Celebrity Crush [Tom Holland]  by seaofthings
Celebrity Crush [Tom Holland] by YOU ALL, EVERYBODY Fanfiction
Accidental | TOM HOLLAND | Social Media by dorrkaaa
Accidental | TOM HOLLAND | Social... by dorrkaaa Fanfiction
in which Tom Holland finds Peter Parker's MJ on Instagram --------------------------- @Zendaya I'm utterly sad to let all the Marvel fans know that I won't be able to be...
Groupchat | Magcon & Team 10  by Flowers4Jonah
Groupchat | Magcon & Team 10 by Gotta Gilinsky ♡ Fanfiction
A Magcon & Team 10 fanfic! Avery gets added into a group chat with a bunch of random boys but she will discover a secret that will turn her whole world around! With fame...
Wrong Number || Magcon by sahra7x
Wrong Number || Magcon by 🥀 Fanfiction
"555-567-732 has added you into a GroupChat!"
1:55 ❥ snapchat ❥ jack dylan grazer by b-bobby
1:55 ❥ snapchat ❥ jack dylan grazer by 🌈‼️👅💦 Fanfiction
jackdgrazer; hey •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• opened 1:55 PM
Instagram ~ Why Don't We, L.P, J.P [ON GOING] by Beccaxtrash
Instagram ~ Why Don't We, L.P, J.P... by ➹ Rebecca ➷ Fanfiction
Being Alissa Violet's cousin is amazing, but when she ends up being caught in drama, things change. 18-year-old Kimberly Williams moves to L.A to live with her cousin...
limelight • daniel seavey by kyndalreneee
limelight • daniel seavey by kYndaL Fanfiction
lowercase intended highest rating: #42 in fanfic a boy discovers a girl named kendall on instagram and falls for her. she comes out to Los Angeles with her best frien...
Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't We by Flowers4Jonah
Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't We by Gotta Gilinsky ♡ Fanfiction
My life hasn't always been easy, having fame and money doesn't make you happy but one person who makes me happy is my big brother Jonah Mararis you might know him from W...
Bowers •Wyatt Oleff• by lowkeyahorendale
Bowers •Wyatt Oleff• by Rory Gilmore Fanfiction
Nic_Hamilton: Always nice to notice fans Eliza_Bowers: What tf are you talking about? Where Wyatt Oleff meets Nic Hamilton's internet friend. ||social media||
Frenemies » Jack Avery by rosebonfire
Frenemies » Jack Avery by rosebonfire Fanfiction
In which after two years of Jack Avery hating his ex best friend, they regain contact, but neither of them are quite sure if they're happy about it. Social media + real...
I CANT BREATHE // JUGHEAD JONES  by aestheticmelanie
I CANT BREATHE // JUGHEAD JONES by catharticszen Fanfiction
"ya know, Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint to make himself happy." "I'm not eating yellow paint, Juggie." "Im not saying that. I'm saying he...
drunk texting ➳ g. dolan by dolanstown
drunk texting ➳ g. dolan by el Fanfiction
In which a drunk girl decides to texts her ex, whom she hasn't spoken to in 2 years. - [ grayson dolan x oc ] [ social media ] [rm: drunk texting by jasmine | writte...
Hurricane | Jared Leto | Social Media | #Wattys2017 by celestialluna2
Hurricane | Jared Leto | Social Me... by Mrs. Leto Fanfiction
Alessa Danford is a model and singer. What if one day she goes on set and meets Jared Leto? What will happen between the two? Social Media Jared Leto/OC Quick short chap...
formal | froy gutierrez by radicaliz
formal | froy gutierrez by r̶e̶i̶n̶e̶ Fanfiction
"give me a good and legitimate reason why you won't take me as your date to your formal." {social media plot} updates | sundays & tuesdays ...
instagram|| Zerrie by _fandomstories_
Voice Mail #9// Lil Xan by vivaXlaXvida
Voice Mail #9// Lil Xan by vivaXlaXvida Fanfiction
"I haven't had a Pussy taste like skittles, but I've had a pussy taste sweet before" -Lil Xan... And the girl in this story- well, she was one of them... *no e...
instagram - jjk.kth by jeongbiscuit
instagram - jjk.kth by bbg Fanfiction
rising actor jungkook runs an instagram account for his bangtan bias taehyung (alternatively just another basic instagram au story) highest ranking; #194 - 20/10/17 #255...
Treasure ▹ Bill Skarsgård by sirentale
Treasure ▹ Bill Skarsgård by maddy Fanfiction
❝Give me your attention. Honey, you're my golden star. Let me treasure you.❞ SOCIAL MEDIA BILL SKARSGÅRD ...
Instagram // kth X myg by _allycorn_
Instagram // kth X myg by Alysha Fanfiction
Kim Taehyung is a world famous model. Min Yoongi is a world famous rapper. When the world's of these two collide, What's the worst that could happen? Love, fluff and pos...
US *Hannie Fanfiction* by isavp123
US *Hannie Fanfiction* by Annie Walker Fanfiction
We just stood there in each other's embrace for what felt like forever But it's funny when things that feel like forever can be as long as one second. *****************...