Between The Lines  by beyondthemoon_
Between The Lines by beyondthemoon_
"I like your shirt" - unknown number //non au text fic//
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  • fanfiction
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Maze Runner Imagines and Preferences// Requests Closed by call-me-earl
Maze Runner Imagines and Gabriella and Elliot
Imagines for the following: -Newt -Thomas -Minho -Gally -Chuck
  • happy
  • maze
  • runner
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poco a poco ㅡ the unit by hangyulvevo
poco a poco ㅡ the unitby riri
a compilation of the unit fanfiction.
  • im66
  • melodyday
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sugar | oh sehun [completed] by succjin
sugar | oh sehun [completed]by ella
oh sehun spends millions of won on an escort, but that's before he finds out what it even is.
  • caramel
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Brick Wall || Markson by Huin-JeagX3
Brick Wall || Marksonby [BABE!]
Mark has always been a quiet person, very preserved in fact. His expression is always the same, Blank. He likes to keep his emotions to himself, No one has ever seen him...
  • tuan
  • yugbam
  • yugyeom
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Soulmates (a Draco Malfoy fanfiction) by StrongerThanIWas
Soulmates (a Draco Malfoy Sherlock Holmes
Draco Malfoy and Chanel Potter are able to meet each other in their dreams. This isn't common for most Witches and Wizards. The only way this usually happens is if the t...
  • malfoy
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tutor | im changkyun by nijoowkrap
tutor | im changkyunby ❦
when changkyun agreed to tutor who could possibly be the least interesting student in his class, he didn't manage to prepare himself for the feelings he would develop. ...
  • jooheon
  • shownu
  • fanfiction
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monsta x imagines [몬스타엑스] by Dejuuhh
monsta x imagines [몬스타엑스]by 👄
[interracial included.]
  • hyungwon
  • changkyun
  • jooheon
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Communication [2] Carlisle Cullen by -actuallykai
Communication [2] Carlisle Cullenby ✨ oh my stars ✨
"You saved me." COMPLETED Book two Sequel of Interpretation. Book two of the Twilight Fanfic Series
  • body
  • communication
  • lane
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feelings - [changki] by changkyundimple
feelings - [changki]by A.
Kihyun and Changkyun were best friends. They used to spend a lot of time together. But suddenly, one day Kihyun left the country with his family, so to keep being friend...
  • changki
  • changkyun
  • kihyun
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emergency room- im changkyun by fandomfeels22
emergency room- im changkyunby Gracie
'So, what are you in here for?' Lee Soyoung switches phones with the guy she meets in the emergency room, and he's obnoxious enough to buy an album on her phone. Somethi...
  • changkyun
  • kpop
  • monsta
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Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake_Productions
Borkfriend Blaze X Readerby Kupcake Productions
Y/n is the new werewolf girl at Phoenix Drop High. She just recently moved there and is super nervous for her first day. Just wanna say this is uncanny to Aphmau's seri...
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Alpha's Young Angel by NerdySelf
Alpha's Young Angelby NerdySelf
Cole Harber has been searching for his mate for five years, now at twenty five, he's finally stopped his futile search parties and has buried himself into the work he ne...
  • ïm
  • cute
  • teeanger
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Devils Little Angel -  A Larry AU by prettylouistommo
Devils Little Angel - A Larry AUby prettylouistommo
"Well Louis, I'm the devil and you are in Hell." or, Louis, an angel, is dragged to hell from heaven in the after life. A hot tempered devil awaits his arriva...
  • ïm
  • zaynmalik
  • harrystyles
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honestly | hyungwon (1) by jinseobs
honestly | hyungwon (1)by 遺却する
they met on kik "tell me honestly" status : completed
  • romance
  • fanfic
  • jooheon
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Silent But Lovely by IGOTBTS7
Silent But Lovelyby IGOTBTS7
It all started with a dare but was it really that simple? Melody was a quiet girl who never spoke much until she ran into Mark (literally) But with so much family drama...
  • mark
  • popularity
  • got7
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Puppy Eyes • 2jae [COMPLETED] by hufflepuffyoungjae
Puppy Eyes • 2jae [COMPLETED]by megan lily
In which Youngjae didn't know what dog to buy until he met Jaebum and his Newfoundland, Alfie. Short Chaptered Fic.
  • got7
  • 2jae
  • youngjae
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Monsta X Smut(Oneshots) by K-fuck
Monsta X Smut(Oneshots)by Smut Fairy
Requests are open~~ //Cover by Giriii//
  • kihyun
  • lee
  • jooheon
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You And I: More Than Words(Poth) by The_JMRo_Studios
You And I: More Than Words(Poth)by Emeral 49666
(_)_(_)_(_)_(_)_(_) " what your saying don't trust me anymore... " " What?? N-No!! Palette!! Of course I trust you!! " " then wH...
  • afterdeath
  • poth
  • lolz
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NERDY[Monsta X I.M FF] by faithbellas
NERDY[Monsta X I.M FF]by Faith
What will happen when the victim change her personality? What will happen when the bully know that the bully victim has changed? Find out. • • • • START:05/10/2017 END:1...
  • wonho
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