasunaru by glittervaults
hurt :: sasunaruby kelly
It all started in middle school; the bullying that Naruto went through for no valid reason whatsoever. But despite that, he keeps a smile on his face because his best fr...
  • sasunaru
  • itadei
  • narutoshippuden
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Untold emotion by naruto_fan23
Untold emotionby naruto_fan23
what if Sasuke finally understand Naruto's feelings about their relationship but is it too late to fix
  • itadei
  • deidara
  • naruto
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It All Started(Sasunaru) by Otaku529
It All Started(Sasunaru)by Jam ( ̄∇ ̄)
Long ago, A curse from a demon kitsune(fox) was set on the Uzumaki family. Causing not only the girls to become pregnant but a Man. Only depending if the certain man wa...
  • romance
  • sasunaru
  • bxb
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Betrayal ((A SasuNaru Fanfiction)) by I_Loves_I
Betrayal ((A SasuNaru Fanfiction))by I_Loves_I
Naruto is left alone with a kid after Sasuke decides to leave him. After six years, Sasuke tries to get Naruto back and meets with Neji; the one who's been with Naruto's...
  • uchiha
  • naruto
  • sasuke
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The Uzumaki Siblings by ErushiBunny
The Uzumaki Siblingsby ErushiBunny
The Uzumaki siblings consists of Kyuubi, Deidara, Naruto, and Akari. (I created Akari). Kakashi and Iruka adopted them when their parents were killed. Everybody in the...
  • animaldemons
  • boyxboylove
  • pregnancy
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Destiny's Game; Small World by FudgeOishi
Destiny's Game; Small Worldby Fujoshi123
Uzumaki Naruto, the new kid in town who is determined to move on and forget about his oh-so perfect ex who he still believes is a Greek God. Unfortunately, he meets the...
  • uzumakinaruto
  • uchihaitachi
  • moderndaysasunaru
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Damn! by TazCaca
Damn!by I don't Care about Taz
Omegavers Pemuda yang tidak pernah tersentuh. Terlahir menjadi seorang omega sempurna. Maskot dari keseteraan omega dan alpha. Itulah yang dialami Naruto sekarang. Namun...
  • indra
  • kyuubi
  • itakyuu
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Além do que os olhos podem ver by Aika_Aimi
Além do que os olhos podem verby Beatriz Santana
cinco anos se passaram,e agora eu,Naruto Uzumaki,me encontro com vinte e um anos de idade e cursando o segundo ano da faculdade de medicina. Meus irmão e amigos tomaram...
  • gay
  • 18
  • gravidesmasculina
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True Art - ItaDei Threeshot + Lemon by The_Pink_Dango
True Art - ItaDei Threeshot + Lemonby Pink Dango
"Deidara." Itachi hissed at the blonde. "W..What?" Deidara whimpered. "Tell me what they did to you." He said sternly. "...They raped...
  • toy
  • torture
  • narutoanime
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Damn High school (sasunaru) by crazyfreakdeath
Damn High school (sasunaru)by crazyfreakdeath
A world full of magic and monsters which will thrill ever person except few Naruto and his brother kyuubi were attacked by such monsters and disappeared So to find the...
  • itachi
  • torture
  • itadei
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Reflection //SasuNaru&ItaDei// by Iwaizumiii
Reflection //SasuNaru&ItaDei//by Iwaizumii
Sasuke sees a reflection in the water, not his, someone else's, but who's?
  • sasunaru
  • naruto
  • short
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Casados (sasunaru) (itadei) by MarccyaJimenezMartin
Casados (sasunaru) (itadei)by Marccya Jimenez Martinez
Este fanfic cuenta la vida de itachi un chico con el corazon roto ya que su hermano sasuke y deidara (el doncel que ama) están juntos este decide recurrir a su único ami...
  • sasuanru
  • celos
  • separación
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Itachi x Deidara  by kiera1013
Itachi x Deidara by Kiki
This story takes time in present . Itachi and Deidara are both second year in Konoha high . Deidara had a crush on him since middle school. How will he make Itachi fall...
  • yaoi
  • itadei
  • fanfiction
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You Had The Flash On// ItaDei Mini Fanfiction  by Zalennn
You Had The Flash On// ItaDei Zalenciaaa
"Hey," Itachi greeted with a hint of rasp in his voice as he sat down across from the blonde. "You know if you wanted a picture you could've just asked,&q...
  • deiita
  • itachixdeidara
  • itadei
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I hate you. I love you. Itadei by Itachi_and_Deidara
I hate you. I love you. Itadeiby Slipknot Maggot
Deidara has joined the Akasuki, or more like he had to, because he lost his fight with Itachi, and he has hated the Uchiha since then. Does he hate him? or does he love...
  • deidara
  • yaoi
  • itachi
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Dios maldiga a los rubios by LaurenceSinApellidos
Dios maldiga a los rubiosby Laurence Sin Apellidos
Sus cuerpos se acoplaban a la perfección, cada uno comprendía perfectamente los deseos del otro, mientras sus lenguas bailaban en un excéntrico tango cargado de pasión y...
  • mpreg
  • homoerotica
  • sasunaru
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Obdaření by AkaNoMajo
Obdařeníby Majo
Nacházíme se v roce 2683. Myslíte si, že je v této době lidstvo již ohromně technicky rozvinuté? Ale kdeže... Po Třetí a Čtvrté světové válce bylo lidstvo téměř vyhlazen...
  • itachi
  • itadei
  • scifi
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🐺The wolf and his fox 🦊  by Naomikitsune
🐺The wolf and his fox 🦊 by SillyFox
This is just a random story, with a random storyline that makes no sense. I'm doing this just for fun. Warning there's gonna be boyxboy meaning gay people, or in this ca...
  • nejinaru
  • sasunaru
  • wolfpack
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