Упрямство-часть моего сердца. by pineapple_xxx
Упрямство-часть моего сердца. by Asya Steele Fanfiction
-Мне от тебя ничего не нужно!!!-зашипела я на Егора.-Просто не лезь в мою жизнь и все! -Отвали а...Все равно я тебя провожу до дома.-засмеялся парень.
The Incorporated Life by XxWolfLord95xX
The Incorporated Life by Brandon Wright Fanfiction
(Sequel to The University Life.) It has been ten years, Since Sam, Sulley, and Mike were expelled and began working at Monsters Inc. Sam and Sulley have been happily mar...
Be My Princess (FanFiction): Summer in Altaria by dreamslovetruth
Be My Princess (FanFiction): Summe... by dreamslovetruth Fanfiction
Katerina Lieben has a past like no other. She's the Princess of Dres Van, the Princess who ran away from home five years ago. For the past five years, she's known as Ka...
Mei Story-Eisuke Ichinomiya by SheiraMegumi
Mei Story-Eisuke Ichinomiya by Megumi Sheira Ichinomiya Romance
Mei had found than is pregnant.She decided to tell Eisuke than gonna have a baby.When she went back at hotel had saw Eisuke and her sister together.She decided to follow...
Be My Princess (FanFiction): Rosalind by dreamslovetruth
Be My Princess (FanFiction): Rosal... by dreamslovetruth Random
Another Fanfiction of Voltage Inc.'s Be My Princess. Rosalind, Prince Edward's little sister, finally escapes from her kidnappers-- and finally returns home after ten l...
Be My Princess: Keith with a twist by Vermouth01
Be My Princess: Keith with a twist by Vermouth01 Fanfiction
Minerva Vineyard is the daughter of a high-ranked nobleman and noblewoman of Liberty. She was a very famous lawyer and the top lawyer of all the 6 nations combined. When...
Monsters Inc. Reunion by shaylafaye15
Monsters Inc. Reunion by Shayla Fanfiction
Boo is now an seven year old little girl going on eight. The memories she had of the monster world when she was two were faded. She has a very hard time deciding if it w...
Be My Princess (Fanfiction) by dreamslovetruth
Be My Princess (Fanfiction) by dreamslovetruth Fanfiction
This is a fanfiction based on the international dating game of Voltage Inc., Be My Princess. Lady Linda lost her mother, Lady Sophia, when she was just eight years old...
Various One-Shots by SHSL_Fangirl
Various One-Shots by Emma Fanfiction
Just what the title says. Usually they're ones I wrote for fic trades on Lunaescence, so I wasn't really motivated at the time. Of course, whether they're good or not is...
My Lovely Cat Nora by MoonDust703
My Lovely Cat Nora by MoonDust703 Romance
Nora is very weary of people and won't get attached to anyone. His past experience of being abused by humans and nearly dying from it has caused him him to close off his...
Kbtbb: Trouble (Sequel to Kbtbb: Why?) by Vermouth01
Kbtbb: Trouble (Sequel to Kbtbb: W... by Vermouth01 Fanfiction
After Eisuke and Christina got together, they are now planning out their wedding plans. But trouble happens. Will this make them split apart again??? (DO NOT READ IF YOU...
PELICAN INC PRESENTS : Swipe Right for Mr. Right! by rescueheroes
PELICAN INC PRESENTS : Swipe Right... by Donna Belizaire Teen Fiction
Celia had always wanted a perfect boyfriend, but around the times that she went jogging and power walking for walk she couldn't find onevit was too friendly. So she deci...
Linh dược ( huynh muội ) - Đoản văn (siêu sắc) by yomi_hiruma
Our story-Eisuke Ichinomiya  by SheiraMegumi
Our story-Eisuke Ichinomiya by Megumi Sheira Ichinomiya Vampire
This story is about our principal character Ellen.She falls in love with a handsome vampire.She is going in the same highschool as him.Someday she notice than he is dife...
On the stage (fanfic KBTBB) by sophykass
On the stage (fanfic KBTBB) by Lo✨ Fanfiction
Kissed By The Baddest Bidder: Sweet Jealousy by Elli-Dawn
Kissed By The Baddest Bidder: Swee... by Elli Romance
Soryu finds Tiffany spending a lot of time with Eisuke. it drives him mad. he can't work out why she is getting so close to him.
Boo's wedding day (sequeal to Boo's teenage years) by DIYPawthors
Boo's wedding day (sequeal to Boo'... by DIYPawthors Fanfiction
Okay, before you read this, I reccommend reading Boo's teenage years. But if you've already read that, then onto the summary!---------- The day is here at last. The...
Birthday Game Voltage INC Edition by Elli-Dawn
Birthday Game Voltage INC Edition by Elli Random
These are something I've posted on tumblr and many seemed to have liked them so I thought I'd post them here too. Be warned many are ridiculous, stupid and make no sense...
Crossed Paths by xTeacup_
Crossed Paths by xTeacup_ Romance
Sumiko Kuri is a quiet and intelligent girl who puts everything into helping her love to reach his dream of becoming an actor. when he finally gets a contract at the ent...
The Twenty Years Apart (Monster Inc. Fan Fic) by RoxyRuby
The Twenty Years Apart (Monster In... by RoxyRuby Fanfiction
Twenty years after the 'Boo' incident, Sully had been making doors trying to find Boo again. You can see where the story goes ^-^