Cry Wolf by sarcasm_queen01
Cry Wolf by sarcasm_queen01 Werewolf
We've all heard the story about Red Riding Hood and the Wolf haven't we? Red Riding Hood is an innocent little girl who ventures into the forest to take her grandma some...
Sweet Love Of Mine Natsuxlucy by Kawaiipotato2131
Sweet Love Of Mine Natsuxlucy by That Physco Neko Fanfiction
Natsu and lucy are best friends, they are always there for eachother Natsu protects Lucy, lucy feeds natsu and cares for him, they couldn't be the better pair of friends...
Shiro-Neko-Chan~! by LittleMewBoy
Shiro-Neko-Chan~! by LittleMewBoy Random
This is a based off a dream I had that I am going to change around a lot. This story belongs to me. If this is similar to any other stories, than I didn't mean to make...
Skating Is My Life [Pretty Much a Yuri Plisetsky X Reader] by Yandere4life12
Skating Is My Life [Pretty Much a... by Anime-Chan Fanfiction
(Y/N) (L/N), or better known as her other name, 'The Filipino Angel', is a figure skater all the way from the Philippines. This year, she's going to be competing in the...
Warriors (Book 1) by NikkoAi
Warriors (Book 1) by Chy L Teen Fiction
A true warrior is not made by strength alone but when they continue to fight no matter how harsh the battle becomes... Rebecca Raine has just turned eighteen. This is th...
Book of My Smol Insanity by UNDYINGINSIDE
Lucie by LucieQuinnzel
Lucie by Lucie Quinnzel😜 Action
This is the story about Lucie, Harley Quinns daughter. She got promoted to a super hero high school. Of course she is the only villain.
2p!America x Reader-Accidents by Dina-soar
2p!America x Reader-Accidents by Mexico Fanfiction
After just barely moving, you get a job at Vons meeting your co-worker Allen. Only to later find out he's your neighbor too! Making the most of it, the two of you become...
Be Mine? [Supposedly Discontinued/On Hold] by _Escape_The_Reality_
Be Mine? [Supposedly Discontinued... by I ♥ MY FOLLOWERS THNX Teen Fiction
She's new and he's badass. What happens?Read and find out. I suck at descriptions. Strong Language Advisory. {Just gonna leave my mark on Wattpad.}
Tales of Zestiria the X (FanFiction) by AKYokai
I fell for the spy by Cindychic321
I fell for the spy by Cindychic321 Teen Fiction
Rose is an ordinary teenage girl. She lives with her mom and her two best friends Cindy and Charlotte always have her back, but when she gets lost and finds herself in t...
Crossed by Koneko7YOLO
Crossed by That Muggle who is a Half-Blo... Teen Fiction
There were two twins who lived in Australia. There names were Konii and Vivi Torodo. Vivi was that nice, sweet, kind, and understanding person. Konii on the other hand...