ROSE QUARTZ by renitanozaria
ROSE QUARTZ by Renita Nozaria Romance
[Completed] You're so down to earth, you said. While I'm up around the constellation. And for it, you think you don't deserve me. ...
Sharing House by dillajung
Sharing House by Dilla Ramadhani Fanfiction
sepasang suami istri bernama Kim Junmyeon dan Bae Joohyun secara misterius menjual rumah super mewah mereka. Jung Soojung sangat tertarik untuk membeli rumah itu karena...
Love is Hurt (Kai Krystal/KAISTAL) by melanixs
Love is Hurt (Kai Krystal/KAISTAL) by Melani Fanfiction
Aku mencintaimu, kamu mencintai dia, dia mencintai dia, dan dia mencintai aku. Tapi bisakah nanti, kita jadi saling mencintai? A story by: melanixs Cover by: prsscilla
Only You by josephinehuang1
7 hearts fireworks。 by utaoppa
7 hearts fireworks。 by youseeme Random
It was Krystal's 19 birthday . All her wanted to do is travel by herself in another country . Its may sound dangerous for a girl in 19 to travel alone , But that is her...
Red is Her Color by gungsuzary
Red is Her Color by Monic Fanfiction
Sehun isn't that fond of a new relationship, especially with a girl who owns a bright red hair and nosy nature. But Soojung makes it clear that she wants to be his frien...
I LOVE YOU AND I WANT MARRIED WITH... by KyungEunSeStalHardShipper Fanfiction
Summary : Ketika melihatmu pertama kali saat masa akhir Junior High school ku, entah mengapa aku langsung mencintaimu dan ketika besar nanti aku sangat ingin mneikah de...
To him , the annoying person . by utaoppa
To him , the annoying person . by youseeme Fanfiction
however he wants to keep the friendship because he doesn't wants to lose her but no .
Precious Love by Haenalee95
Precious Love by Haenalee95 Romance
"Aku tidak bisa mengingatnya.. Rasanya sakit sekali. Namja itu...... ahhh... appo.." "Jangan diingat bila itu membuatmu sakit. Cukup ingat saat ini jika...
ALASKA by marshmallouw
ALASKA by marshmallouw Teen Fiction
An absurd sequel from "SOOJUNG & JONGIN"
Love Shock ( SeStal fanfic )  by sestalofficial
Love Shock ( SeStal fanfic ) by sestalofficial Fanfiction
For all sestal shippers:) The two trainees under SM . ent were really close friends . They met during their trainee days and got really close Krystal , on the other han...