The Hopewell Club by AnthonyTesla
The Hopewell Club by AnthonyTesla Humor
Allyson wasn't the kind of girl you'd see on detention, but there she was. Jake on the other hand, was what we could call a "loyal customer" to those kind of...
Chemical Reaction by StrangeDesires
Chemical Reaction by Katy Fanfiction
Max is determined to get rid of Rachel. It's the first day and he meets student teacher, Hannah. He thinks she's nice looking but Helen and Kim take the attention off he...
Bienvenidos a Hopewell by AnthonyTesla
Bienvenidos a Hopewell by AnthonyTesla Humor
¿El trato? Harriet puede reformar su vida, asistir a un colegio como todos...o puede pasarla de oficina de gobierno a oficina del gobierno esperando a qué liberen a algu...
Invalid Visitors Stop As a Legal Defense For DUI by threadjody01
The Importance of Traffic Regulations and Regulations by renatocart06
Untouchable by KristabellePineault
Untouchable by Kristabelle Pineault Teen Fiction
Adam is cursed. He is stuck in the bay of his hometown, and can't leave because of the curse. He's invisible, untouchable and unhearable by others, doomed to be alone. M...