N. E. N. [ H U N T E R   X   H U N T E R ] by goliath419
N. E. N. [ H U N T E R X H U N...by Hunter X hunter fan
Nen. What is nen? What if it was a person? Nori Emiko Nui. I am the incarnation of nen. You'll discover trough this story everything about me. N. E. N. *Will contain f...
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Deadly [HunterXhunter Fanfiction] by Alice_in_lilac
Deadly [HunterXhunter Fanfiction]by Alice
Throughout her life series of bad things occurred. She is now a pale comparison to the girl who once lived peacefully with her family. Her nightmare haunts her, her pas...
  • hunterxhunter
  • killua
  • romance
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Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios by Kemi-Senpai
Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenariosby Mizukemi
Gon, Killua, Illumi, Hisoka, Chrollo, Feitan, Phinks, and Shalnark will be in these!! Why am I writing one? Well... There is a huge lack of these on the internet!!! It h...
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Kurapika x Reader (One Shot) LEMON! by Xanime_kittyX
Kurapika x Reader (One Shot) LEMON!by Nyu!
**Kurapika x Reader One Shot LEMON** So basically, the title says it all. I take requests and the requests you make will be a lemon.
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Playing My Cards Well (Hisoka x Male Reader) by CrazedMurderer
Playing My Cards Well (Hisoka x Ma...by Hisoka The Joker
BoyxBoy// M/n is a 19 year old wanting excitment in his life, so what's more exciting than becoming a hunter? Well soon his view of the exam changes, when a Pervert Joke...
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Mine [Hisoka] by ErwinsRightEyebrow
Mine [Hisoka]by Ri
An assassin with a big secret, and a clown with a few tricks up his sleeve. What happens when their paths converge at the Hunter Exam, and how does their relationship bl...
  • hxh
  • xreader
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Falling For You by cafeakira
Falling For Youby Aki° 安芸
When Gon Freecss moves and becomes the new kid in school, he immediately becomes entranced with Killua Zoldyck upon laying eyes on him for the first time. While his clas...
  • boyxboy
  • romance
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Promise Me This(Killua x Reader) by oceanbunnie7
Promise Me This(Killua x Reader)by Tsundere Queen
Promises are something to be kept. It can be as little as a wish or someone's life. In Japan, it used to be worth a persons right little finger. To (Y/N), it's her san...
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→κιռκડーсв」 by xsmbshht
→κιռκડーсв」by sekshi
→ ❛❛Où Baekhyun déménage sur un nouveau continent et va vite se rendre compte que New York City était une ville bien plus prometteuse que ce qu'elle semblait être. Sera...
  • yaoi
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faded ❦ ︱ Kurapika x Reader by JustEwu
faded ❦ ︱ Kurapika x Readerby ♥𝒦𝒶𝒾♥
❝Kurapika, feelings fade when people change-❞ You gasped when your back met the wall. The boy who had always managed to keep his emotions at bay had finally snapped-rou...
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Diabolic Hearts 《 Reader X Hisoka by Isabellemarief
Diabolic Hearts 《 Reader X Hisokaby 「 Isabelle 」
The both of you have been working together for three years. You admire your partner,Hisoka. A tragedy that he's blinded by your power Although,you're not the only one d...
  • love
  • triangle
  • hxh
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The One Thing I Can't Fight  (Killua X OC) by Marina2319
The One Thing I Can't Fight (Kill...by Marimoo
When Usagi Ametsuchi meets Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio at the Hunter Exam, the five quickly become friends. However, they find out fast enough that Usagi's family...
  • killagi
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Dragon Kurta.(Kurapika x Reader x Chrollo x Various) by AmayaStargamer
Dragon Kurta.(Kurapika x Reader x...by ˗ˏˋ『⅁oddess』ˎˊ˗
♕3rd place winner in HxHWattyAwards 2017 for category| Love Story♕ {Under editing} 【complete d】 ☯︎▫︎☯︎▫︎☯︎ Some people say Gods don't exist, some say that Go...
  • anime
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  • hxh
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The Deadly Priestess (Killua x Gon x Kurapika x oc) by CrystalAngelSlayer
The Deadly Priestess (Killua x Gon...by IDK
This is my first story so please don't expect to much. I don't own any of the characters except for a Shirayuki. Hunter x Hunter doesn't belong to me. Some of the ideas...
  • ocxkurapika
  • hxh
  • ocxkillua
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Destiny (Killua x Reader) by daisukillua
Destiny (Killua x Reader)by Elsa (´,,•ω•,,)♡
As you were driven to despair, a certain white haired boy saves you... Although he was only supposed to be a heartless assassin, seeing a powerless girl on the verge on...
  • tragedy
  • japan
  • kill
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My Little Piece Of Heaven : Hisoka X Reader by SoulessCookie
My Little Piece Of Heaven : Hisoka...by Soulz
(Y/n) is a member of the phantom troupe, she is known as Chrollo's pet, a title she truely hates. She finds no interest in the troupe members and only tollerates a coupl...
  • hisoka
  • hunterxhunter
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(Hisoka x Reader) As High as the Heaven's Arena by Gigitheclown
(Hisoka x Reader) As High as the H...by Gigitheclown
Hisoka scares you when you first meet him. After taking the hunter's exam, you don't expect to meet him again in the Heaven's Arena. He seems to take interest in the way...
  • machi
  • phantomtroupe
  • hisoka
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[ Hunter Đồng Nhân ] Nhân Sinh Như Mộng by _Huyen_Nhien_
[ Hunter Đồng Nhân ] Nhân Sinh Như...by Hạ Huyền Nhiên
Tác Phẩm: Nhân Sinh Như Mộng Tác Giả: Hạ Huyền Nhiên Không thích Click back Anti Click back Đọc chùa Click back Còn lại thì mời vào
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White Fire - A Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction by CrypticAlexandrite
White Fire - A Hunter x Hunter Fan...by CrypticAlexandrite
I am determined to take the hunter exam and follow in my brother's footsteps. But with people from my past out to get me, and crazy new friends to deal with, I'm not sur...
  • leorio
  • killua
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Torture - A Feitan x Reader Fanfiction by bronzor15
Torture - A Feitan x Reader Fanfic...by Cassie
Y/n, a young girl with a tough attitude, is kidnapped by The Phantom Troupe and accused of knowing something about a so called "chain user". She knew nothing o...
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