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Just a normal 19 year old girl who has an obsession. Follow my Twitter: '@_harryskittenxo'
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"almond head / keith the seat looking oh so sweet and neat."
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Hiii. My stories are no big deal but if you enjoy reading them anyway, I'd like to be best friends with you. Enjoy your stay here. Flip through my books, have some hot chocolate and leave a message...
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❝ STILES IN THE STREETS, MITCH IN THE SHEETS. ❞ ↳ a phrase i made and haven't been able to stop thinking about
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My name is literally Jin😷✨ M|16| Mic Mic Bungee 🇰🇷 🇷🇺 I don't have a posting schedule yet yikes Also active on @jooniiebug
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ily all so much FOLLOW ME ON IG Personal Insta: jadeleylani
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"THE DIRTIER, THE BETTER." Hey Nouislickers! Nouis mummy here! Welcome to my account where smut is written and fucks aren't given. I won't write about myself because it ruins the suspense o...
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¤º always busy thinkin' bout boys º¤ [MY ACCOUNT IS BEING CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION DUE TO MY MANY SHITTY STORIES] lol STORIES: instagram // joji miller (Currently Writing) Undercover Aussie (Not...