Kiera's Moon by LizzyFord
Kiera's Moon by Lizzy Ford
Kiera's best friend drags her across the universe to find her a man, only the man she's destined to meet is a battle-hardened warrior living in exile. Calculating A'Ran...
  • teens
  • scifi
  • romance
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Ghost. by OmaimaAkbar
Ghost. by Omi L.K
[ Featured ] Idris is a lot of things: a thirty year old man with a mouth of a teenager, a mind of a genius and looks of a man that hit puberty late. He is also a priso...
  • spacetravel
  • interplanetary
  • action
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Astronomicon: Icarus by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Icarus by Paul Vincent
( REVAMPED in 2016 ) In 2078, whilst working the Trojan asteroid cloud, Captain Taylor and the crew of the deep space mining vessel Icarus discover a mysterious prototyp...
  • esa
  • space
  • nasa
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Nebula by ElevenIsTheBlackHood
Nebula by Kushi ;)
So, life on earth is threatened by some crazy people and the government is putting together an elite team to fight said, crazy people. If you get in then you get trained...
  • combat
  • fighting
  • kick
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Until Beyond by CloudNack
Until Beyond by Sarah Elsie
Dragons once ruled freely before mankind discovered their existence on a nearby planet. After fear drove the human race to fight the dragons, a seemingly endless war bro...
  • galaxy
  • dragons
  • interplanetary
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Halfbreed Blood Queen by Alexandria5396
Halfbreed Blood Queen by The Amaranthine Queen
The scent... It was so tempting. Always there, awake or asleep, tantalizing me with something I couldn't have. Something I wouldn't let myself have. Only a select few kn...
  • dr
  • teylaemmagen
  • hive
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Mune'stahr and Pylott:  HELLMARROW,  a tale of the Ventriculum by JosephArmstead
Mune'stahr and Pylott: HELLMARROW... by Joseph Armstead
"MUNE'STAHR and PYLOTT: HELLMARROW" is an epic tale of interstellar/cross-dimensional adventure featuring RIKTONN MUNE'STAHR and KESHURA PYLOTT, former Territo...
  • space-opera
  • speculative
  • interstellar
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A Mockingbird of Her Own by SilverSkinnedWriter
A Mockingbird of Her Own by SilverSkinnedWriter
Jack of all trades, master of none; but better a jack than a master of one... Technically, Cas isn't a hero. Or a villain. Instead, she's an heiress to the thrones of bo...
  • daughter
  • ace
  • ceilingventclintbarton
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