Inhuman [Complete] by EmzieRose
Inhuman [Complete] by Emilee ❤ Fanfiction
There came a time where powers had to be unleashed. It wasn't every day that you went from a normal teenage girl, and turned into a monster. When 15-year-old girl Bexley...
Be With You || Beyoncé • Jay Z by byncknwlscrtr
Be With You || Beyoncé • Jay Z by KING BEYATCH Fanfiction
"Jay?" I called his name again as he turn around to face me. A tear fall from my eye when he did. "Baby, why you crying?" He held both of my cheeks...
The Rookie and The Robot by BooksbyBea
Part of me (Flinx Fanfiction) by TitanLover4ever
Part of me (Flinx Fanfiction) by RobStar GrayAnders Fanfiction
We all know Jinx as a bad girl who likes to do bad stuff's, until Kidflash came to her life, he helps her to be something more, and that changes her life and it's becaus...
City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Galactic] [#Ooorahs2017] by AbbyBabble
City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Galactic]... by Abby Science Fiction
In a galaxy where popular opinion is instant law, someone unpopular is about to change everything. The Majority always get what they want. All minds are networked toget...
Homestuck x reader Oneshot's! by Fan_girl_ally
The Heart Of The Deep ( Destiny Book 1) by ShadowChaser240
The Heart Of The Deep ( Destiny Bo... by ShadowChaser240 Fanfiction
It all began for me when I was reborn, from there it all seemed to go uphill, great threats fell, alliances formed with the unlikeliest of people, and the world seemed s...
From Dusk to Dust (Destiny Fan Fiction) by TAngel96
From Dusk to Dust (Destiny Fan Fic... by Angel/Bela Talbot Fanfiction
Humanity never saw it coming. The Traveler brought the Golden Age. Cures from sickness, new technology, new weapons, Exos, everything came from this Age. Humans c...
Blood of A Seeker by RimUranium
Blood of A Seeker by Rim Fantasy
When she loses her adoptive family, Alexi changes her name and moves in with her godmother all the way across the country. All she wants to do is forget her tragic loss...
A Xenomorph king by ChaosSkull
A Xenomorph king by Shadow of Death Fanfiction
A Xenomorph who has features of other Xenomorphs and the strength of a mountain is the king of a Hive which he will protect with his life .
- future imperfect, a destiny 2 novel - by ForTheEmpire
- future imperfect, a destiny 2 no... by ForTheEmpire Science Fiction
(This is Book 1 of my Destiny 2 series. Destiny and its characters are owned by Bungie. Only own the original characters and original story arcs.) The Black Heart, Crota...
Raven & Starfire by Asmanispsycho
Raven & Starfire by AsmanthePsycho Fanfiction
A story about Raven & Starfire.
Poison From Above by AlineBLove
Poison From Above by AlineBLove Adventure
Poison From Above Rain pouring upon the upon the earth, lightning flashing in the heavens, and thunder roaring over the hills. A thunderstorm, nothing new. It'll be...
Percy Jackson the guardian and his fireteam by IonicsLP
Percy Jackson the guardian and his... by IonicsLP Fanfiction
So guys this is a pho hoo and destiny 2 fanfic well it is about the leviathan but you will see
The fallen agent  by badboysarebetter1996
The fallen agent by CaptainCanary300341 Fanfiction
Takes place during mid season three but with our version of the story hope you enjoy it
Arrow: Survival by Duckin50s
Arrow: Survival by Duckin50s Fanfiction
A few months after Slade Wilson's return Oliver and Felicity prepare to wrap up the last days of their vacation far away from Starling City. Upon waking they instead fin...
The Forgotten Queen Xenomorph by magicorca2004
The Forgotten Queen Xenomorph by magicorca2004 Action
A queen xenomorph named Neon goes missing. Eventually her hive notices she is missing for 12 months(1 year). What will her family and hive do? Is Neon even alive?
The Avenging Angel: Nora Darhk by littlesis712
The Avenging Angel: Nora Darhk by Talyn Brown Fanfiction
My name is Alexis Thorne I've been in hiding for the last ten years. I have been living my life away from the entanglements of my family. I came to Starling City for bu...
Arrow: Fracture by Duckin50s
Arrow: Fracture by Duckin50s Fanfiction
Well over a year after Slade Wilson's return, Team Arrow is forced into an ongoing struggle with the powerful and deceitful organization known only as HIVE. With support...
Arrow: Reckoning by Duckin50s
Arrow: Reckoning by Duckin50s Fanfiction
Several months after Visceral's demise, Team Arrow finds themselves on the trail of a mysterious organization operating solely in the shadows. While trying to fight a lo...