VIXX•Smuts by taekmylife
VIXX•Smuts by my.soul.to.taek Fanfiction
smuts. Plot requests open: •Neo (LeoxN) •RaKen (RavixKen) •HyukBin (HyukxHongbin) (can request idolxreader) Enjoy( O -ㅅ) [semi-regular daily updates]
Exchange - Vkook by hooverssweaterpaws
Exchange - Vkook by Hi I'm a fangirl Fanfiction
Jeon Jungkook returns to Korea for an exchange trip, and is partnered with the fascinating Kim Taehyung. The two quickly discover that meeting wasn't a coincidence, but...
Remember That Day? | Hyukbin by sophiadaydream
Remember That Day? | Hyukbin by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fanfiction
New students always seem to stir up trouble, let's just say that's not what Hongbin had in mind... •Started:28/12/8 •Ended: ?
[NEO] You Lost Me at Hello by Koonae-chan
[NEO] You Lost Me at Hello by Douahli X Fanfiction
Vixx Leo X N fluff story Side ships will be HyukBin and RaKen (of course ) There will be one part of smut, however, it will not be in the contents of the chapter. It wi...
[VIXX Neo] The Stranger by babyliciousdelirium
[VIXX Neo] The Stranger by babyliciousdelirium Fanfiction
What happens if the stranger who broke in your house became your bodyguard? And as the problem gets closer to getting fixed, our Cha Hakyeon develops feelings for the st...
Love Heals by VIXX_Starpad
Love Heals by VIXX & MONSTA X Fanfiction
What will happen when a depressed and abused guy meets his soulmate? Read to find! ♡ ^_^ Cover credits for picture: PitaPatKen masternim (Permission taken) Edit by @...
I Love U | VIXX x Reader Oneshots by princess_ravi
I Love U | VIXX x Reader Oneshots by 🍉 Romance
Just an assortment of VIXX members x Reader Oneshots
Secured [Vixx Haken] by ottersun
Secured [Vixx Haken] by ottersun Fanfiction
Hakyeon had never been one to take relationships too seriously. Throughout his 24 years of life, he had met many people and gone out with his fair share. His carefree at...
VIXX Memes☆ by princess_ravi
VIXX Memes☆ by 🍉 Random
BYULBITT!!! Here are some of your fav's bias memes! Would love to share! Credits to the owner! Hope you guys like it! READYYY OR NOT? HERE WE GO!
What If? ↭ Hunhan/Chanbaek by IShipIttt
What If? ↭ Hunhan/Chanbaek by Hyungwob Fanfiction
Okay so this is mainly a Chanbaek/Baekyeol and Hunhan fic. This is a highschool au where Chanyeol and Sehun are the bad boys of the school. Baekhyun and Luhan are best f...
Vixx One shots  by starlightAddict
Vixx One shots by #Stars Fanfiction
Vixx one shots. Hope these put a smile on your face :)
[m e l o d r a m a.] ||  w o n t a e k by rapshik
[m e l o d r a m a.] || w o n t a... by jack Fanfiction
"I got dirt in my eyes, and blood on my sleeves." --- started 9/9/17 - ended xx/xx/xx --- cover credit to @jungjoons
Beautiful Liar || Wontaek by miniextrash
Beautiful Liar || Wontaek by TRASH 😝 Fanfiction
Will Ravi be Leo's Beautiful Liar? Or will he get rejected by his love of his life? *Short Story *Completed 03/03/17
Touch Me In All The Right Places [Hyukbin] by BaconBaek-
Touch Me In All The Right Places [... by Sanghyuk Fanfiction
Lee Hongbin is a 'normal' kid in his Junior year of high school. He loves things mostly all males love at that age. Porn is one of his ultimate favorites. Han Sanghyuk i...
Vixx Chat by Fl4nC4t
Vixx Chat by Rachel Random
So when I'm not working, at school or just plain not busy. I'm thinking about these 6 dorks. Enjoy!
Stepbrother [ Vixx Hyukbin Fanfic boy×boy] by hyukislovehyukislife
Stepbrother [ Vixx Hyukbin Fanfic... by Hongbin is judging... Fanfiction
Lee Hongbin's parents are divorced and he's devastated. Things don't help when his mother remarries only a year after, giving Hongbin a new father and brother, Han Sang...
Lying Is the Most Fun Lee Jaehwan Can Have Without Taking His Clothes Off by taekwun
Lying Is the Most Fun Lee Jaehwan... by 멜 Random
Lee Jaehwan thinks he has a secret admirer, Kim Wonsik thinks he has sent a confession letter to the right person, and both of them end up getting more than they bargain...
Destined Souls by KAddict0329
Destined Souls by Vixx_Starlights Fanfiction
Through all of the hardships and struggles of life, all of them have endured through things others can only imagine. Each person experiences something different, yet all...
Fanboying Over a School Angel [Sulay Fanfics] by DaeHyoRan
Fanboying Over a School Angel [Sul... by Ms. Kim Fanfiction
EXO ACADEMY, an all boys school where Do KyungSoo the Teen Idol and Kim JongIn the School Kingka graduated at. Now another story begins. Little did you know besides Kim...
MY ENEMY IS MY HUSBAND!! by Neo Shipper Fanfiction
Hakyeon is an ordinary 16 years old student. 3 years ago, he had an enemy whose name is Taekwoon. He's his senior and most student never dare to pick a fight with him ex...