What Makes a Savage?(Story of Iris the Sister of Caesar) by Pinkroseutena
What Makes a Savage?(Story of Pinkroseutena
The Ape king freed his apes from humans, He was a great ruler, A loving father and husband, but only few know about his true origins, about his human family "...
  • familyissues
  • hate
  • depression
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I Survived Them (Under Reconstruction) by XenoBudgie
I Survived Them (Under Don’t Tread on Me
Yes, this is yet another Predator Fanfiction. (If you enjoy a good book that's a something a little "different" than your average story, I believe you have fo...
  • predator
  • interspecies
  • sciencefiction
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Simply Wild (Bestiality) by LillithBlackErotica
Simply Wild (Bestiality)by Lillith Black
*CONTAINS ADULT/TRIGGERING CONTENT* My name is Alice Castle, and this is my story. I was born with voices in my head. My family locked me up in a pediatric psych ward a...
  • sexy
  • interspecies
  • mate
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A Gentle Touch by Mrs_Splinter
A Gentle Touchby Wife_To_A_Master
Luca x Human!OC (Violence and mildly dark themes!) Like so many others, this curious cat fell in love with a king, and yes, she even came to love his second in order to...
  • slowromance
  • war
  • lucaxoc
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Lemon Harvest by GamingKCW99
Lemon Harvestby GamingKCW99
Title says all. Keep in mind that all these lemons have nothing to do with the series I have.
  • reptilian
  • lewispepper
  • ghost
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The Good, the Bad, and the Didact by Emi-Didact
The Good, the Bad, and the Didactby Emi-Didact
A young woman is stranded alone on Requiem after a devastating Storm Covenant attack on the UNSC Infinity. The Master Chief has vanished ever since he was manipulated in...
  • scifi
  • didact
  • warship
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Sly Fox, Dumb Bunny by duyunodawae
Sly Fox, Dumb Bunnyby du yu no da wae
~Here's a fanfic about your fave Disney couple!~ Only read if you've watched the movie. If you haven't, what the hell are you waiting for you imbecile!! Go watch it!! ~B...
  • interspecies
  • judy
  • bunny
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My Mate Forever by Omegathyst
My Mate Foreverby Omegathyst
Nick had no interest in having a family or mate till he started falling for his partner Judy. But there are trials they must face as an interspecies couple, but it will...
  • wildehopps
  • interspecies
  • zootopia
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Let's Stay Here by TheCorpseBride1202
Let's Stay Hereby Pink Pearl
  • boyxboy
  • interspecies
  • toothcup
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Ewe, Horse, Pig and Bull ( Lesbian Stories ) by apogee711
Ewe, Horse, Pig and Bull ( Alex Almeida
Love, Sex and Friendship among Lesbian+ Farm Animals, the Wild Animals, their exploits, activities they engage in. Meet the characters Pig, Bull, Horse, Ewe, Emu, Owl, M...
  • goose
  • bull
  • relationship
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Drapple: A Love Story Like No Other by LarryBobJr
Drapple: A Love Story Like No Otherby LarryBobJr
Draco Malfoy is completely distraught after the war, unsure of what he should do or where he could go-basically the entire wizarding world hates him! That is, until a s...
  • lovestory
  • apple
  • postfinalbattle
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These Little Women by TheBigLoserQueen
These Little Womenby Alexis
Women that fit into the palm of your hand are rather delicate. But at least stable relationships can still come out from them. A collection of oneshots featuring giant m...
  • love
  • romance
  • giants
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Life With You (A BROOKEN FANFIC) by wiccandothis
Life With You (A BROOKEN FANFIC)by ♡Whisps♡Witches♡Wishes♡
Ben and Rook confessed their love for each other a year ago and have been together ever since. They share the same bed, same bathroom, and even the same clothes, despite...
  • maturecontent
  • alien
  • brooken
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home within skin by jemzero
home within skinby jem zero
It's not easy being homeless, especially when you're smack in the middle of a brutal Chicago winter. Jackson Gale, a disabled trans man with more hangups than belongings...
  • boyxboy
  • mature
  • transman
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Each to Each by mukatkikaarn
Each to Eachby Karie Senkow
On a distant alien world, a teenage girl enters a partnership with one of the native merfolk by merging with her, body and soul. The bond between them, though, will beco...
  • lesbianromance
  • interspecies
  • alien
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Sold into Royalty by Rolucov
Sold into Royaltyby S. Rolucov
Her eyes rose to meet Aunika's, "Well, yes. You'll be working, but not as a servant or doing any labor. Your work will be.." She hesitated. The Female became...
  • empress
  • marriage
  • arranged
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Angel God? by VelezGirl
Angel God?by Lysandra Velez
My names Angel... And apparently my ancestors and apparently me to have mated with... Yeah let me tell you... Aliens!!!
  • alien
  • interspecies
  • adult
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Halo: Under Cover Of Night by That_One-Fan_Girl
Halo: Under Cover Of Nightby Double trouble
This is set after halo 5 when chief and arbiter are looking for Cortana together and there's a little romance in the air (don't judge I'm bored and there isn't enough fl...
  • arbiter
  • fluff
  • interspecies
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A Hives Mind by TheBermudaTriFox
A Hives Mindby Artic_atomic_Fox
Bees, lots of bees, and a lot of Riren. I don't own AOT or the pictures.
  • bottomeren
  • interspecies
  • riren
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A Journey of Hope by TehFriendlyXeno
A Journey of Hopeby TehFriendly Xeno
2nd Lt. Washington of the USMC, is being assigned his next MOS down in Johannesburg to, "Keep the Peace" between the prawns and the locals. He's always been wa...
  • etc
  • tyranny
  • hatred
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