Seduce Me, Bad Boy  by xxRandomOne
Seduce Me, Bad Boy by xxRandomOne Teen Fiction
Cole Jarvis. Infuriatingly charming, undoubtedly handsome with his perfectly disheveled brown locks, chiseled jaw line, flawless olive skin, and of course a body resembl...
The Quarterback by Barcelona_Soccer
The Quarterback by Bella Romance
Elizabeth White has always been the nerd with the most amazing grades. She's never had many friends, but she doesn't care. She tutors, and maybe plays some soccer, not t...
Fifty Lies (Zayn Malik Fanfiction) #Wattys2016 by Miss_Kick
Fifty Lies (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)... by E.Dee Fanfiction
"Elena, Elena darling." I heard him calling my name in a fake sweet tone. I had hid behind the door but saw his advancing pace towards me and my heart stopped...
How to Woo Your Bride by akrox58
How to Woo Your Bride by a k s h a y a ChickLit
COMPLETED! "I need time, please. I don't think I can be friends with you right now. I'm sorry. I really am," she said. Madhan merely nodded. This wasn't...
Alignment: The Silent City by HGSuren
Alignment: The Silent City by H.G. Suren Horror
*FEATURED STORY IN HORROR!!!* Five friends wake up to discover they are left alone on earth--the rest of humanity is gone. Empty streets are littered with stalle...
The Mistletoe Game by BlankSpacedPaper
The Mistletoe Game by Blank S P A C E D Paper Short Story
Every year in the small town of Holly Grove, twenty-two year old Alexa Esmond and her friends play a game called Mistletoe. The game takes place at the annual Christmas...
Love Me by lonely-frog
Love Me by laura ChickLit
"I want to make you love me." "I want to make you mine." hightest ranking: #518 in chicklit
Christmas Is Canceled || #JustWriteIt #HolidayChaos by simplyynina
Christmas Is Canceled || #JustWrit... by Nina Short Story
A year without Christmas is like a life without love. It's horrible. At least that's what Mila Hall thinks. But then the new mayor of the town she lives in suddenly dec...
Unique Mate (#JustWriteIt) by DreamingCrooked
Unique Mate (#JustWriteIt) by Rathna 💝 Werewolf
He stood in front of Katelyn, one foot away and looked dead in the eye. "You're my mate. MINE." He kinda growled the last word. "Wow, cool." She de...
Snowed In [#JustWriteIt] by anchored_hope
Snowed In [#JustWriteIt] by Clara Short Story
Seven days before Christmas, a snowstorm sweeps across the town of Churchill. Sydney gets snowed in at the Sugar Sweet Café with Dion Gallenger, a friend she's known sin...
Zodiac high by xcycyx
Zodiac high by xcycyx Teen Fiction
This is a story mostly about leo sagittarius taurus libra and aries
A Very Happy Christmas by EliseNoble
A Very Happy Christmas by Elise Noble Romance
When Barbara gets her 'S's mixed up, Marissa gets a little more of Santa than she bargained for. Can the Christmas magic last? Or will Marissa stop believing in Santa fo...
Modern Day Santa Claus by Ms_ABnormal
Modern Day Santa Claus by Miss A. ChickLit
Santa Claus isn't real. Or is he? But he wouldn't be somebody young. Would he? He's supposed to be old and stuffy. Isn't he? He's not supposed to be young...
Past the Pirouettes and the Bets (Hiro X Reader--Short Christmas Story) by fiery-hallows
Past the Pirouettes and the Bets (... by Clara Fanfiction
It's been two years since both you and Hiro got into SFIT together, and at 16 years of age you and Hiro have become solid friends...with secrets you never told each othe...
Calling London by PriciliaChang
Calling London by PRICILIA Short Story
In 48 hours, Edith Goodwin would realize that she couldn't call London home anymore. In 48 hours, Carter Palmer would realize that home wasn't a place after all. In 48 h...
A TALE OF FIVE FINGERS #JustWriteIt #HolidayChaos by stella_nde
A TALE OF FIVE FINGERS #JustWriteI... by S-T-E-L-L-A Romance
A TALE OF FIVE FINGERS This is a five part book centering around five women who find love, discover love and accept the love they already have. Its centered around Decem...
Frostbitten Sand (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Frostbitten Sand (Naruto Fanfic) by Yemi Hikari Fanfiction
Suna finds itself preparing for the first holiday season after Gaara became Kazekage, and the plans were simple. Everyone would celebrate the holidays as the normally di...
~Diabolik Lovers~(Discontinued) The Witch's Days with the Vampire Brothers by Hikari-No-Aria
~Diabolik Lovers~(Discontinued) Th... by Hikaria~ Goddess of the Stars Fanfiction
Yui Komori is a witch. A bloody thirsty witch? A spell casting witch? A witch that brews potions? No, Yui is a witch with no powers. Ever since she was a young girl, her...
Mystery Class by biktorhuntor
Mystery Class by Serial Runner Mystery / Thriller
(Highest Rank: Mystery/Thriller #25) • Mystery Series #1 - "Now, It's about time to reveal the secrets, unleash the demons and know what kind of mystery is lyi...
Under the Mistletoe by bluecrayonlady
Under the Mistletoe by bluecrayonlady Romance
Addison Matthews, otherwise known as Addie, is looking forward to spending her Christmas curling up with a good book, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the snow fall...