Forced Marriage 2 || kth  by AlmightyBomb
Forced Marriage 2 || kth by Rish.R
---Sequel to Forced Marriage---- Mum, dad, Yugyeom help me, Someone please save me. A tear escaped involuntarily. Tonight's the night he'll ruin me. It's the night I'll...
  • revenge
  • kpop
  • irene
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Twelve Idols in One House | BTSVelvet by -sseoulgi
Twelve Idols in One House | ⋆✧♡ polaristique ♡✧⋆
♛Highest #979 in fanficiton♛ What would happen if you put two famous groups together in one house? Started: October 26, 2016 Ended: July 14, 2017 cc: kryseulgi
  • hoseok
  • suga
  • namjoon
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silence || rv  by taenology
silence || rv by j.
@k.yerim is live on instagram! highest ranking: #276 in horror cr. taenology || 2017
  • irene
  • joohyun
  • sooyoung
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House of Cards by TheFourthCharm
House of Cardsby TheFourthCharm
BTS X Red Velvet [Vampire AU]. "Even if you see the end, even if it's a useless dream...please stay a little more...just like this." Because we walked on this...
  • jungkook
  • joyjin
  • vrene
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We Got Married // BTSVELVET// Jungri & Vrene [SLOW UPDATES] by ttaedeukgi-
We Got Married // BTSVELVET// baby tiger chaeng
Irene and Yeri of RED VELVET are called onto the famous reality show, 'We Got Married'. Their husbands are the one and only Jungkook and V of BTS. Two different couples...
  • vrene
  • btsvelvet
  • wgm
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teacher ↠ sehun by chogiwae
teacher ↠ sehunby EXO UNIVERSE
in which a girl falls in love with her own teacher. ©chogiwae
  • irene
  • fanfiction
  • redvelvet
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Lost Memories (Taehyung x Jennie) [The Final Book] by Diamond_Faith
Lost Memories (Taehyung x Jennie) Alexia Lean
HIGHEST RANKING IN FANFICTION - #50 I have retained my memory. But.... Everything is being... Switched...between me... And him. "Still....why can't we have a normal...
  • teanie
  • jisoo
  • blackpink
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FOLLOW [VRENE] by MyPastelMind
FOLLOW [VRENE]by Breath Gastelier
When Taehyung and Irene found love through Instagram. Highest ranked #93
  • joy
  • vrene
  • jin
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Milk » Jensoo by itsokaybear
Milk » Jensooby 🐻🍍
Jennie loves milk. Especially milk ice cream. Jisoo works at an ice cream shop. Jisoo wants to fulfill Jennie's love with milk while Jennie wants to fulfill Jisoo's love...
  • jennie
  • seulgi
  • jisoo
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Cursed || KTH by littlemoonjun
Cursed || KTHby 작은 달💫
"It's time for you to learn to stop playing your handphone, Ara. What if you get kidnapped for not checking your surroundings?" She asked. I rolled my eyes an...
  • romance
  • jungkook
  • taehyung
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[SERIES] Bae Joo Hyun Và Son Seung Wan cùng những câu chuyện nhảm nhí by shbluestan
[SERIES] Bae Joo Hyun Và Son shbluestan-baebae
"Bae Joo Hyun quả thật là kẻ ngang ngược, nhưng vì Son Seung Wan mà nhường nhịn. Và Son Seung Wan là một đứa trẻ, vì Bae Joo Hyun mà trưởng thành."
  • renedy
  • joohyun
  • seungwan
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VRene One Shots by LadyLilac
VRene One Shotsby LadyLilac
Kim Taehyung x Bae Joohyun one shots 01/08/18
  • bt21
  • btsv
  • bts
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WOLVES | blackvelvet by SEULBABE
WOLVES | blackvelvetby ✧・゚: soph✧・゚:* 
girls are dangerous. after all, they are the start of something more.
  • redvelvet
  • blackvelvet
  • joy
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Instagram | Bangtanvelvet by prickle-
Instagram | Bangtanvelvetby seulgfs
[?]Anti-BangtanVelvet Dont read this book. i warned yall already :)) [?] I spam so dont worry !! [?] my main ship in this is Seulmin,Vrene, Jungri,Wenga . Other ship may...
  • jungri
  • bangtanvelvet
  • irene
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(Seulrene) (M) She drives me wild by Harleen2601
(Seulrene) (M) She drives me wildby Harleen
Gấu ngây thơ bị Thỏ phúc hắc dụ dỗ
  • irene
  • redvelvet
  • seulgi
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Rainbow Life | Nct Jaehyun by Jaehyunniee
Rainbow Life | Nct Jaehyunby Mei
Rainbow normally appears along with the sunshine after a heavy rain. So does Yerin life. Her life has been in hell until something happens, that make her life change. A...
  • taehyun
  • jaehyun
  • calm
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Just falling in love [WENRENE] by geizuke
Just falling in love [WENRENE]by Geizuke
Bae Joo Hyun không sợ trời không sợ đất, còn lại cái gì cũng sợ. Vừa gặp đã ăn ngay tiếng sét của Son Seung Wan, người chẳng ghét cái gì chỉ ghét mỗi Bae Joo Hyun. Đại k...
  • sonseungwan
  • redvelvet
  • baewan
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Lost Memories (Taehyung x Jennie) [Book 2] by Diamond_Faith
Lost Memories (Taehyung x Jennie) Alexia Lean
HIGHEST RANK IN FANFICTION - #89 Even though I have remembered some things... There are still some memories which I can't recognize the person... Who are they? Who are t...
  • chaeyoung
  • jisoo
  • taehyung
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instagram ➖ wannavelvet by irenespocket
instagram ➖ wannavelvetby jjsbae
an interactions between wanna one and red velvet through the instagram application. + more idols will be included. - [on-going] started ; november 22th, 2017 ended ;...
  • seongwoo
  • jisung
  • joy
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Only him by LadyTiaraLu
Only himby -frvrbngtnvlvt
A SeulMin FanFic
  • joy
  • twicevelvet
  • jimina
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