Harry Potter and the Classification Potion by rachelih
Harry Potter and the Classificatio... by rachelih Fanfiction
Everyone gets tested and classified at the age of seventeen, except Harry Potter. When Severus Snape forces Harry to drink the potion the results are not as expected.
We've Still Got Time by curlyystylesx
We've Still Got Time by curlyystylesx Fanfiction
Another ageplay baby Harry book. Growing up with a tough upbringing isn't great but Harry gets another chance of childhood when he's kidnapped and adopted by Zayn and Pe...
Infantilism (Larry Stylinson) by MashtonCookies
Infantilism (Larry Stylinson) by Ian Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson. A punk rock, bad ass tattoo artist. Looking for excitement & trouble. Harry Styles. A silly, outgoing flower crown wearing waitress. Looking for love...
Pacify him // Wincestiel ageplay by katsmanyfandoms
Pacify him // Wincestiel ageplay by katsmanyfandoms Fanfiction
"I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and I always will." • Or the au where a witch puts a spell on Dean and his lovers, Castiel and Sam must...
Bubblegum  by Est1992
Bubblegum by Est1992 Fanfiction
Harry is a 'Little', one of the many classifications one can be born with. Such a sweet boy needs protecting until he is matched with a Caregiver.
The Alpha's Baby (Rewritten) by Mel_Riddle
The Alpha's Baby (Rewritten) by Melissa Riddle Werewolf
"I'm not yours!" I hiss and try to walk away but instead he traps me against the wall and whispers in my ear "Oh but you are babygirl."
Baby Dean by amyblackrose
Baby Dean by amyblackrose Fanfiction
Dean Winchester, a ruthless hunter on a hunt to kill monster who kill Mary, his mother. On a hunt with Kevin Tran, something happen. He woke up with Kevin nowhere to be...
Little Sammy by sam_fox56
Little Sammy by Sam Fanfiction
When Dean comes back to the hotel room after a long day this is definitely not what he expects to see
1D Age Play and Spanking by infinitejournals
1D Age Play and Spanking by infinitejournals Fanfiction
One Direction age play and spanking one shots! Please send me prompts!
Little Cat; myg+jhs   jjk+kth by gih__yoongi
Little Cat; myg+jhs jjk+kth by Bultaoreune Fanfiction
Hoseok e Jungkook moram juntos, E encontram dois híbridos que sofrem de infantilismo. Será esse o começo de uma história de amor? {Yoonseok+Vkook+Namjin}
Found  by Little_leopardkitten
Found by Little_kitten Mystery / Thriller
A Babyfur comic story All credit goes to Toddlergirl!
One Direction Ageplay by babyhazzylili
One Direction Ageplay by babyhazzylili Fanfiction
Collection of One Direction Age Play! Leave requests in the first part called comment prompts (:
Manson Ageplay One shots by lovesugarkittens
Manson Ageplay One shots by ╰(*´︶`*)╯ Fanfiction
✿Just a bunch of NON SEXUAL age play one shots ^_^ ✿Slash/gay pairings only. ✿I don't take requests. ✿If you don't like it just ignore it.
My little one by akalren
My little one by Sun Fanfiction
Camila teve uma vida dura. Sofreu na escola, na faculdade e até o dia de seu TCC. Anos depois, livre de todo stress, ou quase, a mulher é uma juíza do tribunal regional...
Bringing up Dean by StephanieAkridge0
Bringing up Dean by Stephanie Akridge Fanfiction
After a regression curse is put on Dean, Sam and another hunter who has allied with the brothers called The Outsider have no choice but to take care of Dean while he's i...
Baby; narry. by r-rainbows
Baby; narry. by crying Fanfiction
Donde Niall es el pequeño bebé de papi.
My Life as a Little Princess  by cry6aby
Dollface by freakshowcorpse
Dollface by Joey Ramirez. Fanfiction
Annabelle has been behaving differently & has been grieving over her friend's death. Marilyn Manson (the entire band), was sent to save her after a few days of her frien...
My Little kitty Lou! (l.s.) by Manxx2
My Little kitty Lou! (l.s.) by Manu-✨ Fanfiction
Onde Louis é o bebê gatinho mal-humorado de Harry.
The Nanny by ReinaHarrietWatt