The Internship / Cow Chop Fanfic by LoveAlcove
The Internship / Cow Chop Fanfic by LoveAlcove Fanfiction
"maybe this isn't that bad...", I smiled. "no it's not... now kiss me.", he pushed me on the bed. a new job at cow chop brings josephine a lot of ex...
The Rabbit And The Fox by islapmofos
The Rabbit And The Fox by islapmofos Random
He hated how the older man stared at him, like he was a piece of meat. Like he was a rabbit and Eddie was the fox.
Texting ||NovaHD|| by k-chouko
Texting ||NovaHD|| by k-chouko Fanfiction
Aleksandr had nothing better to do. He was bored. He goes onto Omegle, a 'chat with strangers' website, to see if anyone had anything interesting to converse about. To s...
cowchop: preferences and oneshots by cowuch
Player // Immortalhd x Reader by PowerOverDrive
Player // Immortalhd x Reader by PowerOverDrive Fanfiction
C O M P L E T E D He was a player, a tramp, a slut, a fuckboi, whatever. He was all of those things, Aron, Joe, James, Trevor, Brett, and Asher continuously warn me to n...
Casual Affair | ImmortalHD/Matthew Daddario [2] by grvysontodd
Casual Affair | ImmortalHD/Matthew... by skyler Fanfiction
" you've hurt me more than once, aleks. Why can't you just let me be happy? " " because I still love you " [Features Cast of Marvel Cinematic Univer...
Wrong Number (Uberhaxornova) by cowuch
Wrong Number (Uberhaxornova) by cowuch Fanfiction
Unknown number: OMG! MOM I GOT THE NEW JOB!!!!! I START TOMORROW!!!!! J: I'm not your mom but congrats bro! Who knew one wrong number could change someone's life so dra...
Toy Soldiers {SSoHPKC/Creatures  Fan-Fic} by MissCreatureDoll
Toy Soldiers {SSoHPKC/Creatures F... by Möe Fanfiction
The Creatures had life going good with booming careers, until they would become dumbfounded by the discovery of Seamus' past life. *this fan-fic will depict some people...
Seeing You || Uberhaxornova x Reader by creaturekiann
Seeing You || Uberhaxornova x Read... by megann ☾ Fanfiction
You moved to Colorado to achieve your dream to become a You-tuber and live a wonderful life and to see your best friend. Next thing you know you meet James Wilson aka Ub...
Outnumbered by HeroicPhandom
Outnumbered by Tr@$h Fanfiction
"Alright Trevor, let's have some fun..." Chains, whips, stuffies, toys, and a whole lot of tough love. I will try to post every Friday. TRY.
text me ✨ immortalhd ✨ rewrite by -shesariot
text me ✨ immortalhd ✨ rewrite by -shesariot Fanfiction
unknown number "hi, is this hanna?" "who the hell is this?" ✨ in which aleks asks his friends for a girl...
Preferences & One Shots [cow chop] by caylynneliz
Preferences & One Shots [cow chop] by caylynn Fanfiction
I honestly think the title is pretty self explanatory but whatever.
Hidden Behind A Mask. (NovaHD Fanfic) by PrincessTeabag
Hidden Behind A Mask. (NovaHD Fanf... by Amyy.-. Action
Aleks has had a hard life, he's not right. Aleks doesnt think like normal people. He does unspeakable things. Until he meets a certain YouTuber which changes his life fo...
Listless [CowChop x Reader] by kittchop
Listless [CowChop x Reader] by kittchop Fanfiction
Moving to Colorado was something you've wanted to do for a long time. You move in next to a group of guys who have a YouTube channel called CowChop. What could go wrong...
immortalhd imagines  by julelizabeth
immortalhd imagines by julia Fanfiction
Some immortalhd imagines
Lost {Cow Chop/ImmortalHD fic} by chocolate_hearts
Lost {Cow Chop/ImmortalHD fic} by Alayna Fanfiction
Flora moved to Colorado to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. But all that changes when she meets some guy at a bar, changing her life forever. Warning: ther...
Oblivious  by CaffeineAddictt
Oblivious by CaffeineAddictt Fanfiction
A James and Aleks ( UberHaxorNova and ImmortalHD) Fan Fiction. It will be dirty and fluffy and noice. (Art is not mine, creds to artist)
Endless Summer (The Creatures Fanfic) *completed* by bacon_yo
Endless Summer (The Creatures Fanf... by dern sure tootin Fanfiction
Tori bakes and delivers cupcakes for a living. She does this endlessly, and never thought it would bring her anywhere special, until she meets The Creatures. Adventures...
Pawn ☞ ImmortalHD au by filthyjoon
Pawn ☞ ImmortalHD au by ✨ H E R✨ Fanfiction
pawn \ˈpȯn, ˈpän\ noun: A person used by others for their own purposes.
Running<<ImmortalHD by fairly_winchester
Running< by ms. flack Fanfiction
You run from nightmares or sadness but I run to stay out of love. ©Copyright Caitlin Marie aka Chxsing-Rxinbows 2014 Cover by: cara-phernelia