Wattpad 101: Your guide to the world of Wattpad by elementalcobalt
Wattpad 101: Your guide to the Dorian T. Chase
So you just started an account... Or maybe you've been here a while and you just aren't getting a feel for things. Well Dorian is here to help you out! Here is an ongoin...
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At First {ZM} by miszDanni
At First {ZM}by Dani
"If you want to find love then you know where the city is." -The 1975 It's first impressions that make the decision of how a person may or may not be. For t...
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Halo Or Horns? (Only Ten Chapters) by violetink
Halo Or Horns? (Only Ten Chapters)by em
What do you do when heaven and hell are fighting over you? Simple. You wreck your life further by joining a human high school. For Arabella life is not simple. With imm...
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Wrong Impression✅ by Wimbug
Wrong Impression✅by Stef
Angie Jones is poor. And not the I-can't-afford-the-latest-Prada-bag poor, but the candles-are-cheaper-than-electricity poor. But she has a plan. After moving to the big...
  • love
  • misunderstanding
  • heartache
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Color Blind by jelly_bionic
Color Blindby fluffy_alligator
Taking place in storm coast high school to their college years. A girl known around school not by her name, but as 'the girl who can't see color' classy title right, peo...
  • impressions
  • thriller
  • romance
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The Secret Gangster Is Unlove Daughter" by NicoleTorres368
The Secret Gangster Is Unlove Nicole Torres
Isang mapagmamahal na anak si Heather Jillian Morales.Ngunit ang ang kanyang pagmamahal di kayang suklian ng kanyang mga magulang. Dahil para sa kanyang mga magulang...
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Rolling Dice [sample] by Reekles
Rolling Dice [sample]by Beth Reeks
[This book will be published by Random House in September 2013 in paperback and ebook format. This is a sample of the first fifteen unedited chapters.] They say that the...
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I never thought I loved you (Ron Weasley love story) by TheChainHP
I never thought I loved you (Ron Kay Weasley
"I always thought my heart would forever be Draco's. But now, it's in two. One half belongs entirely to Draco Malfoy. But the other half of my heart now belongs to...
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A year of change  by jadeja26
A year of change by jadeja26
Were just friends okay, okay.....oh yeah I have a boyfriend all of a sudden.
  • school
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  • trouble
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Reflections of the Soul: Poetry by Konstanze
Reflections of the Soul: Poetryby Konstanze
When you're in great emotion, brainstorm happens. And when brainstorm happens, you write a reflection of your soul — poetry.
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Cari's Vignettes by naricasdr
Cari's Vignettesby Cari
A collection of impressions on just about anything and stories told in a certain manner... love, anger, secrets, people, subjects, objects... you name it. There are cert...
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Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance by HatedLove6
Reasons I Will Not Give Your HatedLove6
I have standards and I’m not afraid to use it! This is a list of story turn-offs that makes me hit the back button and never look at your story again. # # # # # Highest...
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First Encounters - A short story by GauriDevi
First Encounters - A short storyby Gauri Devi
First impressions often decide what you think of a person. After your first meeting – did you even notice the person? Were you turned off? Were you turned on? Were you...
  • old
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Not All by Lusty_Vampy
Not Allby Mariah Arabiana
Expectations can be meet, only to who doesnt expect !
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Poems I've Written Recently by TheRoz81
Poems I've Written Recentlyby Craig Rozniecki
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Constellations: A Collection of Short Stories by nashipo
Constellations: A Collection of 蛍火
A random assortment of short stories. Various genres. Author’s Note: If you have seen my short story collection, Impressions, on Textnovel, then you will see I’ve put so...
  • universe
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Bound for Glory - Year 1 by YourWorshipfulness
Bound for Glory - Year 1by Margaret
Romance, comedy, and professional wrestling all wrapped in one convenient, sometimes-dramatic package.
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She, In Between Some of People by djajamiraja
She, In Between Some of Peopleby Maclaren
"I think I know who you are when you're alone."
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Your First impressions on BTS!  by Taekookim
Your First impressions on BTS! by Unknown xD
Comment your first impressions on BTS here! Individual please! Every chapter has a name ^O^ And also, highest rank I've got: #156 IN NON-FICTION! Omfg! Thanks Armies!
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My Poem to Humanity by lovelylittlelife
My Poem to Humanityby Cat
  • understandable
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