Complicated || Shinya x Reader x Guren by Izumidesu
Complicated || Shinya x Reader x G... by 猿渡泉 Fanfiction
Vampire? No fangs. Human? Not 100% sure. Bi-colored eyes girl, half human half vampire. In love with his childhood friend and former classmate. She, herself getting conf...
[Eng] No Colours -  No Voice || MikaYuu / YuuMika AU  by KawaiiCinamonroll
[Eng] No Colours - No Voice || Mi... by Cinnamonroll Fanfiction
{English MikaYuu fanfiction} [Cover by me~] Another universe where your other half/soulmate can't see colours while the other can't speak, hear anything etc. Means you...
The Key to His Empty Heart [Owari no Seraph!Various x Male!Reader] by Dilvei
The Key to His Empty Heart [Owari... by Dilvei Fanfiction
[L/n] [M/n] was a noble hidden in the shadows, only few knows of his existence. He does not hold hatred to any humans like other vampires and nobles. He simply did not p...
♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari no Seraph fanfiction || by mochi-panda
♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari n... by エリアス • h i a t u s Fanfiction
♠ Evangeline Tepes, heir of the 1st progenitor and the eldest daughter of the great vampire king, as well as the elder half-sister to Krul Tepes. Evangeline, being the...
Gureshin One-shots by mxthril
Gureshin One-shots by Melissa Fanfiction
Credit for the fanart on my cover goes to it's owner
The Vampire Hybrid Princess by Moonlight352
The Vampire Hybrid Princess by Ambre nahon Fanfiction
what if Mika and Yuu weren't the only one who survive the night of the escape . What if Akane had also survived. But had another fate than Mika's . And what have it to...
Deep Blood (Owari no Seraph Fanfic)  by MeiMei_37
Deep Blood (Owari no Seraph Fanfic... by Furozawa Shiroka Fanfiction
Shion Hiragi is a foster child of the Hiragi family. She was also adopted by the Hisakawa family, and became her first family. With her childhood being a bloodshed, she...