Don't Wanna Cry | ✔ by JhovLovesYou
Don't Wanna Cry | ✔ by Jhov unnie ♪ Fanfiction
Despite their long-distance relationship, Joshua was just faithful on loving his girlfriend. But the time came that the latter's heart changed for someone else. That mad...
Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 1] by Kim_Hae
Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo... by 김민해 Fanfiction
//This is a fanfic on Scarlet Heart, it may or may not be following the plot// Everyone knows Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin), the best friend of almost all the Princes, and the yo...
HAIR CUT by brosvt
HAIR CUT by veda Fanfiction
in which seungcheol is tired of jeonghan's hair on his desk. plot: ©︎j-koala :: 2k16 story: ©︎brosvt :: 2k16 - 2k17 hair cut || jeongcheol started: 160814 published: 160...
Fire Bird - Yuri On Ice by otacoxpanda
Fire Bird - Yuri On Ice by Pan~Chan!!! Fanfiction
-Sequel to Snow Tiger- Yuri Plisetsky X OC After suffering dislocated bones, surviving spontaneous flights across the world, and dealing with the ever famous Russian Tig...
control ✄ hong dabin by ohspooky
control ✄ hong dabin by it’s gucci Fanfiction
"staring is a way of showing dominance right?" - dpr live fan fiction (not x reader)
•SEVENTEEN JOSHUA HONG FANFICT• by jisoosmandookrist
American truth by nightwarriorwolf48
American truth by nightwarriorwolf48 Fanfiction
The nations are starting to see a new sides of America and Canada and they're going to meet some people that they are connected to and learn more about their pasts the t...
Cinta, Masa Lalu Dan Pada Akhirnya by RaizelAYudha
Teenage Dream {HongIce} by IrresistibleFjords
Teenage Dream {HongIce} by Fjords Fanfiction
Emil was struggling to keep himself together. He'd lost almost everything and only had his older brother, Lukas, left. What's worse is that he blames himself for everyth...
Duyên hồng tam kiếp bất đoạn by Nobi_chan
Duyên hồng tam kiếp bất đoạn by Đoàn Nguyễn Thu Thu Romance
"Người từng nói yêu ta đến trọn đời Nhưng giữa đường đứt gánh người nơi đâu Nàng ta là tuyệt thế khuynh thành Ta đành cúi đầu nhận kiếp sầu bi" Ba kiếp...
i wish | joshua by brandnewmusic
i wish | joshua by kei is busy Fanfiction
[✔] hidden in the heart of spring was the boy from winter
The New Distance [The Scorch Trials Book] by KINGKlLLER
The New Distance [The Scorch Trial... by KINGKlLLER Fanfiction
I'm willing to go the distance for them.
Hetalia boyfriend scenarios by Hybridrose1870
Hetalia boyfriend scenarios by Hybridrose1870 Fanfiction
I absolutely love Hetalia and I keep seeing people doing this, so I was like, Why not? I'll be doing: Germany, Italy, Romano, Spain, America, Canada, England, Japan, Fr...
comfort zone » joshua by -wonwoo-
comfort zone » joshua by hamtaro Fanfiction
in which a sleepy girl stumbles upon a guy who smells like bed. © -wonwoo-
Devoted | Joshua Hong  by heuleuda
Devoted | Joshua Hong by Heuleuda Fanfiction
"You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel -" They fell for each othe...
The Maze Runner Preferences by hollymay666
The Maze Runner Preferences by Gay Writer Fanfiction
This is just going to be a collection of preferences which I have written :D They are mainly going to be about Thomas, Newt (My fave), Minho and occasionally Gally. Feel...
Be My Escape-Minho (Maze Runner) {COMPLETED} by Disney1DShank
Be My Escape-Minho (Maze Runner) {... by Georgia Rose ;) Fanfiction
A girl comes up in the glade. During middle of the first year of it being there. She doesn't trust any boy. Not until the Keeper of the Runners, runs into Lisa's life an...
Taming His Wild Heart (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 2) by Kim_Hae
Taming His Wild Heart (Scarlet Hea... by 김민해 Fanfiction
//2nd Installment of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Fanfic// Everyone knows about Prince So who became King Gwangjong, and also 3rd Prince Wang Yo, a heartless, mummy's boy. He is...
You're weird, I like it 2 [on-hold] by sophiathedragon
You're weird, I like it 2 [on-hold] by > Fanfiction
(Sequel to "you're weird, I like it") Note: this is pure fiction. Will Y/N find her soulmate with so many obstacles ahead of her?
Will Miss Me by LilyKim_
Will Miss Me by LilyKim_ Fanfiction
OneShot 홍 지수 홍 조슈아 💕