The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Dance by xoStardust
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
  • john
  • break
  • brice
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Meeting Olivia by unreal2001
Meeting Olivia by ¡Tootsie Pop!
Previously known as 'The Gang Leader's Model' "Why, are you scared?" He asked, his fingers lightly brushing my cheek. He gently pushes my chin up, raising my e...
  • unreal2001
  • tglm
  • wattys2017
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Forbidden: Restricted Chapters (18+) [Complete] by HayleBales
Forbidden: Restricted Chapters (18... by -HAYLEY-
Does what it says on the tin. Restricted, smutty chapters of Forbidden. Enjoy <3
  • forbidden
  • money
  • love
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Ali-lee's Mature Chapters by ali-lee
Ali-lee's Mature Chapters by Ali
It's all in the title. ~Ali
  • passion
  • love
  • intimate
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Manan Sex Shorts 18+ by manan_sex
Manan Sex Shorts 18+ by manan_sex
This story is all about Manan Intimate scenes.....I will write different short sex scenes on Manan It's at your own risk...*wink *wink😉😉 Please don't repo...
  • pani
  • manik
  • intimate
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Queen by curlynerd4ever
Queen by CurlyNerd
He was always there. Always watching. Always loving. She just never knew. The North is crumbling. After years of peace and serenity, times have finally changed. After h...
  • werewolf
  • alpha
  • lust
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Fire Within (Bishop Mafia Series 2) by AthenaBipasha
Fire Within (Bishop Mafia Series 2) by AthenaBipasha
Theirs was a love that met with great struggles from the very beginning. Several forces are at work to keep them apart as much as possible. While treachery and evil cont...
  • romance
  • intimate
  • husband
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The Royal Baby [Undergoing Editing] [BoyxBoy,Mpreg] [Completed] by a_slave_to_love
The Royal Baby [Undergoing Editing... by a_slave_to_love
Haylen Gray was a servant that fell in love with Jonathan,the prince of Molasia after fighting their feelings they finally gave in.What happens when they discover that H...
  • personal
  • baby
  • contraction
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Sensual Fantasy  by http-jendall
Sensual Fantasy by 💬
Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I'm yours forever. - Anonymous ------ #7 IN POETRY
  • lovequotes
  • kiss
  • quotes
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Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Black Love Story) by Asnowfallkindoflove
Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Bl... by Asnowfallkindoflove
Lucy Clearwater was born and raised in LaPush, but had to leave it all behind when she was fourteen to go to a fashion design internship in New York. Three years later s...
  • clearwater
  • love
  • twilight
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Mine (REWRITING) by ToBeForgottenXx
Mine (REWRITING) by BlackCupOfNoodles
Scene: "What do you want?!" I snapped at his face. "Am I making you crazy yet?" He smirked. "Just answer the question." He stared at me wi...
  • intimate
  • possessive
  • humor
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Rated R Chapters by Writing_my_mind
Rated R Chapters by J.M.R.
These are my sexual and mature scenes from my books. Yes they are graphic and no there is no censoring ANYTHING. It is meant to make you feel as though you are there. E...
  • mature
  • werewolf
  • intimate
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Nandini and manik are from two different families with different opinions but unite as one with marriage.
  • drama
  • bonding
  • relationship
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Only Us by JJREADZ
Only Us by Unknown
Everest Libac.. Observant. Ryder Williams.. Smart. Join these two on their Story full of craziness and adventures. ____ Warning. 18+ Mature Profanity- Intimacy Craziness...
  • violence
  • intimate
  • collegelife
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Intimacy / A Snarry Story. by ptx_sinead
Intimacy / A Snarry Story. by ptx_sinead
Snape is an incubus, and all of his life he's been looking for his submissive partner. Eventually he realises it's the boy he's despised but loved for years, Harry Potte...
  • hogwarts
  • harry
  • potter
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What's a mate? by leelasloves
What's a mate? by leelasloves
Lilian, the girl who was taken at age 8 and tourtured, abused, and hidden from the outside world. Labeled as the pack's Maid. She is not weak and has a strong mind and i...
  • mate
  • alpha
  • beta
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Bad // Taylor Caniff by Exposed_
Bad // Taylor Caniff by Exposed_
Avia Murphy and Taylor Caniff are considered the "bad" kids in school. They like to start fights and bend the rules. What happens when they start to fall for e...
  • magconboys
  • kiss
  • intimate
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Revealing Scars by TheLondonDreamer
Revealing Scars by London Dreamer
His deep grey eyes bore through my simple black orbs. I stumble back as he steps forward like a predator towards his prey. He seems to be sucking all the air in my surro...
  • mafia
  • action
  • criminal
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The Neko And The Human Boy (BXB Yaoi) by All_of_the_homo
The Neko And The Human Boy (BXB Ya... by Whole lot of gay
Hey, I'm Kioshi Makoto. I live in Tokyo, Japan all by myself. I've always lived by myself. Sure, it's lonely but I don't mind the quietness it gives me. My mom and dad h...
  • neko
  • anime
  • bxb
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