Resentful ➳ Iron Man by PeytonMcLoughlin
Resentful ➳ Iron Man by ➳ Peyton ➳ Fanfiction
Elaine Riley has had enough frustration in her life. Her mother had been cheating on her father since she was eight, which lead to a divorce when she was ten, causing he...
Bulletproof Heart-MCR Killjoy Fanfic by xxblackxnebulaxx
Bulletproof Heart-MCR Killjoy Fanf... by -KILLJOY- Fanfiction
SEQUEL TO: LOOK ALIVE SUNSHINE!! NOTE-please read Look Alive Sunshine from my profile, before reading this sequel! -keep runnin'-
I'm Not the Protagonist in This Story (Tony Stark/Pepper Potts) by Winter_Is_Coming
Throttle The Ignition by obedear-
Throttle The Ignition by obedear- Fanfiction
***A My Chemical Romance Fan-Fiction*** Chris Hardy is a Killjoy, a rebel against BL/ind alongside her mother. Soon the quiet lifestyle they built for themselves is dest...
Stark by TrylleLover
Stark by Sami Thatcher Fanfiction
Camille Elizabeth was the orphaned child of Maria Stark (Tony's Mother wife of Howard Stark). Tony and Howard had no idea the child even existed. Maria had claimed to...
You're a Lucky One, Meg Mercy by VeronicaSterling
You're a Lucky One, Meg Mercy by Veronica Sterling Science Fiction
Cas!” Meg shouted once linked again to her friend. “You hear that ad, girlie?” she asked. “The one with the Dream Capsules?” “That be the one.” “Don’t you think its-“ “...
630-296-7536 by iamBLOODWORTH
630-296-7536 by Christopher Bloodworth Horror
Don't call 630-296-7536. Ever.
I Blame My Dad ((ON HOLD)) by I_am__Me
I Blame My Dad ((ON HOLD)) by I'll never tell... He heheh H... Random
Alexandra Stark is the little known daughter of Tony Stark, head of Stark Industries, and a woman he met in college, Janelle Olbrich, who died in an accident involving a...