Shorty by rachstylesxoxo
YOURS. // Tome 2 by MelanieRomaneYOURS
YOURS. // Tome 2 by Mélanie & Romane // YOURS. Fanfiction
// FORMAT PAPIER DISPONIBLE ! \\ Tandis qu'Ava se ressource dans sa ville natale, Louis est en proie à un questionnement sur son avenir avec elle. Alors qu'il pense avoi...
Lost Love by phoebegardens
Lost Love by Phoebe Teen Fiction
They thought their love was infinite, but what if only one of them can remember their past? Imogen Howard has woken up from a head injury suffering from retrograde amnes...
american asylum by EKShortstories
american asylum by e. k. sloyer Horror
Three strangers, Bentley (Anton Yelchin), Matthias (Freddie Highmore), and Hana (Imogen Poots) are selected for an "innocent" social experiment where they are...
The Runaways by acidicdaisies
The Runaways by Mercy Action
‘Everyone's a liar, but what she didn't know, was that he was the best of them’
I'm Over My Head Book One (Eli Goldsworthy) by ImperfectlyDesigned
I'm Over My Head Book One (Eli Gol... by Zoey Fanfiction
Blair Willows is just the average California girl,surfing and rocking out to One Direction is basically her everyday routine. Zoey DiCarlo and KeKe Bakr were her only tw...
I'm Over My Head Book Two (Eli Goldsworthy) by ImperfectlyDesigned
I'm Over My Head Book Two (Eli Gol... by Zoey Teen Fiction
Spring Break is finally over, which signals Blair Willows to bring the drama back to Degrassi. Her atheist, dress code breaking boyfriend Mr. Eli Goldsworthy is right by...
The Debt (Now on Radish) by JaneKiley1398
The Debt (Now on Radish) by DoctorWho Historical Fiction
Imogen O'Boyle is the daughter of a poor, Irish shoemaker. Upon her father's death, she learns that he had made a deal with the current Duke of Suffolk to deal with his...
Hide And Seek by YoCoco
Hide And Seek by megan Werewolf
*Updates on Mondays and when ever else possible* The Wolf Mate Games is basicly a way set up by the council for wolves to find their mates. what happens in The Wolf Mate...
Saturday Detention by Rawr_Ashley_Rae
Saturday Detention by Ashley Rae Humor
When the Goth, the Church Girl, the Weirdo, the Lesbian, the FTM, the Science Girl, and the Basketball Star all end up in Saturday detention, what happens during the eig...
Internet Love: You Love Him (You Tube Fan Fic) by Sophical
Internet Love: You Love Him (You T... by Sophie Fanfiction
Brailee is 17. Back in middle school she had it all. Popularity, Looks, Talent and Respect. Now she has a different kind of popularity, similar looks, the same talents a...
The Last Human by nothingsgonnachange
The Last Human by N.G. Change Vampire
Victorian era - Hundreds of years ago, human race became extinct after the battle against vampires, until one day a human child was found in the streets of the capitol...
The Book Of Eli by safraa19
The Book Of Eli by safraa Fanfiction
Between his lost feelings for Clare, Imogens manipulation, and the strange connection with new girl Valerie, Eli's torn. 1. Eli and Imogen become super close 2. Eli now...
Imogen Finch and the Four Horsemen by ShamelesslyImperfect
Imogen Finch and the Four Horsemen by Taylor Fantasy
Citadel Nacht is a place of freedom. Freedom to take what you want, what you desire, if you have the means and capabilities to do so. And while the Two Faced City thrive...
Rose and Thorns by desunaito
Rose and Thorns by 육 곤 Fantasy
A Harry Potter-esque story, this book is about a girl named Imogen who acquires a letter to the Baxine Institute of the Arcane and Divine to become a skilled sorceress...
Under Your Warm Embrace - Eli Goldsworthy *Being Edited* by melstarlight
Under Your Warm Embrace - Eli Gold... by Melstarlight Fanfiction
Skylar Munro, the trouble maker, the misfit and the imperfect daughter. That's how Skylar has always been known until her life changes drastically when she transfers to...
Ascendance Trilogy ~ The Lost Princess of Carthya by AshleyGraceZeus
Ascendance Trilogy ~ The Lost Prin... by Fandom Warrior™ Fanfiction
I am Sarah. No, I don't remember my last name. All I know is, I was born in Carthya. I was then kidnapped from my family by the Avenian pirates. Over the hectic years, I...
I'm Squished by CrystalKauffman
My life story by Novemberbeauty1126
The False Prince by countrygirl9872
The False Prince by countrygirl9872 Fanfiction
Disclaimer: I love the ascendence trilogy so this is gonna be like an after the third book fanfic. Even though the books have a small fan base, spread the word about my...