sister ➳ + k.js [completed] by yoomiiee
sister ➳ + k.js [completed] by catastrophe Fanfiction
❝my sister has your heart... ...not me.❞ - ; au fanfiction where kim jisoo's best friend, kim taehyung, falls for her older sister. ©yoomiiee (2017) || highest rank: #19...
Reboot | BTS × Red Velvet  by exlibrisantics
Reboot | BTS × Red Velvet by nicole💣 Fanfiction
The beloved variety show 'Hello Baby' is getting a face lift. But what will happen when you mix kids with 2 idol groups?
you are my  by dreamybe
you are my by ❄na Fanfiction
It's been years I did not meet her, but I found her today but she don't remember me. She wasn't look like this before she leave me, she was like the moon and there is a...
Twelve Idols in One House | BTSVelvet by -sseoulgi
Twelve Idols in One House | BTSVel... by ⋆✧♡ polaristique ♡✧⋆ Fanfiction
♛Highest #979 in fanficiton♛ What would happen if you put two famous groups together in one house? Started: October 26, 2016 Ended: July 14, 2017 cc: kryseulgi
Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show] by Dreamescape101
Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show] by Dreamescape101 Fanfiction
BBC's Sherlock Preferences Requests Still Open! I DO NOT OWN SHERLOCK OR ITS CHARACTERS. Characters: Sherlock Holmes John Watson Jim Moriarty Greg Lestrade Mycrof...
(completed)Red Velvet's sixth member by oohlalala_boo
(completed)Red Velvet's sixth memb... by 芯 Fanfiction
what if Red Velvet had six members? *new parts have been added to some chapters* any similarities to other stories are purely coincidental and all of these came out from...
Peasant (Zane X Reader) - {COMPLETED} by Vulpixal
Peasant (Zane X Reader) - {COMPLET... by Vulpixal Fanfiction
"The beauty of love isn't the physical aspect, but the mental one that infinitely reminds you that even when you break, they'll hold you until you're fixed." ...
My Mysterious Guard|Chaelisa by Kpop__Luvvv
My Mysterious Guard|Chaelisa by Renate Fanfiction
!EVERYDAY UPDATES! Chaeyoung (Rosé) was the daughter of a business man, who had a bad relationship with a company, who now wanted revenge. The bad company's revenge was...
[WenRene] "Chị vất vả nhiều rồi" by GinIsASnake
[WenRene] "Chị vất vả nhiều rồi" by GinIsASnake Fanfiction
"... nhưng chị vẫn là niềm tự hào của riêng em." Tác giả: GinIsASnake Thể loại: Fanfic, Bách hợp, WenRene :)) Nhân vật: Tôn Thừa HoanxBùi Châ...
Since Day 1° SeulRene [On-Going] by _blackbelbett
instagram ii ; wannavelvet ✓ by irenespocket
instagram ii ; wannavelvet ✓ by squirrel Short Story
an interactions between wanna one and red velvet through the instagram application. + more idols will be included. - [on-going] started ; november 22th, 2017 ended ; -
Hatred // vrene (completed) by _pinkjmn
Hatred // vrene (completed) by sammie Short Story
Kim Taehyung x Irene Bae [Epistolary #1] What if he is the one who ruined your life in the past? What if the past still haunts you? What if he comes back again and ruine...
My Flower Prince by IUmochi
My Flower Prince by IUmochi Fanfiction
Jisoo a sassy girl meets Taehyung a school hottie who is secretly a royal prince. What would happen if their fates meet?
Instagram - Park Jimin by hyunnewyuta
Prince by request__ff
Prince by request fanfiction Fanfiction
Kyungsoo,yeoja pemilik marga Do ini hanya gadis biasa yang baru pindah ke sekolah barunya tetapi ia malah di pusingkan dengan 4 namja populer di sekolah barunya? apa ya...
. ( Wenrene) Vợ ngốc chị trốn được em sao ? by piidiem
Only You [ Hunrene ] by vangepark
Only You [ Hunrene ] by Angeline Fanfiction
Berawal dari Sehun yang datang ke sebuah toko roti tanpa sengaja. Bertemu dengan salah seorang gadis yang akhirnya dicintai putri kecilnya. Menjadi dekat seiring waktu b...
A Dangerous Disadvantage (MB/S) by IreneElizabethHolmes
A Dangerous Disadvantage (MB/S) by Irene Random
Irene's personal random book. Pictures, informations, messages, etc.
BABYSITTER ༄ D.KS by R ♡ Fanfiction
burdened with what seems like the worst of the worst, single father do kyungsoo not only has to sing at his former wife's wedding but is in need of a babysitter. t...
The Juveniles by choiheeeyoung
The Juveniles by choiheeeyoung Teen Fiction
A group of teens that are still complicated as ever. Love, Identity, Friendship and Life, they are still finding out what and how it works. The Goddesses, Irene, Seulgi...