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Lets Get Things Straight...DON'T Fuck With My Friends And Family Or I Will Strangle You With Your Intestines....DON'T Mess With Someone That Can Fuck Up Your Life!...I Am A Very Blunt And Honest Person Do Everything Right...We Will Get Along I Think...If Your Not Boring xD @JupiiterLoveee Is MEH BIG SISTER. Hurt Her, You Die. @_DanielWasabi_ Is Bestie, Hurt Him, I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU LIKE A PIG. No One Is Bae, So Don't Even Think About It. @Love_Divided_By_Hate Is SENPAI If You Hurt Them I Will Personally Find Out Where You Live And Replace Your Heart With Spleen...Got It??? GOOD!!! Don't Label Yourself 'Emo' Or 'Scene' Be Your Bloody Self!!! Don't Be What The Society Says You Should Be...Be You And You Only!!! If Someone Hates You For No Reason Give That Mother Fucker A Reason! So Yeah :3 Don't Have Anything Good To Say...??? Don't Say Anything Wow! Is It That Hard? If You Want To Talk Message Me :3 ♥CHEER♥ .*╦╦╔╗*. *.║║╠╝.* *.╚╝╩+*.
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weird man writing lemons for days, and I got story's that need your help to bloom and grow.
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstien Unpublished Naranja and The Legend of the Phoenix for now! Just updated the grand book! My Own Website v v v