Incubus by luckybluee
Incubusby Ariana♡
Seventeen-year-old Hannah Thompson never really had a normal life. She started hearing voices in her head and other people's thoughts when she was thirteen, and her negl...
  • supernatural
  • demon
  • e-awards2017
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Dranthos by olivebutterOMG
Dranthosby Olive123445
Tia, a girl with Carmel colored skin, coffee hazel eyes and beautiful long black curly hair. Smart, giggly, and outspoken personality and a hour glass figure with a lit...
  • strong
  • devil
  • weak
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Incubus King by Angelglory1
Incubus Kingby Lolita
Autumn, is a permanent exchange student. She decided to move to Ireland, on her 4 year academic scholarship for school. Autumn had a choice. Living alone, and working, o...
  • love
  • lucifer
  • completed
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The Incubus Inside Me by Choco_pandaloveskpop
The Incubus Inside Meby tinydancerxo
I guess you can call him the man of my dreams.... or the man of my wet dreams. Aaliyah Jones didn't know what to expect when the man of her dreams became the man of her...
  • incubus
  • bwwm
  • mature
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The Incubus (BWWM) by EthnicPrincess
The Incubus (BWWM)by EthnicPrincess
The Incubus (BWWM) I don't know what to do. I can't sleep or eat. The nightmares won't stop. He's everywhere. I fear him. Yet, I like how he makes me feel. Whenever he...
  • 18
  • death
  • horror
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Princely (ManxMan) by Squiggow
Princely (ManxMan)by Squiggs
Alabaster, an incubus with a disdain for showing his body, visits a night club to feed. He soon catches the eye of another demon, one that intends to steal him away and...
  • love
  • yaoi
  • supernatural
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Sinful Covenant - AOT boyxboy by crimson_gem
Sinful Covenant - AOT boyxboyby crimson_gem
Levi is living in an average life with his twin sister Mikasa who had a boyfriend named Eren. He doesn't like Eren at all because of his hunch that Eren might hurt Mikas...
  • malexmale
  • attackontitan
  • aot
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Incubus [manxman] by Sievine
Incubus [manxman]by Sievine
This is a story about Ion, who is the 'keeper' of the Town. But he's hated there, because of the curse that's keeping him there. At first, he had people that he could ca...
  • boyxboy
  • gods
  • secrets
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Intimacy / A Snarry Story. by ptx_sinead
Intimacy / A Snarry ptx_sinead
Snape is an incubus, and all of his life he's been looking for his submissive partner. Eventually he realises it's the boy he's despised but loved for years, Harry Potte...
  • intimate
  • intimacy
  • fanfiction
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The Hybrid King and His Queen  by CeeCeeLDN
The Hybrid King and His Queen by CeeCeeLDN
Finding your mate is supposed to be the beginning of your happily ever after, but not when your mated to a very desirable hybrid male. Candace comes to learn a lot abou...
  • witch
  • supernatural
  • romance
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Draco's submissive (Drarry)  by UniKitty321
Draco's submissive (Drarry) by UniKitty
After a few nights of Harry not remembering a thing, him, and his freinds find out some interesting information about Malfoy. PS: this is sixth year. Moldy wart has not...
  • drarry
  • dracoxharry
  • boyxboy
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My Stepbrother The Incubus (Editing) by Tres_belle221
My Stepbrother The Incubus ( Tina
**This is an Incubus story** ****An incubus is a inhumane handsome or beautiful demonic figure who paralyzes you so they can have sex with you so they can eat. Because t...
  • incubus
  • stepbrother
  • paranormal
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His Sleeping Possession by Darkstar5
His Sleeping Possessionby JLT
❝He has my heart, owns my body, and controls my mind.❞ [Warning: Under Construction] It seems that one fantasy can exceed the thin line of reality. In her dream she mee...
  • fire
  • jealousy
  • action
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His by libra_babe101
Hisby libra_babe101
She was lonely She wanted someone to calm the storm inside. She had waited for him for over 300 years. And when she finally found him... She wanted to be(kinda)..... H...
  • incubus
  • bwwm
  • demon
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The Incubus  by naedaraddest
The Incubus by Naedaraddest
*THIS STORY IS VERY SEXUAL* Contains major sex scenes read at your own risk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maya has her world set out. She's tried dating but...
  • sciencefiction
  • fantasy
  • urbanfiction
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Dark eyes (Yandere!) Incubus x reader  by pizzapoo9833333333
Dark eyes (Yandere!) Incubus x Pizzapie234
(Y/n) was living a normal life... until her friend tempted her to play with a Ouija board. Her life then became a living Hell. Her life will either have to depend on a j...
  • yandere
  • incubus
  • femalebiased
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His Veela Heart || Drarry by slytherinsivan
His Veela Heart || Drarryby Caitlin Sivan Malfoy
On July 31, 1980 two twin Potter brothers were born. A year later, William Remus Potter was hailed as the Boy Who Lived, and Hadrian James Potter was forgotten. William...
  • hogwarts
  • mates
  • elf
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His Love for a Witch by Supernatural_baby
His Love for a Witchby M I S S . B
You've heard love stories between wolves and/or vampires or maybe both mixed but have you heard a love story between a demon and a witch? She's known to be a witch an...
  • tease
  • bullying
  • incubus
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Harem High School by nerdi4books
Harem High Schoolby nerdi4books
{Reverse Harem } Marianna Levine spent half of her life in isolation from the opposite sex at a Catholic boarding school because of her mother's fear of what Marianna is...
  • incubus
  • royalty
  • succubus
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Min (Incubus) by Irma-Vep
Min (Incubus)by Irma Vep
Min e' un Incubus caduto sulla Terra, a causa di un'evocazione finita male. Bloccato senza potersi muovere dalla citta' in cui e' decide di usare il suo talento piu' spi...
  • sessoesplicito
  • erotico
  • incubus
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