Second Nature by MarkCanter
Second Nature by Mark Canter Romance
2012 SILVER MEDAL WINNER in the Indie Awards (from the Independent Publishers Association). When the heart sees more keenly than the eye, beauty is unexpectedly found. G...
Surviving The Jungle by XenoBudgie
Surviving The Jungle by #SociallyAcceptable Fanfiction
The sequel to "I Survived Them" (Highest rank: No. 2 in the #yautja tag) Eden and Nahkt... An adolescent human female at the age of 16 Earth years, and a youn...
Supernatural Mating Games  by Little_Dreamerz
Supernatural Mating Games by Little_Dreamerz Werewolf
Supernatural Mating Games - is the games where all of the existing creatures in the Earth Can find their soulmate there are alot of diffrent pairings Nymph with Wereca...
I Survived Them by XenoBudgie
I Survived Them by #SociallyAcceptable Fanfiction
Yes, this is yet another Predator Fanfiction. (If you enjoy a good #yautja book that's a something a little "different" than your average story, I believe you...
Love of a Giant by TheBigLoserQueen
Love of a Giant by Alexis Fantasy
When the human empire and the giant kingdom are plagued with the possibility of war, the Prince of Giants, Brandon, must marry one of the human king's daughters in order...
Mer with an addition of Alpha (Roleplay) by cCJCard
Mer with an addition of Alpha (Rol... by Here and There Fantasy
|~Pictures belong to the original Artists |~If anyone is recognizable I do apologize in advance |~Most of the characters of mine will be males, however you are welcome...
Ewe, Horse, Pig and Bull ( Lesbian Stories ) by apogee711
Ewe, Horse, Pig and Bull ( Lesbian... by Alex Almeida Romance
Love, Sex and Friendship among Lesbian+ Farm Animals, the Wild Animals, their exploits, activities they engage in. Meet the characters Pig, Bull, Horse, Ewe, Emu, Owl, M...
Each to Each by mukatkikaarn
Each to Each by Karie Senkow Science Fiction
On a distant alien world, a teenage girl enters a partnership with one of the native merfolk by merging with her, body and soul. The bond between them, though, will beco...
Fangs and Fins (Markiplier X OC Fluff/Smut) by hecatinelilbastethi
Fangs and Fins (Markiplier X OC Fl... by Hecatine Lilitha Bastethi Fanfiction
Okay, I know it's a little off the wall, but I thought it would be a cute idea ^_^ Rayna, a vampiress (meaning female vampire) is at the beach at night, appreciating its...
Lotus by infinityjgatlin
Lotus by ijg Science Fiction
Riley is your All-American boy. High school football quarterback, rugged manly good looks, and a southern gentleman. But it's the year 2053, and a race of blue-skinned a...
These Little Women by TheBigLoserQueen
These Little Women by Alexis Fantasy
Women that fit into the palm of your hand are rather delicate. But at least stable relationships can still come out from them. A collection of oneshots featuring giant m...
The Good, the Bad, and the Didact by Emi-Didact
The Good, the Bad, and the Didact by Emi-Didact Fanfiction
A young woman is stranded alone on Requiem after a devastating Storm Covenant attack on the UNSC Infinity. The Master Chief has vanished ever since he was manipulated in...
Close Proximity [DaveKat] by X_Kitty_X
Close Proximity [DaveKat] by Taylor Fanfiction
In the dead of Winter, Dave thought it might be a good idea to have company.
Zootopia: Loss, Lies and Love by Shad0wFr34K_HD
Zootopia: Loss, Lies and Love by SFHD_Online Fanfiction
COVER: slightly edited version of @_caybee_ 's awesome cover SYNOPSIS: Check Synopsis Part This is my first fanfic to also be placed on AO3, so any criticism or pos...
Alien Boy ➵ Crash Landing by samseaa