baby | drarry by malfoyis
baby | drarry by ˗ˋˏ ayaϟ ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
It's been 8 years since Harry and Draco split up. Both marrying other people, both now with children of their own, they do not speak of the ongoings that happened at...
The drawings on your arm || Jaegan || by lauravsant
The drawings on your arm || Jaegan... by Jaegan? Jaegone. Fanfiction
What if everything you write on your arm appears on the arm of your soulmate? *trigger warnings: may contain self harm and/or depressed/suicidal thoughts*
Loved to Bits//dd/lb Frerard by Narrissic
Loved to Bits//dd/lb Frerard by Sinning is Winning Fanfiction
This is d/lb so ya know if that's not your thing stay away. Frankie is an seventeen-year-old boy living in a small world with a terrible secret. No one wishes to accept...
Oczy, które prowadzą mnie przez świat. by BrokenLyra
Oczy, które prowadzą mnie przez św... by BrokenLyra Fanfiction
Ostatnie co dane mu było zobaczyć to zakryty czerwienią obraz schodów. Później nie było już nic. Żył w ciemności. Choć czy zamknięcie w najmniejszej sypialni po kuzynie...
Cliché (boyxboy) *On Hold* by Emily_harley
Cliché (boyxboy) *On Hold* by Emily Teen Fiction
Ryan has helplessly fallen in love with his friend's brother. His friend's straight brother. He knows there's no possibility of things ever working out but he can't he...
The Wonderful Word Of Oneshots (boyxboy) by SecretPotatoxoxo
The Wonderful Word Of Oneshots (bo... by SecretPotatoxoxo Romance
So these are a few oneshots... obviously. I take requests and I will literally write anything such as; Nerdxjock Richxpoor Fatherxson Brotherxbrother Twincest Incest...
The Criminal and The Vigilante (boyxboy) Bk 3 by DoUbLeZone
The Criminal and The Vigilante (bo... by DoUbLeZone Romance
Lucas is a Shape Shifter but more than that he prides himself in being a man of the law. He's the one who put away the criminals and made the streets safe for the everyd...
Kidnappers Son (COMPLETED) by XxIm_nobodyxX
Kidnappers Son (COMPLETED) by XxIm_nobodyxX Romance
Tanner was a normal 21 year old gay guy. With his brown hair, beautiful green eyes and stunning smile he's got all the guys craving for a piece of him. But what happens...
 44  [Boyxboy] by DESTINYY-_-
44 [Boyxboy] by Kermit Romance
Reece is a college boy, what else is there too say? Oh and he falls in love.. The end
La chica del bar by _sofiagallardo_
La chica del bar by Sofía Gallardo Z. Romance
Mel, una chica de 18 años, empieza a trabajar en un bar con libre acceso a wifi, lo que significaba servir café a personas cuyo alma se encontraba encerrada en el interi...
Forged  [2] by d0nt_st0p_th3_mus1c
Forged [2] by Jenni Tree Romance
"Seth, wake up." I opened my eyes, smiling when I saw Riley sitting on the floor next to my bed, his chin resting on the mattress. "Good morning," I...
captive • joshler by tylerjosus
captive • joshler by r Fanfiction
eighteen year old tyler is the despondent captive who went missing three years ago, and josh is the blue haired boy with an ocean for a mind. tw: emotional abuse, physic...
Mr President's son -BoyXBoy- by writing_is_a_dream
Mr President's son -BoyXBoy- by got cake? Adventure
*In the year 2017, it was declared that ALL acts of homosexualuty were illegal and punishable by death* Tyler Jordan was the adored son of President Collin Jordan...
Kręgosłup 'moralny'/ Jikook by JJungkookie11
Kręgosłup 'moralny'/ Jikook by JJungkookie11 Fanfiction
Jeon Jungkook- największy postrach w szkole. Boi się go każdy, ale dziewczyny lgną do niego jak muchy. Jest szkolnym przystojniakiem. Ma jednak jeden wielki problem. Ma...
solangelo fluff (one-shots) || pjo/hoo by dxhin-
solangelo fluff (one-shots) || pjo... by emma (pseudonym) Fanfiction
❝ then he walked back across the green, to where will solace was waiting. ❞ ----- nico di angelo and will solace are ruining my life. a collection of solangelo one-shots...
Looking For Something 「NamJin」 by CaughtinBTS
Looking For Something 「NamJin」 by ✾『민』✾ Fanfiction
Donde NamJoon busca la pieza que le falta a su rompecabezas. Donde SeokJin busca la luz que le guíe fuera de la oscuridad donde vive. ➪ M-PREG.
The Cutest Boy in Harlem - First Draft by TheLegendOfMatthew
The Cutest Boy in Harlem - First D... by matthew Teen Fiction
Last year, Declan was a girl named Josie. Josie was...pretty gross. But over the summer, Declan transformed himself into who he is now--a boy, and a pretty cute one at t...
I See You (Larry Stylinson) {Co-written with @uniquelyxlarry} by _Loving1D_
I See You (Larry Stylinson) {Co-wr... by Claire Fanfiction
Harry's lived in London all his life and is one of the best doctors in the country. He has a family that loves him, money, and a cozy little cabin in the middle of nowhe...
Levi's Owner 2! (Neko levi X Eren)  by animeislife1011
Levi's Owner 2! (Neko levi X Eren) by Secret secret Fanfiction
Baby Boy; Phan by pinkjupiter
Baby Boy; Phan by ¡ariana! Fanfiction
"I'm not crazy, alright? I just love him." [yandere!dan]