Intimacy / A Snarry Story. by ptx_sinead
Intimacy / A Snarry ptx_sinead
Snape is an incubus, and all of his life he's been looking for his submissive partner. Eventually he realises it's the boy he's despised but loved for years, Harry Potte...
  • potter
  • snarry
  • harry
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Mr. Drill Sergeant  by jessicalane58
Mr. Drill Sergeant by jessicalane58
Marie is just like any other 19 year old girl, besides the fact that she's grown up on an army base.
  • intimacy
  • soldiers
  • romance
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Manan ff- ♡Dhadkan♡. by lioness_in_love
Manan ff- ♡Dhadkan♡.by lioness_in_love
Highest Ranking #1 in fanfiction and #1 in Random. <><><><><> Hello friends, here I am writing my first ever fanfiction on manan. Now a day...
  • family
  • kyy
  • matureromance
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This Is Who We Are Now (TTG Sequel) by Drakory
This Is Who We Are Now (TTG Sequel)by Drakory
Picking up immediately where The Trainer's Girl left off; Drake and Nicole must overcome the tragedy and loss they have endured as they attempt to reclaim their shattere...
  • romance
  • humor
  • love
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Discoveries (Divergent Fourtris Fanfiction) by springberrynights
Discoveries (Divergent Fourtris springberry
On the day after they shared their first kiss at the bottom of the chasm, Tris' fear of intimacy comes up during her fear simulation while Tobias is watching. Will the t...
  • teamwork
  • friendship
  • tobias
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The CEO by Nialovebug18
The CEOby Honey 🍯
The attraction between two people can be great. The sex can be mind blowing. The kisses can be electrifying....But is it love? Reagan is a smart girl. Graduated from How...
  • fighting
  • michaelbjordan
  • alsina
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Promise 1: Just A Phase. by kamohelokhiba
Promise 1: Just A kamohelokhiba
"You always fuck things up between us. Do you understand how many times its been and yet when I show another girl even the slightest attention, you go fucking balli...
  • kinky
  • homosexual
  • drama
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Sex and the Treaty by Warrior_In_Pain
Sex and the Treatyby Warrior_In_Pain
It revolves around the girl Stacy who had a single mother taking care of her. But just some months back, her mother got married to a co-worker named Chris who had a son...
  • sister
  • brother
  • love
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Passion (Camren) by piercethemist
Passion (Camren)by misty
"We're invincible Camz. I promise."
  • camilacabello
  • camren
  • new
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Lucy. by Spooxy Levi.
It's about this guy who loves his best friend as more than a friend, but, doesn't want to tell her, if you want to figure of what's going to happen between them, read th...
  • love
  • intimacy
  • romance
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Body Art by uniqueinthemind
Body Artby Maya
In which he paints and she is the canvas
  • friendship
  • intimacy
  • painting
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Let's Be Together by capture_imagination
Let's Be Togetherby Let me inside your head.
A young female has been having relationship issues. She sits down with her therapist and explains every serious relationship she has had. In the process, she meets a new...
  • relatable
  • teenfiction
  • love
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The Coop Scent by Slay_Attack
The Coop Scentby Slay_Attack
Austin Cooper and Isabella Cosmo are best friends for a long time. They belong to the popular group in the school world since the last five years. She calls him 'Coop' ...
  • beachreasorts
  • populars
  • volleyballs
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putting down the façade by berkeleyslightom
putting down the façadeby berkeley
I've always struggled when it came to talking about my feelings . There's never not a war of sorts when it comes down to me actually voicing how I feel, and most times...
  • journal
  • intimacy
  • entries
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Forbidden Intimacy by Gypsy320
Forbidden Intimacyby Gypsy320
COMPLETED This Is A Student/Teacher Romance! *WON 4th IN THE ROYALTY AWARDS* _______ "Allison." He breathed as his face became closer to mine. "Yes Jace...
  • chick
  • teacher
  • love
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When He Calls by Empress136
When He Callsby Empress136
Maddison Rosé had never been dealt a good hand when it comes to love. Cheated on by the only man she has ever loved, Maddison is left to pick up the million pieces of he...
  • featured
  • mafia
  • drugs
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Bones | A Novel ✓ by Caspepper
Bones | A Novel ✓by Cass Woods
(Editing) Formerly Delirium | What we know about the people we know can often be a lie. They are not the person who we thought to be. What if we never really know the...
  • featured
  • intamacy
  • lies
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Carousel {Michael Jackson Love Story} [with NEW, additional chapter 6] by RedBird13
Carousel {Michael Jackson Love RedBird¹³
Carefully slipping my hand into his shirt, I touched the cloth of the t-shirt over his stomach, heated by the body underneath. The music drifted away from me. Over the r...
  • michaeljackson
  • kiss
  • neverland
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It's a Funny Story by Briredrose
It's a Funny Storyby Breezy
Need a laugh. You are now entering Funny World. Where you can laugh your heart out. Cover by: Mx_xox
  • out
  • bieber
  • heart
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Losing Control : Bk 2 by MLGonzales7
Losing Control : Bk 2by Michelle
*Before you continue, please read Under His Control if you haven't already.** My whole body went limp, releasing my phone, letting it fall to the floor-mat of my car. A...
  • love
  • friends
  • breakup
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