[Shortfic] Illusion [WooGyu] by Youki_min
[Shortfic] Illusion [WooGyu]by Youki
Author: Youki. Rating: PG. Pairing: WooGyu. Category: Sad, crazy. Có những sự thật còn đáng sợ hơn cả lời nói dối.
  • illusion
  • woohyun
  • crazy
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Illusion by farihaalam2006
Illusionby Fariha
When I smile, I don't have to be happy When I cry, I don't have to be sad When I shout, I don't have to be scared _ _ _ You'll learn how to see from a different vision.
  • newvision
  • new
  • horror
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Alternate Reality by dreamshadexx
Alternate Realityby Samantha Nicole
"I think something's happened to me" Esme mumbled to herself looking through her bedroom mirror. "Why is everything wrong?" she asked herself Esme we...
  • fantasy
  • alternate
  • illusion
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Afflictions by afflige
Afflictionsby Affigé
Je ne veux te faire comprendre Mais simplement rendre témoin : Je suis des plus humain ! Partage mon chagrin... Entre !
  • chagrin
  • illusion
  • souffrance
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The Visions of a Dreamer by Mintessla
The Visions of a Dreamerby Josie Marie
❝Dreams are an essence of our imagination, a soul in its own way.❞ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ This is a collection of dreams and visions, adventures and heartbreak. Some of the piec...
  • illusion
  • adventure
  • worldscollide
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The love is just a beautiful illusion☯ by Lonelybadass
The love is just a beautiful Unicorncheto
Words unspoken "You are the only one in my mind The only one that keeps me going" "There are so many words That have...
  • depresion
  • sad
  • love
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The Seriph's Lost Tome by bellaNbooks
The Seriph's Lost Tomeby bellaNbooks
RUBY has been stuck in her tower for sixteen years. Her aunt Anya wouldn't let her get a glimpse of the real world, all Ruby had were her books and her wild imagination...
  • elements
  • illusion
  • war
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ILLUSION [ MY OWN BOOK ] by marauuuders
jokes on you if you actually think i'm writing the book HERE i'm just writing random stuff ABOUT illusion ahahah
  • notastory
  • magic
  • illusion
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John Doe by LifeJustHappened
John Doeby Pathetic Aesthetic
The classic archetype used by famed authors and playwrights such as George Gordon Byron, Moliere, and much more gets a new spin and perspective, from the eyes of a young...
  • romance
  • illusion
  • throughtheages
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Crushed Pages by DominicSmith754
Crushed Pagesby Dominic Smith
A man struggles to come to terms with the reality of romance and the pain of having to give up on what he perceives to be nothing more than an illusion.
  • illusion
  • romance
  • literature
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Pure Illusion  by RetroBeano
Pure Illusion by 🥀🌙Bean🌙🥀
"How am I alive they drove me off a cliff when they kidnapped me .." "Well you're perfectly alive ! And who ? Who drove you off a cliff ?" "Th...
  • illusion
  • spooky
  • horror-thriller
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Illusory by ElizabethMajesty
Illusoryby Elizabeth Majesty
your reality isn't the same as everyone else's.
  • fiction
  • illusion
  • fantasy
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Masquerade by thejoyfullife
Masqueradeby Arabella Starr
A girl with memory problems and depression falls for the perfect guy only to find out later that he is more messed up then she is and that the world can be a beautiful p...
  • money
  • new-mexico
  • love
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Illusion du temps by RetroMichel
Illusion du tempsby RetroMichel
Mais qu'est-ce que le temps ? Comment le mesure-t-on ? Et pourquoi ? Toutes ces questions qui peuvent nous paraître anodines à première vue, sont par la suite, des quest...
  • froid
  • anxiété
  • russie
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Her Perfect Illusion by UndestructibleKing
Her Perfect Illusionby King Azure👑
Phantom Figures. Colorful world. In the eye of others I'm just an ordinary girl. But in my own naked eye, I'm a stupid lunatic little girl that's aching for death. I wan...
  • disease
  • tragedy
  • pain
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Dark Embrace by cup_of_chamomile
Dark Embraceby Yazu
i might be contagious so i stay away. still...i can't seem to let go of your hand. Collection of prose and poetry for him.
  • poetry
  • silence
  • autumn
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No Clue by PixiePoindexter53
No Clueby PixiePoindexter53
A woman awakes from a 2-year coma in which she does not remember any past life memories or at least not the right ones.
  • family
  • illusion
  • amnesia
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Eye Witness by Anisha_28
Eye Witnessby Anisha_28
how illusions and illustrations come to reality or it was the reality that became an illusion
  • illusion
  • threats
  • mysterious
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