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Writing a profile is so hard to do sometimes because a person never knows quite what to say. Here are a few of the facts. My occupation is Secretary and I love to research things; to really get down into the information. I am a wife and mother with all of our children being grown up now and have children of their own. We are very proud of all of them and stay in touch as much as we can. I started to write years ago with the first work being Poems to the Lord Notebook. There are many activities that interest me. Reading is one of my first loves. When reading a book, I see a movie in my thoughts of the content that is on the pages. I take books to the laundry mat so that the time will go by with little notice. As you can see, that is one of my least favorite things to do. Designing web sites, typing on the computer, creating graphics, writing and playing music, and listening to a good live band are just a few other things besides reading the stories in the Bible that I like.
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I'm South African, and no I'm not black. I love Africa and wouldn't live anywhere else. I love reading and don't write much. I am starting a small publishing firm with my spare time (just to put my literature honours to work.)