Um... Omorashi One-shots by Elise291
Um... Omorashi One-shotsby Elise McKentire
If you don't know what omorashi is or don't like it, then don't read. If you do like this sort of thing then proceed and enjoy. This is nonsexual and all characters are...
  • male
  • school
  • piss
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1. Holding On To You |C. Cullen|✔ by -imperium
1. Holding On To You |C. Cullen|✔by smiling-riley 💋
In which a Valkyrie finds companionship. [Carlisle Cullen x Female O.C.]
  • bellaswan
  • eclipse
  • newmoon
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The Perfect Mistake (Teen pregnancy, Under construction) by Love_Albrecht
The Perfect Mistake (Teen pregnanc...by Love
Hayley's best friend, Hayden, is a knight in shining armor. So it just makes sense that she would date an abusive football player, doesn't it? Hayden has been friend-zo...
  • pregnancy
  • teen
  • life
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Omorashi Erlebnisse von mir by omorashigirl
Omorashi Erlebnisse von mirby omorashigirl
Geschichten, Erlebnisse und Bilder über mich zum Thema Omorashi.
  • holding
  • dringend
  • pinkeln
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Forbearing Veracity - The Second Book In The Holding Back Those Tears Series by FreyaAndSunny
Forbearing Veracity - The Second B...by FreyaAndSunny.
Back again with another translate of Sunny Grime's diary. If you read book one you should know what is coming next but maybe not the meaning of the title. If you want to...
  • those
  • grimes
  • back
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A Bus That Runs On Pee by Jefferythekillerfp
A Bus That Runs On Peeby Jeffery Allen Woods
Nick was an employee of "EcoExpress" - a modern, eco friendly and cost effective public transport service. Thier fleet of buses operated solely on the contents...
  • moaning
  • hissing
  • groaning
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Desperate  by OmarashiGirl
Desperate by OmarashiStories
Charles needs to piss, Erik isn't keen on letting him.
  • wetting
  • holding
  • x-men
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Another Loving.   by lkrice
Another Loving. by LouAnn
Stories and poems about gentle... sometimes not so gentle... sexy, romantic loving by a man and a woman who love each other deeply. They've been married for a long time.
  • yourvoice
  • breasts
  • love
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Holding On To You (A Twenty One Pilots Fanfiction) by nikki_f
Holding On To You (A Twenty One Pi...by Nikki
Nineteen year old Jess Lightcap is beginning her first year of college at Penn State. Tyler Joseph, her childhood friend, has gone on to pursue his dreams of writing mus...
  • music
  • houseofgold
  • vessel
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Classmate Love  by YoruNoYoake
Classmate Love by YoruNoYoake
A blossoming love between to students. Will they get together or will they fall apart, find out in this book.
  • love
  • ashton
  • kiss
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Holding your Power by TerribleGirl261
Holding your Powerby _Wild Youth_
Picture a normal day in National City. Supergirl is out saving people, forgetting about her job as a reporter. Lena is pacing Catco, trying to not think about why Kara...
  • luthor
  • reign
  • supergirl
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Keep Holding On by lovelyqueen1620
Keep Holding Onby lovelyqueen1620
Eros Jonathan Montenegro is in a relationship with Auburn Kennedy Delos Reyes. They were happy with each other...... at first. Until one day, Auburn needs to work abroa...
  • holding
  • lovelyqueen1620
  • auburn
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Daniel's Iron Bladder- An Omorashi by Deadly_writer_123
Daniel's Iron Bladder- An Omorashiby Deadly_writer_123
Daniel is known for having a very strong bladder, but his friend James has pee fetish and decides he wants to test Daniels's bladder limits.
  • bladder
  • watersports
  • pee
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Holding On... (Short Stories) by AliceForNothin
Holding On... (Short Stories)by Hannah
This is a book of different short stories. Whether you're happy , sad , horror or romance, people are always holding on to something... something important. Illustration...
  • relationships
  • stories
  • short
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Marriage Camp by Laronce
Marriage Campby Laronce
Usually when a ten year old kid declares her marriage to her most hated enemy, obviously she isn't being serious. She was only kidding around. Just trying to push his bu...
  • love
  • kids
  • holding
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Makoto's April Drabbles (Free!) by sewer_pickles
Makoto's April Drabbles (Free!)by sewer_pickles
A whole month of drabbles revolving around Makoto paired with another character. A lot of the drabbles will be revolved around SouMako, because... you know. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • makorin
  • angst
  • makoto
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Desperation in the car (Male) by OmarashiGirl
Desperation in the car (Male)by OmarashiStories
A Young Man, named Nathan... Was very desperate with the need to pee. He wanted to ask his parents, if they could pull over somewhere... But he knew if he asked. that th...
  • forcedholding
  • car
  • sighing
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RP? by swagmasta2
RP?by swagmasta2
rp request by me!!
  • rp
  • ómo
  • ilovepee
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yoonmin maze runner!au ● there's nothing holding us back by ovibivi
yoonmin maze runner!au ● there's n...by miếng khoai lang 52
âm thanh những chiếc càng kim loại của lũ nhím sầu vọng ra từ mê cung mỗi lúc mỗi to hơn và nhịp bước của jimin bỗng dưng nhanh đột ngột. lúc yoongi nhận thức việc gì đa...
  • holding
  • yoongi
  • parkjimin
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I'LL ALWAYS HAVE YOU  by hwinter451
I'LL ALWAYS HAVE YOU by hwinter451
After three years of ridicule, Maddie makes her neighbor Levi promise to be her boyfriend through out highschool. Through the process of becoming a couple, Levi and Mad...
  • holding
  • cheerleader
  • hands
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