iKON, THE VAMPIRES.  by lidiloves
iKON, THE VAMPIRES. by lidi♕
You were saved by a vampire. "After meeting Kim Hanbin, your miserable life flips around in a bloody mess as you find out truths regarding vampires." Started:...
  • yunhyeong
  • ikampire
  • kpop
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iKON iMagines by nyxfancypants
iKON iMagines by nyx
Yes, another iKON fanfic book to satisfy your fangirl feels.
  • bobby
  • junhoe
  • yunhyeong
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✿KPOP ZODIAC✿ by paradiseproject
✿KPOP ZODIAC✿ by 🌸라라 제인🌸
So I've been wanting to write a Kpop Zodiac book for a while. Now I have 😂 I hope you enjoy and get your bias x ❤️😊
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For all my fellow kpop fans. Requests are open so feel free to drop some in.
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Kpop Imagines by parksnj
Kpop Imagines by .
kpop imagines || let your imagination go wild|| types of genres : - fluff , angst , au , scenarios , reactions started : 16 April 2017 ended : TB...
  • sf9
  • chanyeol
  • knk
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I LOVE YOUR SMILE by deebamanja
I LOVE YOUR SMILE by Deebamanja
"Who is that, hyung? Is he a new idol?" B.I. asked Jay as he watched that beautiful guy talking to the owner of YG Entertainment. He couldn't take his eyes of...
  • fanfiction
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  • jaewon
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My Forever LOVE [Book 2] // Kim Yugyeom by gotbangtan_17
My Forever LOVE [Book 2] // Kim Yu... by 🐍🐜
A few years later,everything change... No students,no bad boys,no enemies,no flirty boy,nothing but just a grown up people who was busy undergo their life for the bright...
  • bambam
  • ikon
  • joshua
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Kpop Zodiacs and Imagines by -dongcheng
Kpop Zodiacs and Imagines by meraki
what is your sign?? who is your bff? boyfriend? brother? want an imagine?? ayy you can pm or comment a request..go ahead, i dont bite!!! anyways enjoy XD
  • ikon
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treasure • k-idols by roseehi
treasure • k-idols by athena
oneshot collection by roseehi,🔅
  • nuest
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  • pristin
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ALL BOYS SCHOOL (PART 5) by deebamanja
ALL BOYS SCHOOL (PART 5) by Deebamanja
"You're blushing..." Donghae muttered subconsciously. He cupped Chanwoo's face and eyeing that cute innocent boy in his arms. "Why are you getting fluster...
  • ikon
  • boyxboy
  • fanfiction
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Playing with fire; Jaebum x Jennie by kpoptrahhhh
Playing with fire; Jaebum x Jennie by Mads
She's the big shot but he's the quiet one. Both were cold. Playing with fire would be the only way they were going to warm each other up. Jennie Kim, YG's top st...
  • jisoo
  • jyp
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[SLOW EDIT] My Arranged Marriage With Kim Taehyung  by AhnMira
[SLOW EDIT] My Arranged Marriage W... by m
Oh Hana is an ordinary girl, the heiress of Oh Corperation been forced by her father to marry his friend's son, Kim Taehyung because she always cause trouble. Meanwhile...
  • hanbin
  • arrangedmarriage
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Kpop oneshots pt. 2  by -smoljiminend
Kpop oneshots pt. 2 by inactive
Love Kpop and writing . { ❅ } Kpop bias - JR and Ljoe ❤️
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  • kpoponeshot
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•Vloggers / Pranksters• Bobby iKON (AMBW) by MarkleeKillsMe
•Vloggers / Pranksters• Bobby iKON... by #ZaddyWon💦
Teen parents with a YouTube channel. AMBW
  • bobby
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Kpop Smuts. by zicoya
Kpop Smuts. by Kim Pan-Da
Completed. Mature, Any Kpop group. I apologize profusely for these smuts.
  • dirty
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  • btsfanfic
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k.jiwon imagines by taeil-trbl
k.jiwon imagines by ♡
a book about things I wish were true ♡; read at your own risk; I maybe sexually frustrated / complete /
  • khiphop
  • daddykink
  • yg
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Kpop Preferences and Imagines by shrimpkwon
Kpop Preferences and Imagines by shrimpkwon
A collection of Kpop preferences, imagines, scenarios, texts, snapchats, etc.
  • winner
  • infinite
  • monstax
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➽︎would you rather; kpop edition #wattys2017 by acrylicjeon
➽︎would you rather; kpop edition #... by ♠︎
⇒brace yourselves; this is weird asf 《07/08/16 highest ranking: #1 in random category》
  • snsd
  • wattys2017
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"You were given a chance to become iKON's manager temporarily, but Hanbin doesn't seem to like you very much." "Hey you, YOU, yes YOU, don't ever take my...
  • kpopfanfic
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One Shots // K-HipHop & K-Pop by alittlebitbias
One Shots // K-HipHop & K-Pop by ✧♛♡앨리손♡♛✧
Enjoy these one shots involving many kpop/khiphop artists! [Requests are Closed]
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