Vampire King by QueenKeely
Vampire King by K E E L Y
In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel; living in the garden of hell. Tyler King- the most powerful vampire on earth, the King of all vampires. Shae Valentine...
  • love
  • blood
  • dark
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Valerian Empire [Featured Story] by ash_knight17
Valerian Empire [Featured Story] by Ash
[18+ ] "But he is a good man," she argued to see his eyes narrow at her words. "And I could be a bad man," he warned, "Until you're under my wi...
  • humanxvampire
  • fantasy
  • politics
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Reincarnated Love by Catherine_Edward
Reincarnated Love by 💖 Catherine Edward 💖
#4 in vampire as on 12th November 2017 Katherine Wilcox's life takes a nosedive when she embarks on a family trip that was supposed to bring their estranged family to...
  • betrayal
  • humanmate
  • lgbt
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Tainted Love by amo4books
Tainted Love by Laelynn Auburn
For hundreds of years, she's been running from me. Feared by all, the White Shadow was born seconds after the first vampire, Dracula, came to be. You think you know the...
  • death
  • featured
  • popular
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My Immortal by fatetharlaown
My Immortal by queen of gensokyo
This is originally off of It is considered to be the worst fanfiction on the internet, and is a Harry Potter fanfiction. For your joy and potential head e...
  • fan
  • trollfic
  • myimmortal
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Heidi and the Lord by ash_knight17
Heidi and the Lord by Ash
[18+] Year 1847 The four Empires have stayed unchanged since centuries, vampires having the upper hand and being the master puppeteer of all. But conflicts have begun to...
  • 1800
  • love
  • historical
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Fate by Midika
Fate by Evoke;
*First title in the Immortal Series* "He's the one they tell you never to make a deal with." After her parents agreed to give her to the infamous immortal, Fat...
  • fate
  • immortal
  • mate
Endgame {CoC Cormac's POV} |18+| by SerenityR0se
Endgame {CoC Cormac's POV} |18+| by K. A. Young
Ménage--MxFxM --⊰♥⊱-- Code of Conduct {Cormac Arin's POV} We've seen the story through Rose's eyes and now we take a closer look with a wider perspective through the...
  • violence
  • darklust
  • darklove
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Nine Paths of Asura-Original Wuxia by MtAlternity
Nine Paths of Asura-Original Wuxia by MtAlternity
One day, when a young boy, Lineir, is scavenging alone in the abandoned Old City he angers a horde of undead. Chased all the way back to the New City, he escapes the fea...
  • martialarts
  • wuxia
  • undead
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The Beast of the Damned (Book Two) by KenzDyer
The Beast of the Damned (Book Two) by Kenzie Dyer
~Kinley~ For a thousand days and a thousand nights, he and his army shed the blood of the humans that thought they ruled this earth. It has been a hundred years since th...
  • dark
  • bloodlust
  • bite
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Transgression by SerenityR0se
Transgression by K. A. Young
Sequel to Code of Conduct How do you win a game when you don't know who all the players are? --⊰♥⊱-- "You can't break what's already broken..." "...y...
  • blood
  • dfantasies
  • werewolf
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Dark and Dangerous Love (18+) by MollyNight
Dark and Dangerous Love (18+) by Molly Night
EARTH: year 2438. The world is different now: ruled by a ruthless and merciless monster. All Evelyn Blackburn wanted was freedom. But how could you escape from the old...
  • paranormal
  • dystopia
  • harrystyles
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Heart of Stone (Parts I & II) by Joflower
Heart of Stone (Parts I & II) by Jo Lee Hunt
[COMPLETE] Some bonds can't be broken, even in death. -- He couldn't endure another heartbreak. "Accepting her would be a mistake," he said. "She's a huma...
  • alpha
  • family
  • reincarnation
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Silver by AlexRubato
Silver by A.W.
Top rating #14 (20/11 2017) "When I was left at Miss Rodrick's Boarding School for the Talented Young, with nothing but seven summers of life and a halo of raven cu...
  • vampires
  • featured
  • fantasy
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The Youngest Mikaelson (TW/TVD/TO)  by StilinskiGirl16
The Youngest Mikaelson (TW/TVD/TO) by Brandy winchester
Alexandria Rosalie Mikaelson is Klaus' full sister. She is younger than him, her being 17 and him being 25. When her and her siblings were turned - killed by their fathe...
  • tố
  • immortality
  • teenwolf
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Immortal Mortals by moosesforgooses
Immortal Mortals by moosesforgooses
Strictly a Mo Yuan/Bai Qian story. A simple love story between two people and two worlds. Bai Qian had never been a Kunlun Mountain Disciple. Both Mo Yuan and Bai Qia...
  • immortal
  • bai
  • kunlun
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Vaenalo | WATTPAD FEATURED by BlondeBomb365
Vaenalo | WATTPAD FEATURED by Renie
A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 🔹 Cupping my face with his bleeding hands, his lips pleasurably assaulted mine, an unrestrained lust radiating off him. I was his; forever. �...
  • immortal
  • paranormalromance
  • dark
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Private chapters and characters book by ash_knight17
Private chapters and characters bo... by Ash
Contains characters pictures along with the private chapters (18+ contents) of the book 'Valerian Empire' has been moved here for read.
  • immortal
  • vampire
  • romance
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Titan's Throne #featured by theonionjunktion
Titan's Throne #featured by The Onion Junktion
30 year old Bastian Smith died and reincarnated in a different body in a word different from earth. The body he was in was that of a 12 year old noble boy. Bastian was a...
  • survival
  • war
  • strategy
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The Immortal legacy (Blue Sage Art) Book 2 by Immortal_legacy
The Immortal legacy (Blue Sage Art... by Tavain Martin
In the world of cultivation, strength is the only thing that matters, where one is weak, magical could destroy a mountain with the flip of his palm. "Half human, h...
  • immortals
  • immortality
  • wuxia
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