Avengers x Male Reader - One shots  by Stranger_Forever
Avengers x Male Reader - One shots by Make Me Fictional Too Fanfiction
I have another Avengers x Male Reader which is not a one shot compilation if you guys don't like one shots. Check it out in my profile. Hope you enjoy! 💚
WinterIron.  Drabbles/One-Shots. by ParanoidRainbow
WinterIron. Drabbles/One-Shots. by Curcubeu Fanfiction
Historias cortas publicadas en el grupo Winteriron Is Life sobre esta increíble pareja conformada por Anthony Edward Stark y James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. Men...
Monster? No, Special! (Avengers CZ) by KajisStories
Monster? No, Special! (Avengers CZ) by 💜Kájí💜 Fanfiction
Emily Stark je dcerou Tonyho Starka a Daphne Roobsové. Daphne vychovává svou dceru sama, jelikož Tony netuší, že má dceru. Celý Emilin život se převrátí naruby ve chvíli...
Cuddly Man by MeimiCaro
Cuddly Man by MeimiCaro Fanfiction
Porque era sorprendente lo que las medicinas y la fiebre podían hacer en un hombre caprichoso como Tony Stark. Al menos, eso pensaba Steve.
Light [Stony] by Nymerhia-Dwens
Light [Stony] by Nymerhia-Dwens Fanfiction
Entonces Tony descubre que no todo en la vida es oscuridad, y que las hermosas luces pueden venir en una pequeña y regordeta cara con enormes e inocentes ojos cafés. . ...
Diana the Hybrid (Tony Stark/Iron Man's Daughter) by WolfLover324
Diana the Hybrid (Tony Stark/Iron... by WolfLover324 Fanfiction
Diana Woods Stark was not supposed to live through her birth, she was never supposed to live. She's the daughter of Hybrid Mara Woods and playboy billionaire Tony Stark...
Desire || Peter Parker  by hannahmarie88
Desire || Peter Parker by Hannah Marie Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] In which a boy with a crush is having a hard time with being Spiderman, and is in love with a girl who he can't have, but manages to find love with her somew...
The Seventh Avenger by thedivergent1
The Seventh Avenger by Divergent1 Fanfiction
Lydia Hathaway was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and living with her uncle Clint Barton when she was kidnapped by a group of scientists that wished to use her as part of their...
SHIELD likes Miraculous  by dragonflybookworm
SHIELD likes Miraculous by Rain Fanfiction
Reuploaded from the old account dancingandarchery. A crossover story between Miraculous Ladybug and different SHIELD members and superheroes like the Avengers and Spider...
 Forbidden: A Loki Fanfiction by TheTeenageAlien
Forbidden: A Loki Fanfiction by ♡Em♡ Fanfiction
"Stop it before I send you into another dimension." Amber Maria Stark was no stranger to the unordinary. But when a raven haired man passes her, the curiosit...
Avengers Oneshots and Drabbles! by -The_original_Taz-
Avengers Oneshots and Drabbles! by ʍíՏςհҽíƒ Fanfiction
The title says it all! This book is going to be full of one shots, Xreaders, ships, and random drabbles all surrounding the Avengers! And of course Loki because everyone...
ADELPHIA | L. LAUFEYSON AU [C.S] by yoassbutt
ADELPHIA | L. LAUFEYSON AU [C.S] by epitome of trash Fanfiction
Wolff ▸ MCU. by gregpott
Wolff ▸ MCU. by beth(y) Action
[ SLOW UPDATES. ] ❝HUNT ME - I DARE YOU TO.❞ WOLVES can easily become a beast of prey rather than the predator if the right HUNTER comes along. cover by @Heather_Dianne...
Civil War by BloodEclipseWolf
Civil War by BloodEclipseWolf Fanfiction
I only own Marie and Blake and this story line I do not own any of the pictures or any other characters.
||Dangerous Woman|| S/MB by DaisyJohnsonOfficial
Powerlessness  ( Loki x Reader ) by Poeticmindseye
Powerlessness ( Loki x Reader ) by Lotus Beach Fanfiction
"You could destroy me, destroy Thor, my father; all of Asgard! With the snap of your fingers..... Yet you carry yourself, a fly with no wings. Why?" "Bec...
Silence In The City by PhAnToM2891
Silence In The City by A Ghostly Presence Action
It all started that fateful day. That day when the Accident happened. Except, everyone seemed to know it wasn't an accident. They kept talking and talking and talking ab...
Tony Stark/Loki x reader one shots by bookllama123
Tony Stark/Loki x reader one shots by Kat Fanfiction
I love both Loki & Tony Stark so this is a mix of one shots of each of them: Loki x reader Tony Stark x reader Some will be ones where they are rivals - both trying to f...
THIS IS WAR || P. PARKER by djamnaomi
THIS IS WAR || P. PARKER by DJ Fanfiction
"Fine, I'll do it myself" "Loki? Thanos? Guardians of the Galaxy? Sounds about right" "Stop enjoying this, Parker" "I'm not-" &q...
WITCH GIRL ⇝ peter parker by quirkmatter
WITCH GIRL ⇝ peter parker by festive!trash can Fanfiction
WITCH GIRL | ❛ make me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind ❜ too long since ...