BTS Reactions and Imagines by jikookiesandmilk
BTS Reactions and Imagines by park jihoon💞 Fanfiction
BTS Imagines [completed] by humeri
BTS Imagines [completed] by humeri Fanfiction
1st out of (soon) three imagine books. a bunch of BTS Imagine~ lemme just tell y'all that the imagines are worse the earlier they were published, hah
WHY DON'T WE ~ Imagines and Preferences by poisonousmccall
WHY DON'T WE ~ Imagines and Prefer... by WAYHO Fanfiction
in which i write about five pretty awesome dudes. cover by @bbymarais ✨❤️️ highest rank #18 No parts of this story can be re-posted on any platforms, taking quotes or id...
Why Dont We Imagines||Wattys2017 by -coffeemarais
Why Dont We Imagines||Wattys2017 by Sunshine🌻 Fanfiction
Tittle says it all. Imagines about 5 boys who never fail to make me smile _ highest rank: #12 in fanfiction
INSTAGRAM (Justin Bieber) by Andrea_paulina
INSTAGRAM (Justin Bieber) by Andrea_paulina Fanfiction
@justinbieber started following you.
IT imagines by Castle_Byers
IT imagines by angie🌻 Fanfiction
-Just some imagines of my idols/children ;) -Requests = Open
Spider-Man Imagines by emokylorio
Spider-Man Imagines by mariah Fanfiction
will do ANY spider-man (or supporting character) from any film (or tv show!) please do not request smut! i'm only doing x readers for the time being!
Draco Malfoy Imagines  by Missymalfoy
Draco Malfoy Imagines by Misty Malfoy Fanfiction
🍏 Draco Malfoy imagines 😉 'Honestly, if you were any slower, you'd be going backwards.' 'Longbottom, if brains were gold you'd be poorer than Weasley, and that's say...
IT PREFERENCES  by cinnabara
IT PREFERENCES by Stan the Jewish man Fanfiction
Characters from IT and the cast themselves CHECK RULES /REQUESTS ARE OPEN/
My Half Brother [Revising] by redkrystal
My Half Brother [Revising] by redkrystal Fanfiction
As a young rebel, would you make it treating him as a real member of the family? Or... more than that? [BTS SUGA FANFICTION] Note: Thank you so much for choosing my sto...
HARRY STYLES IMAGINES by ♕ Grant's Queen ♕ Fanfiction
§ Imagines. You. Harry Styles. You get the gist. § • I've written all of these, but some of theses are based off of stuff I've seen in movies, & TV shows, others from st...
Martinez Twins Imagines  by TatyanaMccall
Martinez Twins Imagines by Tatyana McCall Fanfiction
Imagines of the Martinez Twins. I read a bunch of imagines of the twins and I couldn't find a book that had a lot of chapters of them, so I decided to write one. This is...
Teen Wolf Preferences and Imagines by -hollandrodens
Teen Wolf Preferences and Imagines by hannah Fanfiction
Preferences and Imagines for the characters of Teen Wolf :) All character rights to Jeff Davis.
Dolan Twins Imagines by freakingdolan
Dolan Twins Imagines by queen dolan Fanfiction
Just scenarios from the top of my head involving two boys that changed my life.
♥Supernatural Imagines♥ by ember_ann
♥Supernatural Imagines♥ by ɛɱɓɛʀ ɑɳɳ Fanfiction
Imagines of, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and of course Castiel These are imagines of the character x reader. If you want an imagine only for...
finn wolfhard/mike wheeler imagines by vroomvroomkachowboi
finn wolfhard/mike wheeler imagines by Mrs. Oleff Fanfiction
"what's your taste in music like?" "good." --- richie tozier added
Why Dont We Preferences and Imagines by fishandthefrog
Why Dont We Preferences and Imagin... by Fish and the Frog Fanfiction
Imagines and preferences about the amazing band, Why Dont We All preferences written by us Started 8/July/2017 Highest rating: #100 in fanfiction
dolan twins imagines by shinedolan
dolan twins imagines by amy Fanfiction
pretty self explanatory, lol. requests are still open! (lowercase intended) highest ranking: #124 in fanfiction 💕
Why don't we Imagines and preferences💟💟💟 by kendalleastwood
Why don't we Imagines and preferen... by kendalleastwood Fanfiction
Doing imagines and preferences for the Why Don't We boys. 💜
IMAGINES ⌲ dylan o'brien by sourstiles
IMAGINES ⌲ dylan o'brien by rip teen wolf Fanfiction
❝ I just happened to step into acting. And now I can't imagine myself doing anything else. ❞ REQUESTS ARE NOT OPEN :( btw, i will give warnings enjoy #53 in FANFICTION a...