High school Diary by bluemonstermushie
High school Diaryby otakukako
High school diary Warning: once you enter this school, there is no turning back. Love, it makes you do crazy things you never thought that you can do and it only cause...
  • thriller
  • irene
  • killer
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view | vrene by bbyjmn
view | vreneby chaejin ❄
in which taehyung likes to take pictures of skies until joohyun came along. ig format + short narration start - 9/23/17 finish - xxxx highest ranking - #105
  • taehyung
  • jungri
  • namjoon
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■¤▪ Idol Face Irene ▪¤■ by -GxnialIrene-
■¤▪ Idol Face Irene ▪¤■by ☁ . . .나는 충분하니? . . .☁
La famosa red social que todo el mundo conoce, ahr no. Este es el IdolFace de Irene :)
  • crew
  • facebook
  • idol
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BFF. by princessmikaelaJ Mikaela Junelle
BFF. Best Friends Forever.
  • blackpink
  • nancy
  • lisa
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Instagram || Vrene  by -jimints
Instagram || Vrene by —starrysha
- Instagram with Bangtan Sonyeondan, Blackpink, Red Velvet and many more. IG format. © -jimints 03/22/18 lowercase intended.
  • vrenefanfic
  • igkpop
  • redvelvetfanfic
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Once is Enough by _neoxicity
Once is Enoughby 레인 💕
- A One Shot Story - Once is enough, Twice is Much
  • joy
  • irene
  • bangtanvelvet
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Blind Love | & k.jn by taennied
Blind Love | & k.jnby °•♡•°
"she was a rainbow but he was color blind." Jen was Tae's first love. Highschool finishes and they each went separate ways. But cupid always have a way of mak...
  • taejen
  • jenrene
  • irene
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Letters For My Dearest Mina by JeChaeng28
Letters For My Dearest Minaby JeChaeng28
I write the words i want to say...In a piece of paper where i can express my emotion and affection towards you..~Son Chaeyoung
  • jeongyeon
  • michaeng
  • chaeyoung
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Stranger Online ; seulrene by wonderenebae
Stranger Online ; seulreneby Ashley
"is your circle of friends THAT weird?" "we're not weird just gays" "oh..."
  • redvelvet
  • seulrene
  • seulgi
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Holiday Entertainment by bethygirly
Holiday Entertainmentby ♕ ジスー ♕
Alisha Kim is the wife of BTS's V/Taehyung and the daughter of Park Jinyoung. She has opened an entertainment company but what will people say and will her artists be su...
  • bts
  • jyp
  • twice
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WOLVES | ᴮᴸᴬᶜᴷᵛᴱᴸᵛᴱᵀ by SEULBABE
WOLVES | ᴮᴸᴬᶜᴷᵛᴱᴸᵛᴱᵀby ᴜᴡᴜ
  • jennie
  • joy
  • yeri
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Stay Strong Aarmau FF  by Aarmaufan2k17
Stay Strong Aarmau FF by SheriQ
FORTH BOOK IN THE SERIES Next book!!! Last book was Growing Together. Just giving you a little teaser. Description!!!! (Warning description is NOT Final) She can't... W...
  • memory
  • strong
  • travis
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Catatan Hati ✧ BangtanVelvet Short Story [IND] by butiransalju
Catatan Hati ✧ BangtanVelvet butiransalju
Cerita pendek tentang catatan hati mereka.
  • btsrv
  • namjoon
  • bts
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IRENEGRAM! ♥ by -Pinky_Irene
IRENEGRAM! ♥by Bad_Irene
Hola! Aquí Bae Joo Hyun reportandose con su fakegram! espero y le guste ^^
  • fakegram
  • irene
Simulated World by kimchiologistic
Simulated Worldby Persephone 😈
[Epistolary #2] Simulated World is a world where everything was fake, but not your death
  • predictions
  • killing
  • death
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Messing With Her (ON GOING) by Jendeukie3410
Messing With Her (ON GOING)by Onion_JenJin
Bae Joo Hyun's the name. Almost the perfect girl. Everyone admires her purity and innocence. But they're completely wrong, she's the opposite. Who would've thought she's...
  • exochanyeol
  • exovelvet
  • redvelvetirene
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blueberries | seulmin by JIMINSADDICT
blueberries | seulminby mari;//
it all started when jimin ordered a blueberry muffin. -; letter, texting, and short format !! +; angst, seulmin, fluff. started; oct 20, 2017. published; jan 22, 2018 ...
  • wendy
  • jimin
  • irene
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REMEMBER WHEN ➳ Bae Joohyun by jichufiction
REMEMBER WHEN ➳ Bae Joohyunby ↜ gay queen ↝
"Remember when...." In which you leave letters to your ex love, Bae Joohyun. Reminding her and yourself of old memories you had once shared. {Bae Joohyun X Gir...
  • redvelvet
  • kpopidols
  • exosehun
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video game | rv by bae_cokr
video game | rvby 주현's mimo ♥ . . ˀˀ
welcome to f0r63d.
  • kpop
  • kangseulgi
  • irene
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SeulRene by Hyorym
SeulReneby Hyorym
Tous est dans le titre mes petites artères de vie. Bisous sur vos fesses<3 Hyorym
  • seulgi
  • yeri
  • joy
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