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NO READING REQUESTS PLEASE! Sorry. If I spent all my time reading requested stories, I don't think I'd get anything else done. #LAWS4FLAWS Everyone has flaws. Accept it. On a happier note, no flaws in Jannah. #Strive4Jannah I love reading and writing but I don't like reading my writing but I like others reading my writing. :) I'm quite a traditional mainstream Muslim which will show through my works. Studying Islam is a huge part of my life so I ask you to please accept and respect my opinions. Also, feel free to ask me about what I believe! I love Islamic stories but I also like romance, stories about families (I don't think that's a genre but it should be) and mysteries. I love Allah and I believe love of Allah to be a cure for a sad or empty heart. I love the Qur'an. It is a true miracle. Read it and see for yourself! I love the Prophet (peace be upon him) I love my family (especially all the little kiddos and babies) I love my best friends I love cats. I love chocolate. I love Crunchy Nut Clusters. I love everyone (as long as you're nice). I love peace and unity. -As all true Muslims desire peace and unity. A Muslim's Romantic Journey (excuse the awful title) brought me so much joy. A huge thanks to everyone who read it and left amazingly lovely comments. Romance #1 Spiritual #1 (Back in the good ol' days when we could have two genres for each story) Innate Hope is a short (hopefully) heart-touching story. Esha and Isa is not a romantic story, but it has a bit of romance in it. It's not a story for everyone - meaning, not everyone will like it. It's a bit sad. But I like it. Our Space is another romance but a little darker than AMRJ. But Sami might be as cute as Yusuf so maybe give it a go! Spiritual #5 For those who read my stories (and poems), THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really means a lot. Accounts to follow: @Booklovers_Talk @Dhawuut_Tawjeeh @Shaps8 and @FizzyLizzy9 (My little genius cousins who write awesome stories masha'Allah)
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Author lagi SKRIPSI, gak bisa update cepet. Mohon MAAF. Panggil aja 'Denis', BUKAN PENULIS. Hny seseorang yg menggemari dunia corat-coret. Cerita - cerita yg saya tulis adl cerita RECEH. 99,9% typo. Jadi maaf kalau mengharapkan cerita bagus, sempurna dgn EYD nya&tidak ada Kejelekannya sama sekali, BUKAN DISINI TEMPATNYA!!! Hny FOLLOW Pembaca AKTIF bukan PASIF Semua cerita yg saya tulis di Private. Jadi Follow dulu baru baca, bukan baca dulu baru Follow. Diluar Baik Buruknya tulisan saya, terima kasih sdh Follow, Baca ,Vote&Komen. Hukumnya HARAM komen 'Next' or ' Lanjut' dsb. Cerita yg saya tulis di Wattpad: 1. My Lovely Architect ( Completed ) 2. Viola Promise ( Completed ) 3. Je Ta'ime, Milan ( Completed) 4. Not My Fault ( Completed ) 5. Lelaki Terbaik di Hidupku ( Completed ) 6. This is My Fault ( Completed ) 7. One Thousand Butterfly ( Completed ) 8. a Little Princess ( Completed ) 9. Talking to The Stars ( Completed ) 10. Handsome Ghost ( Slow Update ) 11. Pernikahan Semu ( Completed ) 12. Clarizta Marry Me ( Completed ) 13. Ayah Anakku ( Completed ) 14. Arfa, My Son ( Completed ) 15. Pregnant Because You ( Completed ) 16. Past Love ( Completed ) 17. Chamaeleon ( Completed ) 18. One Night With Mr. Barra ( Completed ) 19. Catatan Kecil Flora ( Completed ) 20. Dia Bukan Imamku ( Completed ) 21. Take My Hand ( Completed ) 22. My Geisha ( Completed ) 23. Controversial Wedding ( Completed ) 24. A2 ( Completed) 25. Hard Wedding ( Completed ) 26. Beauty of Diandra ( Completed ) 27. Kiara, don't go ( Completed ) 28. a Sweetest Fault ( Completed ) 29. Admire ( Completed ) 30. Wanita Simpananku ( Slow Update ) 31. Almeera Sabhira Nazeefah ( Completed ) 32. The Lady Hunter ( Completed ) 33. Survive ( Completed ) 34. Jalan Menuju ke Surgamu ( On Hold ) 35. Mentari Kecilku ( On Hold ) 36. Teenager Time ( Completed ) 37. I'm Cat Lovers ( Slow Update ) 38. Second Love ( On Hold ) 39. Let's Play ( Slow Update ) 40. Another World in Gym ( Slow Update )
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My writings are my imaginations, A blend of fact and fancy! An escape from the real life with Rom-Com and thrilling plot along with a little mystery with a dose of spiritualism.And I love to write cliff hanger chapters. *_* ☆ you wanna know about me? well, Iam far more complex and simplistic than meets the eye. ^_^ And IAM A PROUD MUSLIMAH. If u have anything to ask or say, feel free to write on my message board and if you wanna make cover for my books then go ahead! I love them and if u just wanna have a hearty convo, go ahead and ting me,I 'll probably reply ASAP!} <But, No reading request please! I do NOT have much leisure time and it doesn't feel good to ignore the request. Sure, I love to suggest and help new writers about anything and everything as far as I can try.> Insta: 1: AZZY_WRITES I DO NOT FOLLOW BACK. SO STOP FOLLOWING ME THEN UNFOLLOWING AND FOLLOWING AGAIN. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I GET A NOTIFICATION THAT YOU 'VE FOLLOWED ME, I AIN'T GONNA FOLLOW YOU. UNLESS, YOU ARE MY LOVELY Cutee READER. My fav quotes: 》》 Comparing your self to others is an act of violence against your authentic self. Only Allah can make the impossible a reality. So don't expect too much from others. You'll be let down sooner or later. Depend on HIM alone. Don't let that one problem snatch away your smile.. everybody has problem.. face it with a SMILE and have patience.Allah is with you.. Have Emaan(faith) and smile often.
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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ •Certainly not on here anymore :) • Finding love:{ Completed} #3 in spiritual 8/31/15 Muslimah next door: {Completed} #3 in spiritual 9/2/ 16. Falling for my bully: #8 in spiritual 7/27/16 (\ (\ ( '' ) <--- That's mine >_< O (") (") I love my readers for the sake of Allah❤️ My Instagram is on the link below Make sure you give a me follow ❤️
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'Why am I Muslim?' Is the most important, fundamental and thorough discussion that should be the starting point of youth Islamic education. ~Nouman Ali Khan The Quran is an immense treasure meant to guide us through darkness like the stars guide the travelers of the desert. ~ Nouman Ali Khan Happiness keeps you sweet Trials keep you strong. Sorrow keeps you human. Failure keeps you humble. Success keeps you glowing. But only the Almighty keeps you going. ~ Mufti Menk
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Asalamualikum, Muslims. Hi, non-Muslims! I am quite a private person. Modesty means a lot to me in behaviour and clothes. I don't say more than half of the stuff I think because I find my sarcasm very rude. I have a messed up heart. Sometimes even the smallest of things can make me cry and sometimes I am unmoved by extremely sad stuff. Some of my favourite books are: Harry Potter series, Hunger Games series, Percy Jackson series, Lunar Chronicles, Selection, all Dan Brown books and the Forbidden Games. I hate dishonesty. I hate hypocrisy. I hate anything and everything related to betraying someone. I hate people who think they are superior. After all, we all are made from mud whether you believe it or not. Why are people quick to judge? It disappoints and annoys me, yet it amuses me. I write because it makes me happy. I have an Islamic book Trust Me on Wattpad and Alhamdulillah (All praise and thanks is to Allah) it has reached #1 spiritual on 12th June 2016. It would be nice of you to check it out. :) Favourite Ayah (verse of the Quran): Is the reward of good anything but good? Favourite quotes: When you are going through something hard and you start wondering where ALLAH is. Just remember the Teacher is always quiet during the test ~ Nouman Ali Khan If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals~ Sirius Black And of course: Hakuna Matata It's means you-know-what. :) and if you don't know, then you have missed a big part of your childhood. Thank you for your precious time. I wonder how you stumbled upon my profile... ~~~ I DON'T TAKE READING REQUESTS ANYMORE. SORRY. IF YOU ARE A GUY, DO NOT FOLLOW ME. IF YOU DO, I WILL MUTE YOU ANYWAYS.
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Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatu'Allaahi Wa Barakaatuh Instagram: alghurabah/almuntaqibah
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﷽ |Palestinian| |Australian| I am in love with a God I cannot see, a prophet who has passed, a paradise I may never enter, and faith I cannot deny.
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Asalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu :) My name's Amna. I'm a second year student in University studying Psychology. And as the name suggests, I am a niqabi Alhamdullillah and have been for more than a year. I love art, baking and decorating cakes, doing henna and writing. I can't promise that my writing is anywhere NEAR perfection, or that I will publish any stories. Sure, I come from Canada, and sure I speak English, but as you all know it isn't enough speaking the language to be a great writer. And I am no where near such a level. I love reading (which I barely get the time to do anymore) and I love writing. I write to create my own story line, and sometimes to create my own reality. I love expressing my views in my work through different characters. The world is extremely imperfect, and all of us are as well. Change comes slow but most importantly change starts with yourself. Changing for the better is something to strive for every second of our lives. Never stop... ever. "When you carry a Quran, the devil gets a headache. When you open it, he collapses. When he sees you reading it, he faints. When he sees you living it, he flees. And just when you're about to re-post this, he will try and discourage you. I just defeated him have you?"......... Quote Taken from @AudaciousWriter7 People I can't get enough of: @tangledinthetruth (You can NEVER hate this girl. She's just THAT great Ma Shaa Allah.) @join_up_the_dots @UruKhan @miraculous_ @Rukia_Ryoka @RainaAmylia @ThatGirl1415 @striving_muslimah @DevotMuslimah @AudaciousWriter7 @WaVeSSS @witty_craze @KhawlahTheWarrior For those of you who read my stories: I can't thank you enough... Jazak'Allah Khair and may Allah bless you all and ease your hardships. Ameen :) For updates: F O L L O W
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Salam W Alaykum People of Earth No I'm not an Alien I just wanted to say this ;) You can ask me any question on Username:saya9998 And follow on twitter: @saya9998 Anyways I'm A Muslim and proud to be one 18 I honestly declare that I am in love with Nutella I love reading and writing Hobbies Basketball. I love playing basketball I wouldn't call my self a very social person but I'm okay I guess If you have anything to talk about don't hesitate for a second to PM me or write on my board message whatever you are comfortable with :) If you look down bellow you'd see my books which I really hope you'd give a try As for the grammar and spelling mistakes English is NOT my mother language nor do I live any where near a country that English their mother language but I try my best hope you'll like it :) Quotes I love "The Quran should do more than inform us it should transform us" "The Quran breaks hard hearts and heals broken hearts" "Allah love those who keep themselves pure and clean" "Allah looks more where the men looks least...... The Heart" Anyways that's all for now, sorry if I bored you with my boring self. Anywho enjoy So Salam everyone Have a good week, great life. May Allah help you with your hardships and Never forget after every hardship comes ease.