Ink and Roses- Art Book #11  by romeraki
Setting Boundaries by EmmaAnnHonsowetz
Setting Boundaries by Emma Werewolf
"The moment I met you, I knew you were going to be trouble. So, tell me little wolf, have you been a bad girl?" Sloane Calder was used to chasing after her old...
Bízarre Love by mahitavarma
Bízarre Love by Mahita Varma Fantasy
~Ranked 8- Fantasy(22 May'17)~ "You taste so good mushi. But I wont force you till shoràn, which means marriage that includes crowning you as the Queen of this plan...
Gt Short Stories  by thundercat2016
Gt Short Stories by thundercat2016 Short Story
Short stories about giant/giantess and humans
Unite (Broken World Trilogy) [Regular Updates!] Wattpad Featured! by lionobsession
Unite (Broken World Trilogy) [Regu... by P J Lynch Fantasy
Anohi is a world divided by hate; a world which Ithemia, a human girl taken from Earth, knows little about until she meets Aferilon, the determined leader of a small tri...
Deceitful Lottery (boyxboy)| Y.E.P.1 series, BOOK 1 by AliceCrowleyn
Deceitful Lottery (boyxboy)| Y.E.P... by Alice Crowleyn Science Fiction
When an Alien ship came to anchor just outside Earth's atmosphere and contacted humans for the first time, everyone was beyond shocked. People who knew about them automa...
Recondite {Malia Tate} by coyxtedesires
Recondite {Malia Tate} by C͢ A͢ R͢ L͢ Y͢ Fanfiction
(Sporadic Updates) Recondite (ree'-kon-dite, ri-kon'-dite) adj. 1: not easily understood, incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge; abstruse. ** ...
art rage 2 by Illusion_Fox
art rage 2 by SinguruCantArt Random
((It gets better I promise, please don't leave.)) Cover art by me--- Heya there! This is my secon...
H0m357uck oneshots (ReOpened) BOOK 2 IS OUT by Kai-Shion
H0m357uck oneshots (ReOpened) BOOK... by Shin Makara Random
diffrent kinds of oneshots request yaoi x reader more Book Two is finally out
H2O▹S. MCCALL by lucysheartfilia
H2O▹S. MCCALL by ˗ˏˋ theatre trash ˊˎ˗ Fanfiction
❝YOU'RE A MERMAID?!❞ ❝WHAT GAVE IT AWAY? THE HUGE TAIL?❞ TEEN WOLF | S3A + S3B IDEA BY claire78010 COPYRIGHT @lucysheartfilia 2015
Endangered by a_million_universes
Endangered by Azure Rodwell Science Fiction
[HIGHEST RANKING: #29 in Science Fiction] Humans used to call all the shots. Now, the hunters become the hunted..... ____________________________________ After an infec...
Eonian Chronicles : The beginning by PrQuinzel
Eonian Chronicles : The beginning by Harleen F. Quinzel Science Fiction
Jay is a human being living on Eon, a planet billions of light years away from Earth that humans colonised after some scientists discovered a portal between Earth and th...
Werewolf Roleplay  by xImaginationCat
Werewolf Roleplay by ImaginationCat Random
In the woods,there is a secret no human has ever discovered.In the woods,there is a breed of humans,mixed with wolves.They are feared and are called....werewolves.The De...
The Human Boy {BoyxBoy & FIN} by -yxungest
The Human Boy {BoyxBoy & FIN} by GAmer ♉ Werewolf
One Werewolf. One Vampire. One Human boy. All living in the same house for the same reason. They are in the PSP (Protection Supernatural Program) when deadly threats wan...
G/T RolePlay's by thundercat2016
G/T RolePlay's by thundercat2016 Random
Giant and Tiny role plays
Beyond These Walls by Victoriously321
Beyond These Walls by Victoriously321 Werewolf
Life has been difficult for Rebecca and other humans every since the werewolves took over. She has to abide by their strict rules and it is almost against Rebecca's natu...
Soulful Neon Artbook #4 by YoMeeps
Soulful Neon Artbook #4 by That One Person Random
Hey guys! Fourth times a charm am I right? Welcome all you old and new comers! I'm just your everyday, next door artist who just draws whatever she feels like I usually...
Art Book: 1 by Tsubasa-Chan
Art Book: 1 by "Krill me"™ Random
[incomplete] This will include art, OCS, rants, vent art, tags, fandom related drawings, art requests and trades(when I ask for them), and more! Book Created: July 19, 2...
Artbook #1 by Serulii
Artbook #1 by Serulii Random
My artbook, filled with both traditional and digital mainly female humans, landscapes, concepts, sketches, anything! (Cover art is mine)
Cherry Pop Collections| (Rated 18+) by Punkxst
Cherry Pop Collections| (Rated 18+) by Punkxst Fantasy
Warning: Hot short story collections that'll leave you wanting more. Will be a collection of dark twisted shit, drama, and steamy romance. Read more to find out. C...