Me U Hennessey 🤞 by honeylouiee
Me U Hennessey 🤞by Honey 🍯
: dick her down give her that act right when she acting up (warning rated-r 18+)
  • trust
  • hope
  • respect
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Zuzeth Chariz Montemayor ( The Twin ) ( ON GOING ) by ladyindesert
Zuzeth Chariz Montemayor ( The Twi...by XOXO
Warning: SPG / R-18 / Mature Content. 💘 "Mr. Caretaker, kailan ka pa nagkaruon ng karapatan para pakialaman ako? "Ms. Sungit, may access ako mula sa kataas ta...
  • secret
  • bitch
  • arrogant
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Endless S.M by Livetoslxy
Endless S.Mby ~♡~
"If we were ever suppose to be together then I would never have done something like this" I let out a deep breath, feeling my voice become shaky. "Shawn...
  • toronto
  • hate
  • mendes
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Let My Hands Do the Talking (Completed) by MoomooCooks
Let My Hands Do the Talking (Compl...by MooMoo Cooks
A kiss, a touch, a feeling can sometimes speak louder than words. For Dylan that's very true since he can't talk. Liana has a new job at the hottest swimming center in...
  • romance
  • trust
  • love
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The Badboy's Nerd (On Hold) by wandylopez
The Badboy's Nerd (On Hold)by wandylopez
Jane Morris is a shy timid girl and Jason Thomson is a carefree. Jason is a player and Jane is the nerd. Jason didn't knew who she was until a bet. A bet that his &quo...
  • honest
  • truth
  • betrayal
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First its Hate Now its Love by AaliyahLGBT
First its Hate Now its Loveby LiLi
(Lesbian Story) -Hazel POV- Me and Bree had major drama with our girlfriends we had this type of battle until one day it was me and Camila we were auguring until we ma...
  • family
  • party
  • trust
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Café con Leche Reviews by Sam_le_fou
Café con Leche Reviewsby Sam Camp
In this sweet and sour book, I will be reviewing different books, from Mystery to Fanfic, everyone is welcome! I won't sugarcoat anything, but I give praise where is du...
  • critiques
  • honest
  • review
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honest  ➸ chris schistad by unheartwicked
honest ➸ chris schistadby ☾ brooke☽
"i wish you could be honest, i wish you could be honest with me." » in which an unimportant first year boys high school life changes as he falls for the school...
  • vilde
  • boyxboy
  • gay
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You Can't Break Her by StorybookHorror
You Can't Break Herby T. S. Turcotte
He held back her arms as she threw herself at him. "I never said I was ok with it!" He gave her arms a shove, and she backed up to the kitchen counter. "W...
  • life
  • truestory
  • kidnapping
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Poetry in the Dark by StorybookHorror
Poetry in the Darkby T. S. Turcotte
You are a life saver in my eyes A floatation device, so far away No matter how badly I want it I will drown before you arrive You can't save me, I'm not alive Highest r...
  • original
  • feelings
  • loss
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honest||Ethan Dolan♡ by dolanobsessedx
honest||Ethan Dolan♡by dolanobsessedx
It wasn't supposed to happen, it just did, but is it as honest as it seems...
  • dolantwinsstory
  • ethandolanfanfic
  • ethandolanstory
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Honest Reviews {Open} by justamk_
Honest Reviews {Open}by lish
Looking for honest, but constructive, critique for your Wattpad story? Look no further.
  • wattpad
  • review
  • harsh
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Galaxy Reviews by ProjectPr1de
Galaxy Reviewsby L.D Jones
OPEN [X] CLOSED [] ON HOLD [ ] Are you looking for honest, constructive critiques but don't know where to find them? Do you need help with spotting plot holes, incorrect...
  • help
  • honest
  • critique
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Laced Lies by PeculiarBindings
Laced Liesby Lena Anderson
#824 in S.S I, Victoria Adams, almost never lie. In fact I've only told 10 lies in my life. But it was those 10 lies that ended it all: 1. My dog ate my...
  • suicide
  • hate
  • teen
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Nolan's book reviews. by HillbillieNolan
Nolan's book reviews.by Nolan LaValley
It is simple. You submit a book, I review it. Details inside. Please note that these book reviews are honest, and not demeaning in any way. If I can't review your book f...
  • thriller
  • shortstory
  • bookreview
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Destined?? by twinkling_girl
Destined??by Thesupergirl
Akshitha aren't you feeling good?? You look dull?? Any problem?? Share with me!!! Nothing much varun!!! Just a head ache. Hmm !! Did you take tablet?? Oh! common varun...
  • kiss
  • seperation
  • empathy
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CritiQueue by karasubara
CritiQueueby Jasey
How to request and List of Requests. Hi! I welcome authors who are looking for a constructive and in-depth criticism to further improve themselves. I will offer suggesti...
  • review
  • queue
  • critiqueue
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Head over heels // j.d by theyareinstereox
Head over heels // j.dby theyareinstereox
Jakob Delgado. The guy that starts off as Amy's bestfriend.. what will happen during their life? grade 9 till four years later.. new twists and turns.. new relationships...
  • chrislanzon
  • jakobdelgado
  • honest
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Wonderland Book Club by WonderlandBC
Wonderland Book Clubby WonderlandBC
If your reality is different and if you're entirely bonkers, you are more than welcome to join our tea parties in Wonderland! This is a book club in which no one critic...
  • bookclub
  • book
  • review
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Red's Critiques and Reviews *CLOSED* by redbadge
Red's Critiques and Reviews *CLOSE...by Ashley Waters
*CURRENTLY CLOSED* Do you want an unbiased opinion on your book? Are you looking for ways to improve on your story? Are you bored? If any of these questions apply to you...
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