The Incorporated Life by XxWolfLord95xX
The Incorporated Lifeby Brandon Wright
(Sequel to The University Life.) It has been ten years, Since Sam, Sulley, and Mike were expelled and began working at Monsters Inc. Sam and Sulley have been happily mar...
  • sulley
  • randall
  • mike
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Scandal in the Spotlight (Kyhoei Rikudoh) by JeaniseBlackwell
Scandal in the Spotlight (Kyhoei Jea'nise Blackwell
Hi everyone~ Let's start to Kyohei Rikudoh~ And Iori Enjio are coming soon <3
  • scandal
  • spotlight
  • inc
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Mr.Birlem J.B by Mckenzie_Torres
Mr.Birlem J.Bby Joey.Daymon
Joey Birlem the most richest man you will ever meet.Madison Wilkinson the most nicest person you will ever meet.How do you think it will go if she gets a job at Birlem I...
  • charles
  • gitnick
  • charlesgitnick
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Cấm Kỵ Chi Luyến - Incest  by typevie
Cấm Kỵ Chi Luyến - Incest by typevie
Bộ truyện này thuộc loại Incest, ai không thích, không thể chấp nhận vui lòng back nha, đừng cmt thiếu văn hoa, truyện post do sở thích của cá nhân xin mọi người tôn trọ...
  • sắc
  • inc
  • hắcbang
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Be My Princess (Wilfred A. Spencer) by JeaniseBlackwell
Be My Princess (Wilfred A. Spencer)by Jea'nise Blackwell
Enjoy! Regina Rosa is a princess, she can't find her family because she lost her mother, father and her little sister.
  • voltage
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+1 more / open by byun-inc / openby byunnie inc.
What is BYUNNIE INCORPORATED? :: currently NOT hiring :: cover by @nightjims
  • af
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  • kpop
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New Worlds by DragonStar84
New Worldsby DragonStar84
When Sully finally gets to see Boo again he finds out her parents have recently died and he tries to help Boo and her older sister through the difficult time.
  • mike
  • human
  • inc
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RANDOMNESS BOOK by MerveilleSulley
RANDOMNESS BOOKby MerveilleInfinity
  • avengers
  • humor
  • inc
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Be My Princess: Keith with a twist by Vermouth01
Be My Princess: Keith with a twistby Vermouth01
Minerva Vineyard is the daughter of a high-ranked nobleman and noblewoman of Liberty. She was a very famous lawyer and the top lawyer of all the 6 nations combined. When...
  • manse
  • bemyprincess
  • bemyprincesskeithwithatwist
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Class Trip Crush ↠ Kanji Okumiya ⎣Corrected ⎤ by RaysaLaila
Class Trip Crush ↠ Kanji Okumiya ⎣ ᖇ♡Yᔕᗩ ᒪᗩIᒪᗩ
[ᴏᴋᴜᴍɪʏᴀ ᴋᴀɴᴊɪ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] Your class trip... with an all-boys school!? Surprise! Your school and the all-boys school are going on the class trip together! Traveling wi...
  • classtripcrush
  • kanjiroute
  • inc
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Kbtbb: Trouble (Sequel to Kbtbb: Why?) by Vermouth01
Kbtbb: Trouble (Sequel to Kbtbb: Vermouth01
After Eisuke and Christina got together, they are now planning out their wedding plans. But trouble happens. Will this make them split apart again??? (DO NOT READ IF YOU...
  • kbtbb
  • baba
  • kissedbythebaddestbidder
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What I'm grateful for! by Rmara1999
What I'm grateful for!by Russell Macario Solatorio-Mar...
When you're down, all you need to do is find what you're grateful for! Follow me, Russell Maranan AKA RussellSproutz as I talk in my daily journals. Journaling what I th...
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Kbtbb-Kissed by the baddest bidder by SheiraMegumi
Kbtbb-Kissed by the baddest bidderby Sheira Megumi (Uzumaki)
In aceasta poveste este vorba despre Megumi Shizumu.Lucreaza ca menajera in Tres Spades hotel/casino.Durata turei ei,ea a fost intrebata daca poate sa ii serveasca pe ce...
  • ota
  • kishi
  • soryu
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Queen Of Hearts (LLFTX & IYAT crossover) by Moonbeam63
Queen Of Hearts (LLFTX & IYAT Mashiro
Romiya a cute, innocent, loyal and kind wife found out that her husband Koichi had been cheating on her with a woman called Ai before they even got married. After a mont...
  • inc
  • arms
  • fanfiction
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Birthday Game Voltage INC Edition by Elli-Dawn
Birthday Game Voltage INC Editionby Elli
These are something I've posted on tumblr and many seemed to have liked them so I thought I'd post them here too. Be warned many are ridiculous, stupid and make no sense...
  • inc
  • voltage
  • voltageinc
First Love Diaries - Preferences/imagines/Scenarios by Kira-Knight
First Love Diaries - Preferences/ Neko-Mittens
Nothing belongs to me all the things used for this belong to their rightful owners. Includes: Yuya Nao Mitsuru Sota Mahiro Plz feel free to request anything!
  • imagines
  • diaries
  • preferences
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Bio Inc by Lucarietta
Bio Incby Lucarietta
A misterious sciencists team is killing people. Why? They say it's revenge. Are we sure? In an apocaliptic world with a zombie infection going on, we find Nina, the lea...
  • plagueinc
  • bio
  • apocalypse
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Kbtbb-Who you gonna choose Erika? by SheiraMegumi
Kbtbb-Who you gonna choose Erika?by Sheira Megumi (Uzumaki)
In this story is about our principal character Erika.The woman who make crazy all men.Same happened with bidders.Who will Erika choose to be her soulmate? Characters: -E...
  • inc
  • soryu
  • kissed
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Jobs by Royal_Inc
Jobsby #Royal_Inc.
Here will be the update about the jobs you can find in this account. ps: random cover till the official one will be ready.
  • royal
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Plague by Crazy-Anime-Girl
Plagueby Crazy-Anime-Girl
This is a short little story. Enjoy.
  • death
  • plague
  • pain
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