Cry For Help by RoseAnneMonroe
Cry For Help by RoseAnneMonroe
"How do you keep the God of Mischief.... out of mischief?!" Loki was coming back to Earth at Thor's request. He thinks it'll do Loki some good. Loki gets paire...
  • love
  • avengers
  • loki
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Twilight- My dying angel ( Edward Cullen love story ) by XOXONeverNormalXOXO
Twilight- My dying angel ( Edward... by XOXONeverNormalXOXO
This story is about a girl named Julianna White, she comes from a well know family in England with a lot of money. After a series of events, she moves to the quite town...
  • love
  • alice
  • jasper
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Saving Grace (editing) by wallflowery
Saving Grace (editing) by t h e r e s e
maybe she didn't want to die maybe she just wanted to be saved.
  • suicide
  • depression
  • coma
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library boy。ᵛᴹᴵᴺ by JUANGGUK
library boy。ᵛᴹᴵᴺ by guks
in which taehyung saw jimin in the library and fell in love with him. @JUANGGUK
  • fat
  • bulimia
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Daddy by JackHarbon
Daddy by Jack Harbon
Mateo put his entire life on hold when he found out that his father's Alzheimer's had gotten worse. He dropped his textbooks and returned home despite his dreams of gra...
  • gay
  • daddy
  • internet
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Through the Glass + [HYYH pt.1] by -haikutae
Through the Glass + [HYYH pt... by ♡甲斐の妻♡
Kim Taehyung has been classified certifiably insane. He isn't, he knows he isn't, he just likes to make everyone happy. Why would anyone ever think he was crazy? But the...
  • kimtaehyung
  • illness
  • hwayangyeonhwa
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PHOTOGRAPH - [POSEY] by scottmccandy
When street artist Carter Palms realises her childhood best friend was Tyler Posey. [SOCIAL MEDIA] [TYLER POSEY] [1.01.17-26.03.17] [COMPLETED] [COVER MADE BY bitchmafia...
  • socialmedia
  • illness
  • hollandroden
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insane. by maddhatta
insane. by madds
"Was I ever crazy? Maybe or maybe life is." [fillie]
  • mentalillness
  • girlinterrupted
  • netflix
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Enduring the Fire by knightsrachel
Enduring the Fire by Rachel
Completed. Chuck Smith has everything he's ever wanted. He's the star QB in 10th grade, and has the entire school eating out of the palms of his hands, including the che...
  • school
  • complicated
  • illness
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Claws by Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • moon
  • loving
  • occasion
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The Warlock (boyxboy) by Mysty-Nyx
The Warlock (boyxboy) by Just Monika
Logain is dying. He knows that he won't be around for much longer because of his illness and his life has been more than unsatisfactory. He hasn't done anything worthwhi...
  • boyxboy
  • romance
  • king
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A Promise Fulfilled [mxm/slash] by Yukigosa
A Promise Fulfilled [mxm/slash] by Yukigo
What do you do when an enigmatic stranger buys you a beer and turns your life upside down? A certain stockbroker is about to find out exactly what it means to cut all lo...
  • sadness
  • boyxboy
  • gay
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Szajbuska ✅ - Tom.1 by May_Forgotten
Szajbuska ✅ - Tom.1 by Ovska
Tiara "Szajbuska" Blindway, oprócz kochającej, samotnie wychowującej ją matki, nie miała nikogo. Nie była w stanie znaleźć sobie przyjaciół, nawet jeśli pragnę...
  • miłość
  • illness
  • psychologia
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ANOREXIA. by pettae
ANOREXIA. by 。^‿^。
"Who are you?" "I'm you, but much better - so much better." In which Jimin gets skinnier and skinnier, and yet it's still not enough to not be labele...
  • anorexiarecovery
  • angst
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Don't Leave Me by CarlsRightEye21
Don't Leave Me by CarlsRightEye21
Andrew Dylan Harrison was six when the world ended. He's the youngest and most vulnerable of the Harrison family considering his 'condition'. He lived with his olde...
  • child
  • boy
  • maggiegreene
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World Eater by FancySnake
World Eater by anime boys
**1ST PLACE FEATURED IN HORROR 8-31** Alzar's mind wasn't the only thing that was falling apart. ---- After an emotional outburst lands him in the principal's office, Al...
  • illness
  • wattys2017
  • psychological
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How To Lie  by Lockyheart
How To Lie by L
{First Place ~ @OuranWattys ~ Kyoya Division ~ Summer 2016} {First Place ~ @OuranWattys ~ Kyoya Division ~ Winter 2016} {First Place ~ @OHSHCWattyAwards ~ Kyoya Division...
  • ouran
  • kiss
  • kyoya
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Ice Cold Eyes by Immlaaarr
Ice Cold Eyes by Immy
Phil is pretty sure that his life is how he wants it to be. He's gay for sure, but only his sister knows, and he doesn't mind keeping it that way. Until Paul comes along...
  • drama
  • eyes
  • teen
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His Playboy Ways by Bookworm_Tina
His Playboy Ways by Tina
“Please don’t leave.” he pleaded. His once arrogant, obnoxious, confident gaze looked so vulnerable, helpless and most of all like the young little boy I once knew. “I...
  • wattpadprize14
  • hot
  • jerk
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My Stupid Heart by bear8tea
My Stupid Heart by Sky
(BoyXBoy) Why did I have to go and fall for him?
  • romance
  • two
  • homosexual
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