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ᴥ kitten ᴥ ⭐ i'm tatiie ⭐ ✖ tumblr girl ✖ ❤ 17 years young ❤ 웃 secretly a baby allien 웃 ☾ selenophile 〰 astrophile ✴ ❄ sweet as sugar, cold as ice... ... hurt me one, i'll kill you twice. ❄ ⚪ books can come fuck my mind... ... people can go fuck themselves ⚫ 💭 #freeyourbody 💭 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 〰 insta: baby.allien 〰 〰 w❤i: tatiie_tatiie 〰 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰
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Let me try this again....A few things about myself: 1 - I am a huge fan of every type of novel - from zombies, werewolves and vampires oh my to your fawning damsel in distress - a great writer can truly make any experience worth reading 2 - I am an urbanite and a reformed shoe-aholic 3 - As a new mother I have discovered that sleep is a luxury, as much as I adore this next chapter in my life, there are days that are simply a blur 4 - I love writing just as much as I love reading --- and I love checking on my works and seeing that people are reading :) 5 - I am thankful to Wattpad for the ability to simply share what is in my head with other like minded souls. It has also been an excellent way to discover many talented writers. Comments and critiques are welcome, It helps me become a better writer. I will always get back to you! Please note at this time I am no longer taking read requests. My works: A Pound of Flesh - highest ranking #32 in Mystery/Thriller - beta version complete The Anchored - highest ranking #18 in Mystery/Thriller - beta version complete, Featured Story and seen on Fright and ThePurge profile First Years - currently updating - highest ranking #10 in Horror, seen on Fright profile Dream's Intuition - completed and awaiting a huge review and edit There are so many many many talented writers that I urge you to explore and discover, as I simply cannot list them all here.
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ATTENTION READERS of Evie Harper Mysteries: Here is the current order of books: Book 1: More Poison in Your Coffee? Book 2: Look but Don't Choke
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What can I say? I love reading and I am trying my chance with writing. New at this so ... Basically I need help, and a lot if I want to become half decent. I finished my first story Wings Air Down and I started a new one Between Master and Slave. Hope you enjoy them and comment from time to time...
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am I wattpad famous yet amino// harms ig// @harmsgi trash tbh I follow back randomly if you really want a fb just ask cover requests open backup// @-gracefully-
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Nice too meet you,my name is Sheep-sama Veh~ I like sweets very much Zuto Zuto Daisuke~! My Favourite anime character is Yato from Noragami,ehe~ <3 But My favorite anime is Gintama,desu~ Ja ne~! <3 <3
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Hello! I'm TastyWords16, an ALBC admin! Nice to meet you! Information about me: Goals: To achieve 5k reads on Vanishing Evidence To make satisfying books for the Wattpad community. (So don't hold your thoughts back on my works I'm always looking to improve ) A few things I like: Sherlock Holmes, Touhou, Naruto, all things vintage, tea, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin,C418, boxing, physics, being at libraries, being at bookstores, violin pieces, cello pieces, Raffles and Bunny, Doctor Who, and studying. Personality: I'm simple, and straightforward. But also eccentric sometimes. Saying: Patience is the source of all success. Hobbies: Playing chess, collecting fossils, playing the bass guitar, listening to original scores from films, studying, hiking, touring museums. My song: The Cave-Mumford and Sons Random facts: My nickname is Kaine Proud to be Irish I love science and math I am not SHERlocked I am a Sherlockian and there is a difference I can be old fashioned I'm addicted to cranberry juice and honey I often wear a fedora Carnotaurus is my favorite dinosaur I am a gentle-woman My Wattpad role models! @kameharu_x - This brilliant master of pirates has written the book Motley. It is--and always will be--my favorite Wattpad book! @KiteWaltzRyder - His writing style is like a gourmet meal! Magnificent word choice and storytelling dynamic! @ProjectMyst - Full of wisdom! Also known as Kagerō Sensei! ProjectMyst's books have brilliant dynamic and keep me drawn in! @LeSwift - Extremely articulate and worthy of praise! LeSwift's writing style is dramatic, poetic, and all around professional!
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Bonjour à tous. Officiellement on m'appelle Ceryse et on m'a dit que je venais du Nord (Hauts-de-France, un nom très charmant)... Si vous avez des p'tites envies, voici ce que je vous propose : Le chat aux yeux verts Mystère/Thriller L'Univers des deux mondes - Aventure/Fantastique La vie selon mes mots - Poésie She wanted to survive - Non-Fiction "Le discours est un art qui peut faire changer le monde, mais pas forcément le monde auquel on pense." "De ce nuage tombe des feuilles mortes. Oui, depuis ton départ, tout est décalé dans mon esprit désemparé par tant de séparation de toi. Que tu me reviennes heureux comme tu ne l'as jamais été sous cet orage d'hiver." Et maintenant, je quitte.
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“Don't ruin your world by trying to make it seem like others.”
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Hoi, humble human beings. You're at The Amberlyn Low's profile. Where she puts in her dreams, imaginations, suggestions, and infomation into enchanted words which will take you on a magical roller coaster ride, filled with happiness, loss, confusion, tension, and love etc. The Ex-Author of Warnings and Recollection on Episode Interactive. Follow her @valkyrie_violetta on Instagram. Horror and Sci-fi are Amberlyn's stories genre for now. Do comment on her cover story for a cover. Amberlyn's birthday may or may not be on 26/3 cx Message her to talk anytime. She would love to chat. (Usually;3). #internetfriends:D Amberlyn is a Transformice player. She freaking loves dubstep. Just FYI. (: *whispers* dubbstepp wubwubwub Edm <3 Yay \(•w•)/ -> The Ashes Within // mystery/thriller -> World Without Strangers // sci-fi goallss [√] 100 reads {for three stories} [√] 1,000 reads {for two stories} [ ] 2,000 reads [ ] 5,000 reads [ ] 10, 000 reads etc. [√] 100 votes {for two stories} [√] 200 votes {for two stories} [ ] 500 votes [ ] 1,000 votes [ ] 2,000 votes etc. [√] 10 followers [√] 100 followers [ ] 200 followers [ ] 500 followers [ ] 1000 followers etc. woohoo~ Comment "diamond" if you read all the way till here xD Dooomsday scenario: It's the end of the world, or at least what I thought of as mine. I stood there holding my katana, drenched with sweat and blood. He sat beside me quietly, our previous battle had knock all effort out of him. We looked beyond the horizon. "Almost looks beautiful," he commented, breaking the silence. "....yeah....almost," I replied. We looked at the sparkling empire ahead of us. So bright, so empowering. I hate it. We're taking it down tomorrow. No one can stop us. No one will. This is what humanity has come to. This is our last option.