Finding Love,the Hard Way by PrismzMore
Finding Love,the Hard Wayby PrismzMore
Catherine was walking home and was attacked and got helped by the random guy that she knows more that she thinks helps her.When her self was in more of danger just meeti...
  • romance
  • passion
  • love
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Insanity is Not a Disease by Wolf_Kay_Sorceress
Insanity is Not a Diseaseby Wolf_Kay_Sorceress
First book so please be nice :) --------------- 10 teenage girls live in different places around the world and don't know each other. But apparently fate has decided ano...
  • teengirls
  • crazy
  • imortal
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Paixão Secreta: Imortal - 7ª Temporada by MaxSiqueira
Paixão Secreta: Imortal - 7ª Max Siqueira a.k.a. Misteryon...
Mike está prestes a enfrentar a maior batalha de sua vida. Recomeçar nunca é fácil, mas Adam e Mike tem um ao outro - e finalmente - estão vivendo a vida que sempre mere...
  • daddy
  • barba
  • homossexual
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Emily Potter, Harry Potter's Twin by CSP2708
Emily Potter, Harry Potter's Twinby Natalia S. A. Peterson
Harry Potter Fanfiction (Movies) This is a rewrite of @artfasionfan101's Emily Potter, Harry Potter's twin. I adopted it and am continuing on for her. What if Harry had...
  • magic
  • adoptedstory
  • imortality
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Vampire Mate (BangTwice) by misakamikoto04
Vampire Mate (BangTwice)by misakamikoto04
There are four girls who are siblings. Their step mother hate them and abuse them. One day at midnight their step mother brought them to a middle of a forest. They found...
  • bangtan
  • bts
  • imortal
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Forever Chained by Geckogirl13
Forever Chainedby Adilynn Stone
Layla is an Elf travailing from Master to Master. A new one once the one before dies, until she meets a fellow immortal a vampire is her new Master. And she will be Fore...
  • slave
  • elf
  • master
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To be a Mortal in Love {Legolas X Aragon} by YaoiMeansGayShip
To be a Mortal in Love {Legolas e l i s h a
BoyXboy - don't read it if you're against homosexual romance I do not own these characters or the settings or the war where this is set, however I own the plot so please...
  • imortal
  • lotr
  • lordoftherings
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twilight and suicide squad crossover by BroWilliams
twilight and suicide squad Bro Williams
Bella is left by the Cullen's after Edward said she was just a toy she felt more betrayed than anything else she lost her trust in people after her second family just le...
  • possessive
  • darkjoker
  • suicidesquad
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Nico joins The Order of The Phoenix by auoroa
Nico joins The Order of The Phoenixby auoroa
What happens when the wizards of the order grow desperate for help with the war with Voldemort? Who do they contact for help . What happens when that person is none othe...
  • imortals
  • order
  • nico
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Locked up and blind folded by Arrissaagile
Locked up and blind foldedby Bleak souled teen
Jace Herondale was kidnapped at the age of ten, by mr.Morganstern to wed his lovely daughter Clarrissa, to brake the curse of endless sleep. That she has been under sinc...
  • google
  • imortals
  • lianraysashai
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A Vampire's Child by IamClarkyBoy
A Vampire's Childby JaDine_11
I can't believe that there's another life in my womb And I can't believe that I'm having.............................................a vampire's child
  • romance
  • imortal
  • jadine
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THE SAVIOUR (TVD Fanfiction) by DesireeDewiW
THE SAVIOUR (TVD Fanfiction)by Dezi-Rei
Smirking, she looked at his wide eyes before leaning in, their lips almost touching. Her innocent looking white dress fitting every inch of her curves, and her charcoal...
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • fanfiction
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Vampire Chaos ᏈJaDine FictionᏈ by hannashiiii
Vampire Chaos ᏈJaDine FictionᏈby obsessed writer
Na-in love ka sa isang tao... With a mysterious, calm and cold personality Pero kahit ganun nahulog ang loob mo sakanya Pero pag nalaman mo ba na isa syang Vampire? M...
  • imortal
  • james
  • mystery
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Star Date: 2233 by SailorFini
Star Date: 2233by Sailor Infinicorn
Highest ranking: #351 A Prince's empire has fallen around him. Even as the son of Andromeda he is powerless. Nobody is there to help him. The only hope is rebuilding his...
  • leo
  • space
  • galaxy
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Hell Scotz University by 26_BITCH
Hell Scotz Universityby alyana yumul
Here.. Emty.. Those words is emty Love.. Nothing... Vapire Wolf Totoo man o hindi Hindi ko alam Pero sa school nato Nalaman ko ang lahat... *******...
  • beuatifull
  • wolf
  • imortal
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Amore Immortale - Elijah Mikaelson by sboolock
Amore Immortale - Elijah Mikaelsonby sboolock
Minha vida era simples e descomplicada. Poderia ir de um lugar a outro sem me preocupar se iam tentar me matar ou não. Tinha meus próprios segredos e problemas. Bom, tin...
  • theoriginals
  • amor
  • klausmikaelson
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Her Imortal  by SammyLocket
Her Imortal by SammyLocket
what happens when a girl finds out the man she has fallen for has a huge secret which spirals into a big mystery of the first time they had met....
  • mystery
  • imortal
  • life
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Fandom  imagines and Preferences by Kristinkrit
Fandom imagines and Preferencesby Kristinkrit
Includes Supernatural Teen Wolf Sherlock Criminal minds The Avengers The Mortal Instruments
  • imortal
Looking by starrywords777
Lookingby Starry
Cover by @ohjojoba Hello. My name is Tom. I am different from all of you. I live in a world where when you meet your soulmate your life together will flash before your e...
  • world
  • demons
  • death
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Ghosts of Sin and Bliss {Book 1}(NEEDS EDITING) by Angelyusa
Ghosts of Sin and Bliss {Book 1}( Cat With Glasses
#COMPLETED!!!# In The Wattsy2017! The preparation for war with the Holy Castle are almost set. The twins wish to execute the mission while clinching victory, but why? Wh...
  • battle
  • monsters
  • demons
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