Inhuman [Complete] by EmzieRose
Inhuman [Complete] by Emilee Rose Arthur Fanfiction
There came a time where powers had to be unleashed. It wasn't every day that you went from a normal teenage girl, and turned into a monster. When 15-year-old girl Bexley...
From Dusk to Dust (Destiny Fan Fiction) by TAngel96
From Dusk to Dust (Destiny Fan Fic... by Angel/Bela Talbot Fanfiction
Humanity never saw it coming. The Traveler brought the Golden Age. Cures from sickness, new technology, new weapons, Exos, everything came from this Age. Humans c...
Naruto the Changeling Prince  by PinkiePieParty122894
Naruto the Changeling Prince by PinkiePieParty122894 Fanfiction
Naruto is raised by Queen Chrysaslis after he is sent to equestria do to someone's jutsu and becomes a half human half changeling. (Sorry bad summary but it's good trust...
City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Galactic] [#Ooorahs2017] by AbbyBabble
City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Galactic]... by Abby Science Fiction
In a galaxy where popular opinion is instant law, someone unpopular is about to change everything. The Majority always get what they want. All minds are networked toget...
The Lost Sisters (Avengers Fan fiction) by smilexbig
The Lost Sisters (Avengers Fan fic... by Smile Fanfiction
Violet Starr is a thirteen year old orphan that has been separated from her three other sisters and lives in a broken down barn on the side of the town. she has always b...
A Xenomorph king by ChaosSkull
A Xenomorph king by Shadow of Death Fanfiction
A Xenomorph who has features of other Xenomorphs and the strength of a mountain is the king of a Hive which he will protect with his life .
Halfbreed Blood Queen by Alexandria5396
Halfbreed Blood Queen by Trash Can, Not Trash Can't. Fanfiction
The scent... It was so tempting. Always there, awake or asleep, tantalizing me with something I couldn't have. Something I wouldn't let myself have. Only a select few kn...
Destiny 2: Guardians' Hangout by IronLords
Destiny 2: Guardians' Hangout by The Iron Order Random
A book for guardians to find other guardians, set up schedules for raids, clans, and more! Also a place to share opinions, theories, newfound lore, or just hangout.
The Hybrid by AgentKansas632
The Hybrid by Agent Kansas632 Romance
When a young boy is rescued from a laboratory by Xenomorphs and taken into their care, he grows attached to them and eventually becomes a Human-Xeno hybrid via a quick i...
Arrow: Reckoning by Duckin50s
Arrow: Reckoning by Duckin50s Fanfiction
Several months after Visceral's demise, Team Arrow finds themselves on the trail of a mysterious organization operating solely in the shadows. While trying to fight a lo...
Getting Her Love Back(A Skyeward Fanfiction) by The_Dark_One02
Getting Her Love Back(A Skyeward F... by The_Dark_One02 Fanfiction
This story takes place about 6 months after the mid season 3 finally. Were Daisy just figured out what really happened to ward and has been lied to by Coulson and Fitz...
Cut Out The Light (Destiny Novel) by GamerGeeks
Cut Out The Light (Destiny Novel) by Gamer Geeks Fanfiction
When I was a little boy, my mother would tell me about the Traveler. About all the good it did for humanity. How I was safe under the Traveler's light. This made me feel...
Fierce {Agents of SHIELD} by RagingWhispers
Fierce {Agents of SHIELD} by Rain Fanfiction
Fifteen year-old Brooklyn wasn't your average teenage girl. Far from it. Instead of competing in ballet competitions around the country, she was learning eight different...
Into The Void by ekim11
Vex by OryxNova
Vex by OryxNova Fanfiction
From Song's of the Vex to Short stories that have to deal with the Vex themselves or just noticed if they are, one? and other stories you might need to look and know mor...
Arrow: Survival by Duckin50s
Arrow: Survival by Duckin50s Fanfiction
A few months after Slade Wilson's return Oliver and Felicity prepare to wrap up the last days of their vacation far away from Starling City. Upon waking they instead fin...
Raven & Starfire by Asmanispsycho
Raven & Starfire by AsmanthePsycho Fanfiction
A story about Raven & Starfire.
- future imperfect, a destiny 2 novel - by ForTheEmpire
- future imperfect, a destiny 2 no... by ForTheEmpire Science Fiction
(This is Book 1 of my Destiny 2 series. Destiny and its characters are owned by Bungie. Only own the original characters and original story arcs.) The Black Heart, Crota...
Lucky to be Unlucky Me by becauseyourbeautiful
Lucky to be Unlucky Me by Melanie Fanfiction
This is most likely going to be a Flinx fanfic, well that's what I first thought it was going to be, but now I'm not so sure, let's just see where the story leads us lol...
Arrow: Fracture by Duckin50s
Arrow: Fracture by Duckin50s Fanfiction
Well over a year after Slade Wilson's return, Team Arrow is forced into an ongoing struggle with the powerful and deceitful organization known only as HIVE. With support...