La ragazza che fece innamorare il Diavolo by Eleonora35
La ragazza che fece innamorare Fiamma
Questa è la storia di Dafne. Una ragazza come tante altre che nasconde dentro di se poteri nascosti e invincibili. E se incontrasse Lucifero che cosa succederebbe?
  • poteri
  • demoni
  • dafne
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Cinder by Matteoarts
Cinderby Matteoarts
A new age is upon humanity. Freedom is a memory, taken from them in the name of peace. Bonds are broken, and years of friendship are put to the test as man and machine f...
  • inferno
  • titanfall2
  • pilot
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en un inicio solo había luz y oscuridad, bien y mal, cielo e infierno, Dioses y Demonios, dos grandes Dioses y dos Reyes del infierno, no se llevaban del todo bien, pero...
  • demonios
  • reyes
  • paranormal
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Demon Girl by LiinaMills
Demon Girlby Lina Mills
A filha de Lúcifer. A terceira da linhagem. A primeira filha mulher. O demônio mais poderoso da criação. Tentando superar uma grande briga de família.Uma história de amo...
  • lime
  • saga
  • sm
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Ember by hanselk4628
Emberby HanselandGretel
Have you ever wanted superpowers? Maybe Super strength, or speed, or Invisibility? How about pyrokinesis? The ability to control fire? That's pretty hot. | ==v== THIS BO...
  • fire
  • hot
  • pyrokinesis
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Acima do Céu | COMPLETO | by eureginacosta
Acima do Céu | COMPLETO |by Regina Costa
Você acredita em anjos? Não? Você pode se surpreender! Rafael e Gabriel foram enviados à terra, para se juntar ao irmão Miguel, numa importante missão. A nova vida num l...
  • mistério
  • sobrenatural
  • newadult
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YOUNG GODby [ K.P. ]
YOUNG GOD [ Hunter X Hunter ] → devotio series "UNTIL THE DAY OF VICTORY - DON'T KNEEL, DON'T COLLAPSE." storyline © ARES (SEOKJINISM-) cover, banner © A...
  • history
  • hunterxhunter
  • ハンター×ハンター
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مئة عام من العزله by Black5Rain
مئة عام من العزلهby Black Rain
أنا إنسان مريض .. إنسان حقود ، إنسان ممقوت . وأظن أن كبدي مريضة إلا أنني، على أي حال، لا أعرف شيئاً عن مرضي، ولا أعرف ما هي علتي. ولست أستشير طبيباً، كما أنني لم أفعل ذل...
  • inferno
The Dragon Slayor by eylisenknight
The Dragon Slayorby Manga
Manga has been forgotten by her family adopted by a dragon at the age of two and taught her well... but left her in the woods at the age of four when Leon Inferno found...
  • inferno
  • fire
  • steel
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Dim lights (book 2 of Lightning and Dusk's adventures) by pikachulover0927
Dim lights (book 2 of Lightning Pikachulover0927
Lightning and Dusk are back with a new adventure. Their enemies; an Infernape, Primeape and Drowzee return with a new plan to conquer the world, but first they have to g...
  • romance
  • dusk
  • lightning
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La Paradójica Vida De Perry by Mina_juela
La Paradójica Vida De Perryby Mina
Las paradojas llevan a la verdad, para ver lo que vale la verdad hay que verla bailar sobre la cuerda floja. Cuando las verdades se vuelven acróbatas podemos establecer...
  • detodounpoco
  • familyproblems
  • paranormal
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The Chaos Kingdom - The Eight Factions by Blueselot
The Chaos Kingdom - The Eight Hanging Around..
This is Jolishino's created Factions by the blood of the Sarganians. Each where made by sins and darkness. Thse Factions opposes the Order Factions.
  • jolishino
  • blood
  • chaos
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ANEW || by eI-LEEN6
ANEW ||by eI-LEEN6
Decades have passed since the day Mari watched her beloved perish in a pile of snow and ash atop a bloody killing field. Decades have passed since the day she dragged t...
  • air
  • clair
  • wings
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Infierno Helado by LauAluz
Infierno Heladoby L
Me mandaste al infierno, y es por eso por lo que ahora te beso. Tu lengua quema, pero seguro la herida duele menos que la cicatriz de este corazón roto. Hablo del mío, p...
  • intriga
  • adolescentes
  • humor
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El heredero de Lucifer N°2: Lujuria by KuroNoKotei
El heredero de Lucifer N°2: Lujuriaby KuroNoKotei
Después de un terrible fin de semana, el recien transformado en demonio(Damián), intenta regresar a su vida como estudiante ordinario. Lamentablemente esto le será muy c...
  • inframundo
  • infierno
  • accionyaventura
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Il Viaggio di John Whig Waltham by user87690775
Il Viaggio di John Whig Walthamby Sam Tyburn
Una reinterpretazione moderna della divina commedia di Dante.
  • dante
  • inferno
 Primus Comes back by thewrither
Primus Comes backby karo
Primus had been gone for many mega-vorms, every cybertronian now alive had never seen him or his first 13 children... well without the fallen, kept alive by the deseptic...
  • strongarm
  • autobot
  • tf
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La Porțile Infernului (Secretele Ametistului #2) by KassandraPangrati
La Porțile Infernului (Secretele Kassandra Pangrati
Rosemary Morningstar, fiica lui Lucifer, este cel mai priceput Vânător din întreg Infernul, deși până nu demult fusese conducătorul oștilor angelice , însă și-a pierdut...
  • inger
  • regina
  • demon
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Mission Inferno by Azure_Gaming
Mission Infernoby xAzurex
"I think my daughter might know what's going on," she said to the phone. What?? "She has seen it." What does she mean. "Do you think she's ready...
  • lost
  • family
  • inferno
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Inferno (Prequel to Permafrost) by Marina_197
Inferno (Prequel to Permafrost)by Marina_197
15-year-old Adrianne Strawbridge has lived in Aefer country all her life, so she has grown accustomed to the war raging between her people and Necro, a terrible being th...
  • dark
  • adventure
  • teenfiction
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