My life as a kpop idol | kpop ff by samuelsmother
My life as a kpop idol | kpop ff by 미카 Fanfiction
- find out what will happen if you become a member of kpop group - ©samuelsmother
✿KPOP ZODIAC✿ by paradiseproject
✿KPOP ZODIAC✿ by 🌸라라 제인🌸 Random
So I've been wanting to write a Kpop Zodiac book for a while. Now I have 😂 I hope you enjoy and get your bias x ❤️😊
Creep | Kang Daniel [Private] by innocentalien_
Creep | Kang Daniel [Private] by apdlwk Fanfiction
[Some chapter is Private] "Orang yang matanya sipit itu setia, gimana mau ngelirik yang lain, melek aja susah, kaya kak Daniel." "Emang kak Daniel bakal n...
Kpop Imagines by parksnj
Kpop Imagines by . Fanfiction
kpop imagines || let your imagination go wild|| types of genres : - fluff , angst , au , scenarios , reactions started : ended : TBA ...
KPOP Zodiac by alt-taehyung
KPOP Zodiac by 春 Random
I've been reading a lot of kpop zodiac books so I guess I wanted to try it out! This book is all based on Tumblr! so creds to them.
KPOP Trainee by Blueverrymilktae
KPOP Trainee by 💕👑Kang Seulgi💕👑 Random
Kim Eunbi and Jung Sa Mi are normal teenagers.Sa Mi forced Eunbi to come with her to go to a audition at YG Entertainment and they we're picked to be a Trainee.What will...
YG Baby ♪ 2NE1 by xxibsmzn
YG Baby ♪ 2NE1 by sam Fanfiction
In which Arabella Kwon is not the youngest of the YG Family, but she's still their YG Baby. [Arabella Kwon/Bella/OC x YG Family] [Arabella Kwon/Bella/OC x Other Idols] [...
Tame Me , Master [ JunHwan ] by HanNihilist
Tame Me , Master [ JunHwan ] by Natasha Fanfiction
Koo Junhoe ㅡ lelaki bertubuh lampai yang amat dikenali dengan sikap panas barannya tidak kiralah terhadap setiap jenis objek mahupun hidupan bernyawa di sekelilingnya. N...
ALL BOYS SCHOOL (PART 2) (HANBIN/J... by Deebamanja Fanfiction
"Are you okay?" Hanbin asked the boy. He grabbed the boy's shoulder and peered at his teary face. "H..hyung..can you help me?" The boy asked desperat...
❀ Kpop Zodiac ❀ by kp0p_fanfics
❀ Kpop Zodiac ❀ by ☼ Author-Nim ☼ Random
Ayooo wassup guyss? - - - So this book is just a combination of zodiac and kpop. Have a fun time reading it :) - - - *Disclaimer : This book is not a 100% accura...
ALL BOYS SCHOOL (PART 1) (SONG/SIW... by Deebamanja Fanfiction
"Woah!!! You have a sexy abs indeed, Sir!" Yunhyeong clapped his hands liked a seal. "Mind if I touch your abs?" He asked with his twinkling eyes. &q...
Kpop's Princess (GOT7, BTS, 2PM, AND ETC) by helenlovesbunnies
Kpop's Princess (GOT7, BTS, 2PM, A... by helenlovesbunnies Fanfiction
Sora Kang is a ex trainee from JYP ENT. She was a month from debuting when her younger brother got into a life threatening accident. So she quit her dreams of becoming...
The New Girl | A HanLice story by thunderspit__
The New Girl | A HanLice story by Mizzery Fanfiction
Hanbin likes Lisa. Lisa likes Hanbin. Everyone knows. Except them.
Oh My iKON! [ EDITTING] by yoongisenpai
Oh My iKON! [ EDITTING] by yoongisenpai Fanfiction
Song Ahreum is an orphan that dreams of working in one of the big 3 companies in entertainment, YG ent and lady luck seems to be shining on her as she was accepted to be...
Kpop imagines by missknowitallhawaii
Kpop imagines by Mia just like MIA Fanfiction
Kpop imagines over a variety of kpop idols/celebs this also includes ulzzang too
[SLOW EDIT] My Arranged Marriage With Kim Taehyung  by AhnMira
[SLOW EDIT] My Arranged Marriage W... by m Fanfiction
Oh Hana is an ordinary girl, the heiress of Oh Corperation been forced by her father to marry his friend's son, Kim Taehyung because she always cause trouble. Meanwhile...
Kpop  oneshots pt 3 by -smoljiminend
Kpop oneshots pt 3 by inactive Fanfiction
Part 3! Enjoy! comment! c:
Kpop Zodiacs and Imagines by -dongcheng
Kpop Zodiacs and Imagines by daydreams Random
what is your sign?? who is your bff? boyfriend? brother? want an imagine?? ayy you can pm or comment a request..go ahead, i dont bite!!! anyways enjoy XD
CHANWOO'S BLOG by krizkid
CHANWOO'S BLOG by riz Fanfiction
Blog ini tentang aku, aku, dan aku. Pokoknya aku. - Chanwoo
Playing with fire; Jaebum x Jennie by kpoptrahhhh
Playing with fire; Jaebum x Jennie by Mads Fanfiction
She's the big shot but he's the quiet one. Both were cold. Playing with fire would be the only way they were going to warm each other up. Jennie Kim, YG's top st...