Haunted Farm (Interactive) by Pixee_Styx
Haunted Farm (Interactive)by Sam Smith
It's Halloween. Somehow, you end up at Thornton Farm, a place full of mysteries...and ghosts. Who brought you to Thornton Farm and what do they want? Will you even survi...
  • scream
  • mystery
  • horror
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Forever |2| ON HOLD by alexisdotcom
Forever |2| ON HOLDby alexisdotcom
Sequel to Forced Guys help, I need an amazing description for the book!
  • sequel
  • torture
  • abduction
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Can I scare you? by --antibolism
Can I scare you?by 杰
The fucking title XD
  • random
  • terror
  • frightening
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Perfection by scarlet_spice
Perfectionby Scarlet Spice
Katie Harper had a plan for her life, down to the (preferred) minute of death. But in a world where most of the population is riddled with incurable or hereditary diseas...
  • perfection
  • sadness
  • perfect
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sheriff callie's mildly-agressive but also concerning semi-wild midwest. by sheriffcallies
sheriff callie's mildly-agressive...by HIATUS!
welcome to callieland! where everyone is full of passive-aggressive smiles and homicidal tendencies! actually scratch the tendencies part off, it's just homicide.
  • horrifying
  • saveurself
  • horror
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The One Who Never Came Home by DarkenSorrows616
The One Who Never Came Homeby Darken Sorrows
This story is about one girl who is bullied and abused by people she knew for a long time, she runs away a lot, she tries to commit suicide, and also threaten to hurt he...
  • scary
  • sadstory
  • romance
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7 days [Under Editing] by Marie_rocks
7 days [Under Editing]by Glory Marie
Amber lives a beautiful life. But one day... Her sister watched something that made her so terrified. Her sister says that she will die 7 days after she watched the vi...
  • video
  • mysterious
  • 7days
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The Mirror's Image  by Horrorbooksgal
The Mirror's Image by ♠️Mistress Horror♠️
I kept looking back only to see the dead little girl behind me. "1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5... No.. One.. Makes.. It.. Out.. Of.. Here.. Alive.." The little dead girl t...
  • paranormal
  • horrifying
  • killer
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Cyra by 005Natasha
Cyraby Natasha
"Mom .... Cyra is so angry, she hit Harris with a knife...." Is Cyra really back?
  • horror-thriller
  • horrifying
  • horror
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Slender: The Reunion  by FreezingCandle
Slender: The Reunion by FreezingCandle
Alexa hates where her and her family moved. It's just full of woods and mountains. But when she decides to explore the woods, she sees something she shouldn't have...
  • terrifying
  • scariest
  • horrifying
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Truth to be Untold by Nasution13
Truth to be Untoldby Zeugma
"May Aru defend you from the darkness." Many years ago, There was a three god that control the Universe but one day, they created a supernatural monster/demon...
  • humanity
  • action
  • mystery
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Tag: Brownwyn [Under Editing] by Marie_rocks
Tag: Brownwyn [Under Editing]by Glory Marie
[Highest rank #42 in horror] "She'll die, but she'll die a hero" A girl named Brownwyn noticed something weird about her life, and by weird I mean scary. Her...
  • disturbing
  • anotherworld
  • wattys2017
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Scary Stories To Read At Night || (Completed) by jodiannscarlett
Scary Stories To Read At Night ||...by jodiannscarlett
These stories will truly leave shiver down your spine. ✴True Stories ✴Fake Stories ✴Unknown, you decide [Highest rank: #1 in Horror]
  • insane
  • murder
  • horrifying
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Short horrors by disneyfreak77
Short horrorsby maereynoldz
  • kids
  • bob
  • cool
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To give you the creeps by Astercool
To give you the creepsby Arushi
Here are some of my favourite REAL paranormal cases. I hope u like them. Always be afraid of the darkkkkk.
  • horrifying
  • creepypasta
  • scared
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Jack The Ripper- Next Generation // COMPLETED ✔️ by RealStuffDudes
Jack The Ripper- Next Generation...by Cam
Zack is just a normal boy who lives in London with his best friend, Samantha. Everyone in his school and his family knows the story of Jack The Ripper, the ruthless seri...
  • psychotic
  • read
  • spooky
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Collection of horror stories by JeremiahSimon9
Collection of horror storiesby Jeremiah
This is a collection of horror stories. There is 4 different stories. There is thriller, horror, paranormal, and thriller.
  • mystery-thriller
  • horrifying
  • paranormal
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The man next door  (Joker edition) by Wolf_girl81
The man next door (Joker edition)by Wolf_girl81
This story is about your creepy next door neighbour that you soon fell in love with. 😄
  • famous
  • lovelife
  • romance
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Anime Boys; A Ballyson Fanfic by ssammiie
Anime Boys; A Ballyson Fanficby sam
Two friends who are madly and obsessively in love with seven Korean men, but soon realize the love they share for one another is stronger... But what happens when one of...
  • cry
  • horrifying
  • scream