Je vous salue la haine by faustap13
Je vous salue la haineby fausta philippoussis
Suite au décès étrange de son frère, Fausta va mener une enquête au travers des réseaux sociaux pour chercher à comprendre et retracer les dernières heures de la vie de...
  • histoirevraie
  • perversnarcissique
  • investigation
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ARIYA FF-PYAAR KA DARD... by sana1819786
ARIYA FF-PYAAR KA sana1819786
Here is another story of ARIYA i.e., ARJUN+RIYA from STAR PLUS show Har Yug Me Ayega Ek...ARJUN but the story plot is different from the show
  • ariya
  • arjun
  • riya
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Midnight Murders by Vanilla_Sugar432
Midnight Murdersby Vanilla Sugar
...The scene was a muddle of police lights, the flash of cameras and hazy radio static. The chatter of police and witnesses filled the area, and the inquires of the publ...
  • law
  • crime
  • homicide
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Classified Information [MxB] by sajicx
Classified Information [MxB]by ✨sajicx✨
Victor Monterelli is a villainous man with a dark secret. Hiding it from the world is one major issue in his life, but another problem surfaces when Marcus Kaine shows u...
  • detective
  • bxb
  • blood
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Nadira by Laliguptha
Nadiraby Laliguptha
"I am not Anarkali, I am Nadira Ahamad daughter of Azaad Ahamad and Fatima begum" Nadira said with tears in her eyes. Nadira a normal modern girl burdened with...
  • historicalfiction
  • investigation
  • tv
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Disappeared II by dm4487
Disappeared IIby Tré
Synopsis: This is the 2nd installment of Disappeared which, just like the first one story, talks about 4 notable/famous men who have disappeared mysteriously, and their...
  • deceased
  • brianquinn
  • missing
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The Killing Game by SedimentarySocks
The Killing Gameby Justin Lim
A class of 16 students were mysteriously taken to an unknown desolate mansion They wake up losing all memory of what had brought them in here. Trapped, the students were...
  • mystery
  • trial
  • psychological
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Beginnings - A Selection of First Chapters by FrankLinnWrites
Beginnings - A Selection of Frank Linn
As I review things that I have written in the past, I am going to put them in this story to get feedback on what I wrote. Hopefully, criticisms, positive and less-posit...
  • feedback
  • genre
  • college
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The Reunion by MostLikelyWriter
The Reunionby Keagan Blakley
A family with issues, a topic with sensitivity... A reunion meant to be a happy, fun, and cheerful day, turned into a sad and painful night... and may include a small d...
  • sadstory
  • fiction
  • blood
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The Death of Elisa Lam by saw_knee
The Death of Elisa Lamby CJ Spaeder
She'd been missing for 3 weeks. They finally found her on February 19, 2013.
  • supernatural
  • paranormal
  • investigation
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YOU NEVER WALK ALONE : ♚ J.JK & K.TH ♚ by whitestar_xo
YOU NEVER WALK ALONE : ♚ J.JK & • 。★《하얀》★。•
❝the killer never came back. for months, all of busan's police force searched. but the killer left us nothing to find. people started to loose hope that the killer would...
  • southkorea
  • taehyung
  • jungkook
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Snow White by JeevithieshDuggani
Snow Whiteby Jeevithiesh Duggani
It has over 14 years since Eira Harper's mother, the legendary actress Reina Stark went missing under mysterious circumstances. With her mother presumed dead, her father...
  • future
  • conspiracy
  • sciencefiction
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Alone by --Sherlock_Holmes--
Aloneby Consulting Detective
When you trust the wrong people..... --------------------------- Total number of words: 1183
  • investigation
  • detective
  • thriller
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The Coven Murders (An Occult Mystery Thriller) by Brian O'Hare by Professor26
The Coven Murders (An Occult Brian O'Hare
The Coven Murders opens with a horrifying account of a ritual Black Mass and a human sacrifice in an abandoned church. Twenty- one years later, near an old ruined church...
  • occult
  • paranormal
  • demons
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Which one of the four? by nuage_bleu_
Which one of the four?by nuage_bleu_
A murder has been declared in Carrington, a small town near Edimburgh. A young man called Ernest Tinkin was killed in his house. Four suspects. An investigation. A detec...
  • shortstory
  • maze
  • detective
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A man named Dan Brooke was left for dead after an anonymous killer stabbed him in the stomach. Now,a great team,The Criminal Chasers,consisting of:a chief,San Jaun,2 pol...
  • mystery
  • criminal
  • mysterious
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Danganronpa 1 alternate ending by Danganronpa_xox
Danganronpa 1 alternate endingby Danganronpa_xox
Alternate ending where the characters I wanted to live, make it to the end. Starts at the beginning of the last trail. Where they find out who the mastermind is. Makoto...
  • celeste
  • danganronpa
  • investigation
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The Ghost Dragon by rockdragonmaster
The Ghost Dragonby Just Animations V2.1
It's the year 2020, the year of chaos. After the northern lights had passed through American, it didn't just bring joy and hope it also brought fear. A mysterious ghost...
  • fanfic
  • case
  • creature
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Crimes against a room by Myst_VStar24
Crimes against a roomby Miyoku Yoj Kuga
There were three people suddenly went into our room. They introduced themselves as a polices. And... They wanted help... They wanted US to help... Can we really do it...
  • students
  • ministryofdefense
  • investigation
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