The Mistletoe Game by BlankSpacedPaper
The Mistletoe Game by Blank S P A C E D Paper
Every year in the small town of Holly Grove, twenty-two year old Alexa Esmond and her friends play a game called Mistletoe. The game takes place at the annual Christmas...
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The Quarterback by Barcelona_Soccer
The Quarterback by Bella
Elizabeth White has always been the nerd with the most amazing grades. She's never had many friends, but she doesn't care. She tutors, and maybe plays some soccer, not t...
  • justwriteit
  • love
  • football
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Love Me by lonely-frog
Love Me by laura
"I want to make you love me." "I want to make you mine." hightest ranking: #518 in chicklit
  • neighbourhood
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  • theboynextdoor
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Manan - A New Begining by tasneempatanwala14
Manan - A New Begining by Tasneem Patanwala
A new beginning of manik & nandani. Its just a sweet love story with a new start. The characters are as follows: Manik Nandani Cabir ( manik best friend) Navya ( cabir...
  • manan45
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  • letmeimagine96
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Fifty Lies (Zayn Malik Fanfiction) #Wattys2016 by Miss_Kick
Fifty Lies (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)... by E.Dee
"Elena, Elena darling." I heard him calling my name in a fake sweet tone. I had hid behind the door but saw his advancing pace towards me and my heart stopped...
  • youngadult
  • fame
  • harrystyles
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Snowed In [#JustWriteIt] by anchored_hope
Snowed In [#JustWriteIt] by Clara
Seven days before Christmas, a snowstorm sweeps across the town of Churchill. Sydney gets snowed in at the Sugar Sweet Café with Dion Gallenger, a friend she's known sin...
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Mystery Class by biktorhuntor
Mystery Class by Serial Runner
(Highest Rank: Mystery/Thriller #25) • Mystery Series #1 - "Now, It's about time to reveal the secrets, unleash the demons and know what kind of mystery is lyi...
  • mystery
  • mysteryclass
  • thriller
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Seduce Me, Bad Boy  by xxRandomOne
Seduce Me, Bad Boy by xxRandomOne
Cole Jarvis. Infuriatingly charming, undoubtedly handsome with his perfectly disheveled brown locks, chiseled jaw line, flawless olive skin, and of course a body resembl...
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • humour
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Frost by concussive
Frost by Megan
When a war breaks out in the land of the fairies, the natural course of the world's seasons are thrown off, sending everyone into an enduring summer. When the influence...
  • frost
  • humor
  • projectwomanup
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Falling For The Christmas Thief by CaseyAndrina
Falling For The Christmas Thief by Casey Andrina
READ ME! RECOMMENDED! "What? No, I'm not a woman," the boy said, his expression replaced by red blushes. "I have man stuff to prove that I am certainly no...
  • badboyandgoodgirl
  • teenfiction
  • loveisintheairchronicles
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A Very Murray Christmas by ceaselessmind
A Very Murray Christmas by hailey
City-girl, Emma Murray finally decides to head back home to her quaint little town for the holidays, but against her wishes, the handsome new town lumberjack, Noah Calla...
  • christmasromance
  • christmas
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Zodiac high by xcycyx
Zodiac high by xcycyx
This is a story mostly about leo sagittarius taurus libra and aries
  • justwriteit
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  • highschool
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Blurred Lines by avinaalchaar
Blurred Lines by avinaalchaar
Note: This is a science fiction story, so weird/unrealistic stuff happens. So you'll have to keep an open mind. Just so you know :) *** Her lovely eyes glowed with some...
  • holidaychaos
  • lgbt
  • gay
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Food Love by lilya159
Food Love by lily :P
You love food? Who doesn't love food?! Find your best hunger satisfied here ~~ tis this season with new blessing.. of FOOD!
  • love
  • seasonal
  • christmaspoems
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Alignment: The Silent City by HGSuren
Alignment: The Silent City by H.G. Suren
*FEATURED STORY IN HORROR!!!* Five friends wake up to discover they are left alone on earth--the rest of humanity is gone. Empty streets are littered with stalle...
  • justwriteit
  • physical
  • newadult
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All the Love, H. by mrsedwardstyles3
All the Love, H. by Vie Xavi
"El, you are my life now. No one's going to change that. I love you. Just stay by my side and make me feel alive" He said. "Harry, you know this is not go...
  • harrystyles
  • wattys
  • lovestory
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Unique Mate (#JustWriteIt) by DreamingCrooked
Unique Mate (#JustWriteIt) by Ember🔥
Cover was made by: @pythagoraswasadouche ♡ He stood in front of Katelyn, one foot away and looked dead in the eye. "You're my mate. MINE." He kinda growled th...
  • mate
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  • holidaychaos
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Talia's Tradition by 4evahannah
Talia's Tradition by Hannah
Natalia, or Talia known as by her friends and family, leads a busy life as a fashion photographer in the heart of London. As the Christmas season rapidly approaches, Ta...
  • funny
  • boyfriend
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Shy: Rayna's Journey by BreeJanelleJay
Shy: Rayna's Journey by Brista
Rayna woke to a strange sight above her bed one cold morning. A tree with pink leaves and a red trunk towered over her head, the roots escaping under her floor boards...
  • justwriteit
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Elsword~ A Fun Time Playing Truth~Or~Dare(DISCONTINUED) by Hikari-No-Aria
Elsword~ A Fun Time Playing Truth~... by Hikaria~ Goddess of the Stars
It's a lazy Sunday and all the members of the El Search Party from all three dimensions come over to the Imperial mansion where the Imperial characters are currently sta...
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