Sweet Pea (BWWM) by VictoriousReads
Sweet Pea (BWWM) by Destinee🌹😇 ChickLit
Sweet pea and Spencer met when they were just teenagers. They started off as friends giving Sweet Pea wasn't an easy catch but Spencer ended up being able to steal her h...
SOLD to Quatavious ( Book 49 ) by CocoaButterDior
SOLD to Quatavious ( Book 49 ) by Elizabeth Random
Quatavious Jr.... If you know his father then you know his offspring can only get worse. Egypt's Grandfather does something that makes her wonder if taking care of him w...
two opposite people by arhilover
Hurt {Langst Fanfiction} by DaywalkingPoet
Hurt {Langst Fanfiction} by DaywalkingPoet Fanfiction
Let's play a game: Lance is _______. Allura: Immature. Shiro: Childish. Coran: Soft-hearted. Keith: Annoying. Pidge: Dumb. Hunk: One of a kind. Lance: Broken... Lan...
Reunion ( YoonMin - Jimin GS ) by Nipanipp
Reunion ( YoonMin - Jimin GS ) by Nipanip Romance
Park Jimin terjebak dalam undangan reuni alumni kelas sekolah menengahnya. Ia menolak. Menolak kenyataan pahit , sepahit kenangan nya di masa itu. Kisahnya buruk, kisah...
The End of Us (Completed Chapters!) by IonniGrace
The End of Us (Completed Chapters!) by Ionni Grace Romance
Nag bulag-bulagan siya kaya kahit kailan, hindi siya natahimik hangga't hindi siya nakaka bawi sa mga nagawa niyang kasalanan noon. Kanino? Sa isang tao laban sa marami...
The Only Way Is Up by insertpunhere0
The Only Way Is Up by YellowPanther™ Fanfiction
Sanders Sides University AU- Living with strangers is rather unnerving, but it is also a chance to meet people and to make friends. Patton is determined to from a strong...
I Still Believe In Us by wintersandfall
I Still Believe In Us by wintersandfall Romance
After getting married to love of her life Rachel thought that her life would be perfect but what if things doesn't turns out right . Just after two months her life chang...
calm before the storm by blue_ladym
calm before the storm by Monika Fanfiction
When you hold me, I'm alive We're like diamonds in the sky
Going Solo by Rhumbleduo
Going Solo by Rhumbleduo Fanfiction
Ant and Dec have never had to present alone before - that's how they like it. Now, during one live show, it looks like Ant might have to find out what it feels like with...
Scribbles  by EMFrulla
Scribbles by EMFrulla Poetry
Welcome to my mind and the story which is unfolding in it. If you see one you like, Vote for it! It helps me know which one you are enjoying to read and will help me hon...
Sky Fits Heaven(On Hold) by adommybearforever
Sky Fits Heaven(On Hold) by Adommybear Fanfiction
Addy I always love you and being with you make me so happy and I'll always love you and you're such an amazing person ~Kitty POV~ Kitty I love you so very much and you a...
The new guy (blaze x Dottie) by Blazefire36
The new guy (blaze x Dottie) by Blazefire36 Fanfiction
Blaze is a new guy. He immediately becomes popular. One day he see Dottie and falls for her. Dottie is a normal teenage werewolf. She is the omega. One day blaze is forc...
Always. by ElishaPatole
Always. by ElishaPatole Romance
"Emily!" He took a step close to me. It was the first time I saw his eyes giving out the emotions he had for me. His cold fingers wiped my tears. I was lost i...
Us Against The World (lonzo ball fanfic) by ThEReAlZ___-
Us Against The World (lonzo ball f... by trillxvanity Fanfiction
"you know I'm sorry. It's only me and you" "I know your sorry,. it has been always us a against the world.but what I don't know, is if you mean it.."
 Scandalously  Pregnant by chantinglove138
Scandalously Pregnant by shaikh haya Short Story
Sandhir 3 shots story. Highest ranking... 68 in ss on 6\9\17. 113 in ss on 3\9\17. 147 in ss on 28\8\2017.
Rejected Hybrid by Mooumo
Rejected Hybrid by Mooumo Werewolf
Highest- #199 in Werewolf Natalia Fallen and Natalia Arises are the same person but also, different. Natalia Arises is an Omega on the DawnPaws Pack, since she was 6 ye...
Nobody's Picture Perfect  by blondemccann
Nobody's Picture Perfect by Nazanin. Fanfiction
In which a normal guy falls for an alien with two personalities. Cover: blondemccann
See You in Your Wedding Dress by AllyParker8
See You in Your Wedding Dress by Ally Jane Romance
Kau tidak percaya pada cinta pandangan pertama? Tapi kau adalah bukti bahwa teori itu nyata *** Ketika mengetahui bahwa sepupu tersayangnya menikah dengan wanita yang pe...
Solid Chick///CardiB by remybx
Solid Chick///CardiB by Rx. Romance
"You know me I ain't neva needed no nigga, or bitch...shit, but I need you Nani, you deadass make me feel complete, I ain't neva had no one do this for me before.&q...