The Key to His Empty Heart [Owari no Seraph!Various x Male!Reader] by Dilvei
The Key to His Empty Heart [Owari...by Dilvei
[L/n] [M/n] was a noble hidden in the shadows, only few knows of his existence. He does not hold hatred to any humans like other vampires and nobles. He simply did not p...
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Save You [ON HOLD/SLOW UPDATE] by Tsumiki-nyan
Save You [ON HOLD/SLOW UPDATE]by Naegi Tsuyuki
Even if you're a Vampire... We're still Family, right? Don't blame yourself... It's all my fault... If I can't save you... . . . Multi-chap a MikaYuu Fanfiction/Story W...
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Don't Cry, Smile For Me (Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader) [HIATUS] by _VanillaEclair
Don't Cry, Smile For Me (Mikaela H...by Asra[Hiatus]
(Y/n) Bathory The only younger sister of Ferid Bathory. She met a little blonde boy. Who's going to grow up into her lover ~•••~ I do not own owari no seraph or any of t...
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♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari no Seraph fanfiction || by mochi-panda
♢ A Vampire's Heart ☽ ♢ || Owari n...by 𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓪𝓼
♠ Evangeline Tepes, heir of the 1st progenitor and the eldest daughter of the great vampire king, as well as the elder half-sister to Krul Tepes. Evangeline, being the...
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My Life Definitely is NOT a Shoujo Manga!! [Reader-insert][High-school Mangaka AU] by staphthis
My Life Definitely is NOT a Shoujo...by sleep
[Reader-insert][High-school Mangaka AU] The title said it all. =-=-=-=-=-=-= ??[Yuu x Reader x Mika]?? As Shinoa dumped two troublesome talented newbie at her, (l/n)(f/n...
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The Entertainer. 「 MikaYuu 」 by filthyoreo
The Entertainer. 「 MikaYuu 」by filthysuicide
Yuu will wear a maid dress, And so then Yuu is going to be fawked up by Mika. AU. 「For the fans of MikaYuu.」 I can't barely can't type as well, As I looked at th...
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