Instagram | Joseph Morgan|  by denisem_97
Instagram | Joseph Morgan| by denisem_97
Lilian Grace is America's sweetheart. As an actress an singer she has become one of people most favourite celebrity. With her job on the vampire diaries playing Aria Gil...
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  • mikaelson
  • paul
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kind of a badass//Carl Gallagher by HeyThrrDelilah
kind of a badass//Carl Gallagher by Delilah
"Fuck you mom. I'm going to live with Uncle Kevin." Delilah Barker was known for being the shy girl... but deep down... no one knew the truth. that was until...
  • debby
  • lip
  • ian
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Sexual Frustrations by Someoneactually_
Sexual Frustrations by Someoneactually_
•••Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new••• "Ava it's Carl, we need you." I guess no matter what I do, Carl Gallagher somehow keeps utterly f...
  • debbie
  • someoneactually
  • avaxcarl
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Devil Beside You by risitya
Devil Beside You by risitya
"Are you still virgin?" "It's okay, just do it." Ian mengarahkan kejantanannya ke vagina El yang sudah basah. Gadis itu pasrah, membiarkan Ian seoran...
  • komedi
  • comedy
  • ian
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It's A Deal by XthatONEchicX
It's A Deal by ☼ Kimmy Herz ☾
"Kiss me." He orders, slamming my locker shut. "Is she coming?" I ask, turning my head to look behind me but he grabs my face and makes me look up a...
  • housemates
  • football
  • cheating
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Be mine | Ian somerhalder by katiextvd
Be mine | Ian somerhalder by katiextvd
Social Media series. including Ian somerhalder and the cast of the vampire diaries/originals. Isobella inspired and imaged by Georgia Gibbs.
  • fanfiction
  • danielgillies
  • damonsalvatore
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Crush // Ian Somerhalder by LondonaLozzy
Crush // Ian Somerhalder by Loz
Model turned actress Skye Parker has had an amazing career. It's been one full of success, notoriety and fame. There is one huge thing missing though, someone to share i...
  • iansomerhalder
  • vampirediaries
  • damon
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I Can't Let You Go Back by XxMasterfulSaraXx
I Can't Let You Go Back by Sarafina
Kaylie Jennings is an exchange student from England, ordinary human girl? Ian is the bad boy alpha of one of the most respected werewolf packs in North America. Kaylie e...
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SMOSH preferences and imagines by gurllllfaze
SMOSH preferences and imagines by SkinnyRonJeremy
  • lasercorn
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Lip Gallagher Imagines by sydneyisneckdeep
Lip Gallagher Imagines by 🌜Sydney🌛
Imagines about my boy Lip❤️ SLOW UPDATES
  • lip
  • romance
  • imagines
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sexual tension // l. gallagher *REWRITING* by xkeerys
sexual tension // l. gallagher *RE... by _
" my place or yours? " " huh? "
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back and better ♡ carl gallagher [2] by shamelesswow
back and better ♡ carl gallagher [... by jules
part two to dynamic duo based on shameless season 6 -- "i can't believe you're back." you say "back and better." he says with a smirk -- everyth...
  • iangallagher
  • badboy
  • drugs
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Arranged Marriage To The Prince《Completed》 by foryuta
Arranged Marriage To The Prince《Co... by нαѕн вяσωи
Highest rank: #56 in Teen Fiction Caution: I wrote this ages ago and it's very cheesy. I'm suddenly lactose intolerant. ❝And suddenly the world came crashing down befor...
  • prince
  • arrangedmarriage
  • william
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chill  » carl gallagher  by ultrafinetip
chill » carl gallagher by ultrafinetip
it's 17 year old carl my dudes
  • fanfic
  • carlgallagher
  • lipgallagher
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Blind Fools by hmmcghee
Blind Fools by Heather McGhee
Ophelia Masters can't seem to get this love thing correct. She wants a normal man, but they are so mind-numbingly boring, that she's given up on them, too. Then along...
  • ophelia
  • blind
  • wattys
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My Crazy Brothers (Boyx3) by _BlackxKnight_
My Crazy Brothers (Boyx3) by HeyImAriana
After the death of his mother and father, Cade is forced to live with his three older brothers (not that he minds). But he quickly comes to realize that his brothers don...
  • nicholas
  • four
  • gay
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Protect Me, If You Can by TheUltimate1225
Protect Me, If You Can by Jay
Celeste Walker, the most average of 17-year-olds, looked forward to going to college. Not only had she been accepted in the school of her choice, but she was able to att...
  • ryder
  • journal
  • ian
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Typical by ourownworldofbooks
Typical by Emma
"I hate you.." He spit, looking me dead in the eye. "The feelings quiet mutual Mendes." I went turn away, not wanting anything more to do with this b...
  • true
  • high
  • highschool
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"Football is a Man's Sport" My Derriere. by hobbity0923
"Football is a Man's Sport" My Der... by Gracie
Elizabeth Kane's life is pretty normal. School, parents, annoying siblings, you name it. But after a life changing accident that her older brother, Gabriel, goes through...
  • friends
  • jayden
  • trials
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Smosh Imagines by NeverEndingWr1ter
Smosh Imagines by clay
A collection of imagines about the whole Smosh crew. These are only one-shots. This includes Ian and Anthony, the Smosh Games crew, and the Smosh main channel fam. I'll...
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  • anthonypadilla
  • flitz
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